Doll House Essay

By July 17, 2017 General Studies

In the drama “A DOLL’S HOUSE” . we are presented with a really idealistic version of life in the late 1800’s. and along with that. the really confined functions both work forces and adult females were placed into. “A DOLL’S HOUSE” lends cogent evidence to the fact that adult females do non ever bask the freedom to state. make and take a life style that they find carry throughing. The narrative that the drama presents sheds a really domineering visible radiation on males as caputs of families. and in society in general. and portrays adult females as dependant and subservient.

In the opening scene of “A DOLL’S HOUSE” . the chief character Nora really tellingly fells. and subsequently prevarications to her hubby about eating a sugary dainty ( Ibsen ) . Although Nora’s hubby Torvald grills with inquiries such as “Hasn’t Miss Sweet Tooth been interrupting regulations in town today? ” she continues to deny that she has. despite holding hidden a few macaroons in her pocket minutes earlier ( Ibsen ) . The inquiry might originate: “would a adult male of all time be capable to such inquiring and terrible restrictions” ?

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We do non frequently see the functions reversed. were the adult female controls so much of what a adult male eats. how much he spends. what he does in his trim clip. etc. . particularly in literature and other beginnings of amusement. Too frequently. the “traditional” positions of matrimonial and social functions sing work forces and adult females are presented over and over ; the male “wears the pants” . ordering to the adult female how much she should pass. where she should pass it. and how to act “Properly” .

As the drama progresses. we learn that Nora has committed a dangerous offense. hammering her male parents signature on a bond secured in order for she and her hubby to pass clip in Europe as portion of Torvalds recovery from a grave unwellness. Nora is shown to be really dependent on money. and things of pecuniary value. and hence her hubby since he was evidently procurer of their fiscal position.

Nora comes across as is really dependent on Torvald for her fiscal demands. and besides highly avaricious as evidenced when she exclaims like a kid “Money! ” at the sight of her hubby bring forthing more money to give her ( Ibsen ) . She follows that with “ten shillings–a pound- -two lbs! Thank you. thank you! ” ( Ibsen ) .

Such exchanges throughout the drama topographic point such a childlike dependence on Nora towards her hubby. It is interesting that Nora takes a secret pride in her offense. experiencing that it sets her apart and gives her more intent. while at the same clip worrying about how “humiliating it would be for Torvald. with his manful independency. to cognize that he owed me anything! ” even fearing that their “beautiful happy place would no longer be…” ( Ibsen ) .

Further still throughout the drama. we are faced with more grounds to back up the fact that adult females were non seen as peers in matrimony. but as person to be either proud of or shamed by harmonizing to their expressions. actions. and ability to maintain a place running swimmingly. Nora herself is really cognizant of her topographic point as a thing to be admired when she comments to her friend Mrs.

Linde. “someday…when I am no longer every bit nice-looking as I am now…when Torvald is no longer every bit devoted to me as he is now ; when my dance and dressing-up and declaiming have palled on him ; ” ( Ibsen ) . Another really stating exchange between Torvald and Nora takes topographic point during the readying for a ball in which Nora is to dance. While seeking to deter her hubby from acquiring the mail. and happening a missive from the adult male who was traveling to uncover her offense. Nora plays to Torvalds dominant inclination take a firm standing that she can non make it right without his aid.

Although their conversation is in mention to her dance and practicing. it seems to cast some visible radiation on the type of relationship they have. Nora exclaims “I can’t dance tomorrow if I don’t pattern with you…criticize me. and right me…” to which Torvald replies “with great pleasance. if you wish me to” ( Ibsen ) . As they pattern. Nora’s nerves about her offense being exposed acquire the best of her and she is unable to execute right. Torvald cries “you will necessitate a batch of coaching…you can depend on me” ( Ibsen ) .


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