Down conditions such as there heart. the

Down syndrome is a genetic condition and this is therefore caused by an extra chromosome in the individuals cells. With this condition isn’t inherited and this condition therefore happens at the time of conception. When an individual with down’s syndrome will therefore suffer some degree of a learning disability and other physical characteristics. With an individual suffering from this condition its common for them to suffer from conditions such as there heart. the individuals heart is affected due to changes in their genes or chromosomes. The condition atrioventricular septal is when the baby has holes in its chambers of the heart both right and left, this therefore values the follow of blood between chambers may therefore not be formed. This condition is diagnosed either during pregnancy or shortly after the baby is born. With this condition the baby can therefore go through surgery which will therefore close the holes in the chambers with patches, although this doesn’t always close so the child can therefore suffer from difficulties.
Another difficulties an individual with down syndrome could be with their sight and also hearing. This may be a mild temporary or longer term problem. There eyes can therefore be affected due the differences in the structure of the ear or due to a weaker immune system. The individual is more likely to have problems with their eye sight, even if they wear glasses, their vision will be impaired. With this it is important the individual has regularly eye checks.

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