Drama Paper on Trifles – Susan Glaspell Essay

July 7, 2018 General Studies

Susan Glaspell’s one act drama Trifles is based upon existent events which occurred in Iowa at the bend of the century. Between 1899 and 1901 she worked as a newsman for the Des Moines News. during which clip she covered a slaying test of a farmer’s married woman. Margaret Hossack. The drama was written some old ages subsequently. ( enotes. com. 2005 ) This essay aims to analyse the subjects and thoughts presented here by analysing the cardinal character. The full text of this drama can be retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. vcu. edu/engweb/eng384/trifles. htm

This paper aims to demo. by carry oning an analysis of the cardinal character. Mrs. Wright ( the accused ) . and discoursing her ideas. feelings and actions. how she is affected by events. other characters and environmental civilization and values. Mrs. Wright is a farmer’s married woman at the bend of the century. at a clip when feminism was get downing to come to the bow. but many old ages before the active combustion of bandeaus. in the sixtiess. without kids. Furthermore. she is married to a adult male who is non known in the outside community for his societal accomplishments – to cite Mrs.

Hale. one of the female characters in the drama. to go through the clip of twenty-four hours with him would be like a natural air current that gets to the bone. We ne’er really run into Mrs. Wright in individual. but it is from the conversation of the others that we learn about her. For case. from the women’s observations. and despite the remarks of the work forces. we learn that Mrs. Wright is in fact a good housewife – she quilts good. is persevering about her conserves. the pans were neatly arranged under the sink. and the roller towel was in fact clean prior to Mrs.

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Wright’s going ( it was dirtied by the adult male who came in subsequently ) . She besides had bread set ready to be baked. This attitude displayed by the males in the drama is declarative of unjust opinions made by work forces at the clip. Even the rubric of the drama. Trifles. indicates that what adult females worried about at the clip was considered unimportant. Ideas. feelings and actions Mrs. Wright. prior to her matrimony. was a vocalist. We learn besides that subsequently in her matrimony. she buys a bird. It becomes evident that Mr. Wright can non digest the bird’s vocalizing and kills it.

The adult females deduce that Mrs. Wright has begun to compare herself with the bird – ab initio experiencing caged. stifled and killed – prior to her matrimony. she went out. American ginseng and had merriment. and in the really last act. the coop broken. typifying freedom. if non of the bird’s organic structure. at least of its spirit. Unwittingly. in one of the gap sentences. Mr. Hale contributes to this image of Mrs. Wright being oppressed by noticing that he didn’t believe that what his married woman wanted mattered much to Mr. Wright. Having lost everything prior to this. Mrs.

Wright could non digest the loss of the one thing that she loved. This decease of the bird was the act of choler that the work forces did non happen. Her matrimony has been similar to a caging. killing ( of herself ) . and in the concluding act of killing her hubby. she has in fact set herself free – although ironically she is now in gaol. Mrs. Hale hits the nail on the caput when in hindsight she realizes indirectly that Mrs. Wright was lonely – the unpleasantness and coldness of the topographic point which kept her off kept others off excessively. With the decease of the bird the one thing that was fun had now gone excessively.

Interestingly. the bird died of choking – and Mr. Wright besides died because of being constricted around his cervix. Environmental civilization The work forces have gone at that place with their heads made up and to them it is merely a affair of seeking to happen the cogent evidence. The adult females have gone there with no such strong beliefs. through traveling about their concern they find the truth and yet are still able to demo compassion – they decide to take Mrs. Wright the comforter. so that she can undo the last untidy square and finish a nice piece of work. Making this. they find the dead organic structure of the bird.

Having been constricted and confined in life. the bird has been laid to rest in the most beautiful topographic point Mrs. Wright can believe of. They besides find good fruit and make up one’s mind to take this to her to convert her that after all her fruit did non decompose. Instinctively. they know that this will do her feel better about herself. It is interesting that although it is the work forces who are at that place to look into the instance and acquire to the underside of things. it is the adult females. through their observations and penetration. acquire to the truth of the affair.

They are the 1s who notice. and understand. the fickle stitching of the last quilted square. for case. The work forces believe that everything is clear. except for a ground for making it – which they have non discovered despite holding occupied the same premises as the adult females for the same sum of clip. The adult females think briefly about unwraping this – their eyes run into – but they say nil. They do non discourse it with the work forces – it would non be their topographic point. Womans at the clip were considered inferior. the work forces where the authorization.

Therefore. although some do cognize the truth. in fact. because of environmental civilizations and the norm of the clip. it is ne’er discovered to the full. Over 100 old ages subsequently. one must believe. and be thankful that this would no longer go on. We have learned through test and mistake and cases such as this that there are a assortment of point of views and penetrations that can assist us acquire to the truth. Works Cited Enotes. com. 2005. retrieved 10 April 2006 from the website hypertext transfer protocol: //www. enotes. com/trifles/ Trifles. Susan Glaspell. 1916. retrieved 10 April 2006 from the website hypertext transfer protocol: //www. vcu. edu/engweb/eng384/trifles. htm


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