Dreams for Success

June 14, 2018 Sports

Beneatha and my sister Sylvia both share common goals in which they have dreamed their life to be, for example, they are both studious, unique, and open minded. These two characters want a better life for themselfs and want to become somebody one day and help people. Beneatha and my sister both want to go to school and be professions that one day women could not become. Beneatha wants to go to school and become a doctor. My sister on the other hand wants to become a police offcier one day. Beneatha struggles at the end of the play because her brother Walter spends all the money that was suppose to be left to cover for her school expenses.

My sister Sylvia luckly has finanical aid to help her pay for her classes, and she works as well to help. Clearly my sister school situation is a lot less worry some than Beneathas. As I asked my sister about why she wanted to become a police officer she seemed hesitant, not really sure why she wanted to choose this career, but her answer was beacause of the benefits police officers have and of course their pay. This made me think about how Beneatha discribed how she wanted to become a doctor to help people, and not nessarlity about the money.

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Both of the occupations Beneatha and my sister have choosen were not common for women to be apart of right around the time this play was taking place in. These two women are very unique in many ways. Beneatha has a love for her culture and where she came from. She also loves to dance and sing to african music with no care of what her family thinks of it. My sister is more shy when it comes to dancing, she rather watch the crowd dance than join, and I think it is because she afraid to look funny. My sister likes to stand her ground and do things her way.

Beneatha throughtout the play is struggleing to find herself. We find out that Beneatha has been passionate about other hobbies before she was set on becoming a doctor. My sister like Beneatha has done many activities throught out her childhood. She has participated in many school musicals, activties, and functions, as well as played sports all her life. My sister Sylvia has played basketball all her life and it is a part of her I believe. I remember that for the longest time her set career choice was to become a WNBA player.

Growing up she would always rant about how she was going to be so successfull and the best. It is a surprise that now she wants to become a police officer, which is a great thing but just something hard to picture her doing, since basketball was her life at some point. In the play Walter, Beneatha’s brother does not support Beneatha with her choice to become a doctor, I on the other hand support my sister in anything she sets herself to do. My sister is the most unique compared to my brother and I, because she is so school oriented.

Beneatha is also different from Walter’s views she wants to go to school and wants different things. Beneatha and my sister are both very open-minded people. For example Beneatha wants to become a doctor, knowing that at the time doctors were only men. Also the way she dresses and expresses herself throughout the play show that she is open to change and is willing to be different. My sister Sylvia is very open-mined, she always has an answer or way of doing things her own way, and is not afraid to tell you “your doing it wrong”.

She has a comment or opinion on anything she feels the need to state. It can definatly be annyoing sometimes even though most of the time her two sence is correct. Beneatha and Mama get into an argument because Beneatha said she did not believe there was a God. This upset Mama very much because she thought she thaught her children to love God. Beneatha did not mean no harm by this, she was just trying to prove that God does not help with finacial problems.

Both Beneatha and my sister Sylvia share the need to do and say what she thinks and wants. Sometimes it gets them in trouble but for the most part it helps the people around them think outside the box with what they say. In conclusion, the similarities that Beneatha and my sister share are very alike and can be shared with many other people. Beneatha is a brave women for wanting to do what she thinks is best for herself rather than what others tell her to do. My sister Sylvia is very much the same.

I admire my sister for being this way because she is a woman with needs and wants and I think it is great for her to speak for herself, and want to do things on her own. I want my sister to be an independent woman and by her being studious, unquie, and open-minded I think she is half way there to accomplishing her dreams. I think it is important for people to strive and for their dreams to come true because you are the only person that can make it happen, and no one else can take that from you. Follow your dreams and make them happen and live a successful life doing what it is that you love.


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