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By February 11, 2019 Medical

Drugs are substances or medications which have an effect on your body. Abuse is to use something for a bad purpose or to misuse. Drugs could be good or bad for you. It depends on how you use it. People often abuse taking drugs. A few examples of the common harmful drugs that people use are cocaine, marijuana, crack, and heroine. Some other examples of common over the counter and prescribed drugs people abuse are Adderall, oxycontin, morphine sulphate, and sometimes even cough drops.
There are two main reasons why people take drugs. One is for medicinal purposes and one is for recreational purposes. Sometimes people can make the mistake of taking recreational drugs. Recreational drugs are drugs (such as cocaine, marijuana, or methamphetamine) used without medical purposes. It is used for its psychoactive effects often believing that occasionally using it is not addictive. They could also misuse prescribed drugs by taking too much making it just as addictive as recreational drugs. This is called drug abuse.
There are many different reasons why people do this. A few of the main reasons are peer pressure, loneliness, pleasure, recreation, etcetera… This can usually lead to addiction. When you get addicted, you could start losing touch with reality, you could accidentally overdose, or you could have a higher risk of getting mental illness. Drug abuse could also harm your organs in your body; such as your throat, stomach, heart, etcetera… You could even get lung cancer. Drug abuse could also cause you to get mood swings and erratic behavior.
The best way to prevent drug abuse is with education. People all around the world are told that recreational drugs aren’t bad for them but instead it will help them with all their problems which will cause them to do so. Without knowing it they will slowly get addicted. We can educate them about drugs, what it does to them, and how to prevent it. So, the only way to prevent drug abuse is with education.
In conclusion, drugs can be good and bad for your body. We just need to educate people all around the world about drugs and what it can do to their bodies and their future lives.


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