Drunk Driving

June 17, 2018 Law

I haven’t drank that much. I only had a couple of beers. These are the things people tell themselves to make it okay to drink and drive. Some people drink and drive for the thrill of breaking the law. Some have given the excuse of just not wanting to leave their car in a parking lot overnight. While these are all reasons people drink and drive, they are not excuses. They aren’t excuses because of the lasting effect of these excuses have on the people outside of their car. They need to drive so badly. Why people need to drive after drinking is beyond me.

The horror stories I have heard and safety briefs I’ve attended have itemized the effects of drinking and driving for me. These classes have made me clearly understand the negative effects of drinking alcohol prior to driving a car. The main reason driving under the influence of alcohol is unacceptable is because drinking alcohol slows all your reflexes which causes you to drive erratically. When you drive under the influence of alcohol you are more likely to cause an accident. That’s why there were laws put into place to prevent people from driving after drinking.

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Laws were put into place to persuade people from drinking before driving, because there were so many people dying or seriously injured due to collisions with vehicles. The collisions not only affected the driver but other motorists on the road. The drunk driver doesn’t kill himself when he drinks; he takes out everyone around him. He crashes into poles, mailboxes and sides of houses causing irreparable damage. Another effect of drunk driving is the amount of lives lost due to drunk drivers. The drunk driver could kill himself. He could kill anyone who physically collides with his car.

But, he also kills the loved ones associated with anyone in his crash. He kills children, of the woman who was on her way home, from the second shift, of her 18-hour work day. Their mom isn’t coming home to them. The life they had with her is over. He does the same to anyone he loves. Even if he makes it out alive, he will be going to jail. That jail sentence causes his loved ones to continue their lives without him. If you drive drunk and are caught breaking this law, you will go to jail and lose your license. Most people who drive drunk do so knowing the consequences.

They disregard the fact of losing their license causes them to need a ride wherever they go. Some of the selfishness affects their children. Believe it or not, some of the drunk drivers out there have children themselves. But, lack of judgment won’t allow their kids to be taken to school by mommy or daddy. Driving your car drunk doesn’t hurt only you. It hurts a chain of people. This chain of people isn’t thought of until after an accident has occurred. These people aren’t thought of until you need a ride to work. Drinking and driving doesn’t affect just the driver. Drinking and driving affects us all.


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