January 4, 2017 General Studies

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Central Character: A young man who is living life to its fullest in his last years of high school. He thinks he is a bad character along with his buddies. Other Characters: Digby and Jeff are the central character’s buddies. There are several other unnamed characters including a boyfriend and girlfriend, two guys, two girls, and one dead guy.

Setting: A dark night in a clearing next to Greasy Lake.

Narrator: The young man who is the central character.

Events in Summary: The central character and his buddies are enjoying the night by cruising around in a car on an early summer night. One of the buddies notices a car that looked familiar mistaking for a friend’s. The three buddies begin to pound on the car. A guy they did not recognize jumped out of the car and attacked the three friends. The central character knocked him out with his bat he kept behind his seat. A girl then jumped out of the car and began to attack the guys. The guys pin her down and try to rape her. At that moment a pair of headlights pulls into the clearing. The three buddies take off for the woods. Two large guys jumped out of the car and ran to the girl. The girl was sobbing to the two guys. The guys turned around and vandalized the central character’s car. The central character noticed a dead man laying beside him as he lay in hiding. The unconscious boyfriend woke up, and all four of them take off from the clearing. The three buddies make it back to the vandalized car. They get in and as they pull of two girls meet them. They stop and talk and the boys then take off thinking about their crazy night.

Tone: A feeling that the three friends are bad characters, and they have experienced everything life has to offer. Suspense takes you over wondering what will happen to the fearless three next.

Style: The narration is from a typical young man enjoying his late teenage years. There is a macho attitude that comes out in the dialogue.


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