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April 7, 2019 Geography

During the Middle Ages in Europe, most people live in small isolated towns. If people traveled at all it would only be for a few miles. For most people the only source of information was the village Catholic priest in the pulpit. New passed from one to another often was a rumor. Written documents were rare, expensive and almost all in Latin. In people lifetimes most people never have picked up a book, calender or any sort of written document. But in 1450, Gutenberg printed his first book. From their in less than 50 years over 1,000 print shops had sprung in more than 200 European cities and towns. Books became cheaper and was available to anyone who could read them. By the 1400’s their was books in all different languages and their were books that dealt with literature, the law philosophy, architecture, and geography.(SQ2A) Roughly around the year 1500 printing started to increase in various locations throughout Europe. In Venice, Italy which was Europe’s printing capital their was 150 pieces of work.(SQ2B) The printing press was able to develop many forms of books, documents, etc. Today we still have documents that were printed from the printing press 500 years ago. We are able to see their ways of living and what was going on at that time. We are also able to tell how their government was ran and what education was like. Without the books there could be important things we wouldn’t know about today.


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