During this assignment I am go…

December 6, 2018 Education

During this assignment I am going to be talking about different forms of communication and how to promote effective communication in health and social care. Communication is exchanging of information by speaking, writing etc between 1 or more people. There are many different forms of communication you can get in which you use to communicate with others everyday for example: Verbal communicate by only using one type of communication it’s a disadvantage for them because they can’t do certain things e.g. if a person is blind or deaf they can only use 1 way as a blind person cannot see and a deaf person can’t hear but can see around them, however there are advantages as well in the way that they get to know people and make new friends also learn new things from others. People can go to support groups to communicate with others, learn new ways to communicate and get help if they need it as there will be difficulties for them if they can’t communicate properly or hard for some people to understand. If someone is deaf then they will have to learn sign language in order to be able to communicate with people, this can be a disadvantage because other people will have to learn it to speak to the other like in a family if a child is deaf then the parents will have to learn it for them because they need to be able to communicate with them. Staff communicate in different ways to each other, depending on how well they know one another and the relationship between each of them. In a school, the staff will speak formally around other students because they are in a school and they teach children so it wouldn’t be the right way to speak if a teacher was to speak informally all the time or at all. Although, in a staff room the teachers might speak informally to each other because they know each other and feel comfortable around them and some of the teachers relationships with one another are close friendwise so this would be normal for them to speak like this. In a classroom teachers would speak formally in front of their students because they are the adult and because it’s in the education setting its unprofessional to speak informally or use slang words. Formal communication is when someone speaks to another in a more professional way, use the right vocabulary, use english in the right format etc. This type of communication will be used in different settings for example: at a hospital the staff will have to communicate using formal words and speak formally because their around others and they are high up so you will need to show you have the right manners, know how to speak professional and this will also represent you as a person like your reputation. A doctor or surgeon are very important because they save people’s lives and help them get better so if they don’t speak formally then it will effect the patient and the patient might think they aren’t doing/taking things as serious a they should do. Informal communication is always used between people who know each other well enough e.g.(friends and family).


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