Duty of care letter

By April 28, 2018 Medical

Hi friend, So you want to work in social care? Well here are a few things you should know, Such as the term ‘’Duty of care’’ this means having the duty or responsibility of being a care taker for another person, someone too young or too old, too ill or unfit mentally or physically to take care of themselves and requires another person to assist them. This could include personal hygiene, help at meal times, toileting also with transportation such as wheelchairs and walking aids and medical assistance with physical need and medication.

In holding your duty of care you may face some problems such as how your affected at work, following all policies and procedures set by the company, going on training days when available, always ensuring the service user is safe within their environment and respecting the rights of each service user, here is where you can be affected because sometimes individuals want to do something which could be a risk to their health and safety and you have a duty of care to keep them safe but you also have a duty to respect the individuals rights and choices, here is a dilemma and in such cases you may need to seek advice from your manager and/or the service users family, you should always search support when you are unsure or have a problem. I hope this helps you, Good Luck.

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