Duty their health and safety at risk,

February 15, 2019 Health

Duty of care is us as staff to ensure the safety of our service user and us as staff but there might also be dilemmas that can arouse in staff demonstrating their duty of care in the context of health and social care. some examples of dilemmas that may arouse as a care worker:-
Sometimes service user might want to make choices about their lives, which might not be best decision to make in their own interest.
In some situation, the service user we support might make decision that could put their health and safety at risk, but it is our responsibility, as their carer to keep them safe and as well to respect their right and choice.
Dilemmas might also arise when as a staff we have right to confidentiality but as well duty of care to share those information with others in the interest of the service user
In situations when the service user do not have the mental capacity to do some certain things or make certain decisions but still want to exercise their right, dilemmas might arouse in such situation but it is the responsibility of the staff to support our service users however the decision they make.


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