E-Learning Technology in Maharashtra

April 8, 2018 Teaching

E-learning mode for 400 schools by July PUNE: It is not just another cliche in the digital world. Come July, the Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL) will introduce Digital School project in 400 schools in the State, which it claims, will change the base of learning from informed content to performed content. MKCL, promoted by the State government’s Department of Higher and Technical Education, is venturing into digital intervention at school level from the coming academic year. The Digital School project will cover 400 State education board schools and 3. 2 lakh students from class V to class IX in its pilot episode. The refined project will then be implemented at all 18,000 schools in the State, said MKCL MD Vivek Sawant. Speaking to Sakal Times, Sawant described the project as e-learning based on principal of actionability. He said, “The drop-out rates at secondary school level is alarming as classroom teaching has lost all the fun. MKCL has developed E-learning Revolution for All-ERA software, which has formative as well as summative syllabus of Science and Math subjects for five standards in both Marathi and English.

Forty instructional designers helped us to create this content. ” ERA facilitates interactive and ‘continuous challenge’ based learning, Sawant added. In simple terms, this software will have concepts in the form of activity and students will have some task to complete before moving to the next level. Scenario-based technique of learning, which involves student in teaching, is also used in ERA. Responses and progress of individual student could be monitored as each one will have log-in ID and the central server will store all the data.

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Teachers from different schools can interact by using dial-up connection and MKCL software. For implementation of the project, MKCL will provide software while schools will bear the cost of hardware. A separate classroom will be set up where students will spend two hours every week. This classroom will have central server PC connected to 10 other PCs, each one with two microphones. This means, 20 students can use the facility at any given time. Provision of power back-up is mandatory. Performance of schools will also be assessed.


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