E Marketing Strategy For Al Diwan Supermarket Marketing Essay

September 27, 2017 Marketing

After the 1st moving ridge that was from the mid 1990s to 2003 all companies had to mention to the cyberspace, no company or organisation is able any longer to execute every bit good as companies and organisations utilizing the E-business field.

Some concerns carried out deficient research sing what the cyberspace had to offer them. Others earnestly underestimated the jeopardies of traveling online to their ain great cost.

Sing our undertaking we decided to take Al-Diwan supermarket that lacked of the E-Business field, non merely because they did n’t make their research possibly because they do n’t hold the appropriate persons to continue with this scheme. So we decided to foreground on the chances and the obstructions that are confronting us sing the E-Marketing side.

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The E-Marketing scheme in general and the web development in specific that will be provided for Al-Diwan will supply clients with an option enhanced manner of telling and maintaining a client relationship direction. It will give them the opportunity to utilize engineering to pass on in a different manner with Al-Diwan. Within a short period of clip the web site will pull a important figure of independent clients who wanted to seek the on-line service. Promotions will assist promote repetition usage of the site by showing the alone benefits that it offers.

Using E-marketing and the web site will let Al- Diwan client ‘s relationship direction section to supervise their fillip and gross revenues in existent clip. It will besides assist them to see which countries of gross revenues will be deserving aiming as they develop their concern.

In this research we aim to heighten the client relationship direction through E-marketing by establishing the first web site for Al-Diwan that will incorporate different of import classs ex ( Home – About us – merchandises by Al-Diwan – Goods – Customer Service – Contact Us ) in add-on to several infinites specialized for advertizement.

Trading on the cyberspace will assist Al-Diwan to concentrate its concern by flexibly technology it to run into the demands of its concerns. At the same clip there are clear cost nest eggs for Al-Diwan in being able to pass on with its client through the cyberspace instead than by utilizing postal or telephone services.

Sing the client relationship direction we aim to construct a particular bond between the section of Marketing and the clients, chiefly through the web site, so it would be easy for clients to knock or to appreciate a service provided by Al-Diwan supermarket. As we will set up a manner of aiming our clients utilizing targeted electronic mails that will be based on how frequently does a client purchase a merchandise, illustration on this “ A client holding a eating house might be interested in buying meat at a hebdomadal bases, after he purchase meat at a hebdomadal bases, his purchase order will be saved in a particular history, subsequently on when holding an offer sing any meat merchandise a particular targeted electronic mail will be sent to this costumier ” this will assist the costumier to be informed about our offers sing what he is interested in, that will take to client trueness, which is the chief end of any profitable and non- profitable organisation “ Customer trueness ” .

When we talk about cyberspace based buying we face a batch of persons that are able to buy online but they are merely non interested to utilize this engineering, so after presenting the web based buying we should use an interesting offer to pull internet users to buy online, so when the web site is launched, a 10 % price reduction will be given for every person registering for a rank and buying online on Al-Diwan merchandises.

More inside informations will be provided through every measure we make in the undermentioned stages.


TheA industryA of nutrient andA beveragesA are amongA the mostA competitiveA and globally-linkedA ofA allA concern circles.A ForA illustration, aA market research in USA showsA that manyA ofA America’sA foodA packagers such asA HeinzA getA 30 % , A 50 % andA evenA higher percentagesA of theirA entire revenuesA from outsideA theA BrandA namesA ofU.S.A America, A suchA asA Coca-ColaA andA StarbucksA areA knownA worldwide, A every bit good as European brandsA suchA asA Nestle.A TheA vastA quantityA ofA processed foodsA and agriculturalA trade goods tradingA occursA onA aA planetary basisA every twelvemonth.

SideA ofA the supermarket, A giantA supermarket chainsA likeA Albertson’sA struggleA and Kroger’sA market shareA andA growingA retail pricesA incrediblyA lowA retailA offeredA inA the immenseA groceryA departmentsA atA Wal-MartA discountA Supercenters.A Meanwhile, Wal-MartA takesA itsA retailA expertiseA overseas.A Retail, foodA isA overA $ 500 billionA industry inA the U.S.A entirely.

Growth sectorsA hottestA in the businessA ofA foodA areA natural nutrients, organic merchandises, organicA nutrients, A diet foodsA andA food-enhancedA foods.A ConsumersA wantA toA an increasing degreeA theA foodsA thatA give themA anA edgeA food.A AllA preparedA foodsA andA homeA repast replacementA continueA toA rumbleA forA consumersA whoA want toA dineA at homeA butA are encouragedA over clip.

ManyA retail merchants, A includingA Safeway, A learnA how toA successfullyA combine bricks-and-clicks, A makingA theA storeA places an orderA onlineA andA thenA fulfillingA those ordersA fromA bing supermarkets.A Furthermore, A nutrient manufacturers, A distributorsA and retailersA useA theA latest inA electronicA commercialism methodsA toA manage theirA supply ironss andA replenishA their inventories.A AndA directA costsA onlyA online retailerA ofA foodA showsA existent promiseA onA theA marketA in most of the states.

Al-Diwan is a supermarket that was launched in 2001, and had a resembled growth net income through the past 10 old ages. But till now Al-Diwan does n’t hold a scheme sing the E-Marketing sector as it does n’t hold an official web site boulder clay now, which is one of the major failings confronting this supermarket.

On our circuit to Al-Diwan we talked with the operational director as we asked him about the menaces that might confront Al-Diwan in the hereafter he said: ” We are confronting a existent job that might impact us severely in the close hereafter, which is that we are missing of topographic points, ictus in topographic point might impact our public presentation in the approaching twosome old ages ” .

So, using our E-Marketing scheme will cut down the consequence of this menace, since the size of the topographic point does n’t impact us, or might besides extinguish it if good implemented, and was given the right attention.

As we where there we asked about the:




Of the Diwan Supermarket and this was the fruit of our work:

Vision: To spread out Al- Diwan supermarket geographically so they can make the most of import countries in Lebanon to increase our net income and market portion.

Mission: Giving the best merchandise quality and client service that can be provided with the current staff and the topographic point size.

Goal: Supplying the best quality service and merchandise to the largest measure of people with the optimum monetary value.

Undertaking Vision, Mission, and Goal:

Here comes our portion in those three elements, so to actuate the people in charge and the people interested in this undertaking we have put a Vision, Mission, and a vision that will non belie with the original 1s:

Vision: We aim to show Al-Diwan supermarket through the cyberspace and utilize the e-commerce to enlarge the figure of clients, spread outing the income, market portion, and growing. In that manner we can to make more countries in Lebanon easy without any demand of opening subdivisions all over Lebanon.

Mission: To ease the costumier ‘s shopping by offering them the merchandises they need with a best client service. In that manner we increase the buying utilizing e-commerce where we target clients that have no clip and topographic point to buy their merchandises.

Goal: To hold a good relationship between Al-Diwan and its clients via cyberspace ( website ) by giving them what they need, avoiding the clip and topographic point job, and to better client service.


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