early childhood

By November 29, 2016 Communication

Every child is different, they grow and develop at different rates. Many factors can attribute to the different developmental rates from one child to another. My research will relate to the developmental milestones of a five year old, displayed by a table format. I will observe the child during two activities (by running records), summarise and compare the researched milestones against the child actions. In the following commentary I will outline the environmental and other factors that play a major role in the developmental progress of a child in their early developmental years.

During my observations it was apparent that my child was very competent in most of the developmental milestones outlined in my research. This can be attributed to her home environment. My child has a stable and loving home environment in which to learn and interact with others. She is the youngest of three children, with the older two siblings being male. Studies have shown that youngest children are more out going and self-confident. From my experience with having an older male sibling, there, always seemed to be a quarrel to contend with, an older sibling to imitate and to copy, someone to talk to and play with. This could contribute to the development of personality, social, language / communication and social skills at an accelerated pace.

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Good nutrition is a crucial and necessary part of every child’s early development in all areas of the milestones listed. Physical, Emotional and Cognitive development can all be affected. Poor nutrition and dietary intake, can overtime, cause severe developmental consequences. A balance diet allows the young body to develop correctly and at an acceptable rate. Children in their early developmental years tend to be fussy eaters, though; with the array of nutritional foods available a balance diet can still be achieved. .

In discussing the birth and growth of children, Leve (1980, p.


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