Earthquakes to buildings. An example of how

February 13, 2019 General Studies

Earthquakes can cause damage to people, the earth and property. People fear earthquakes because they can happen at any moment and can deal major damage to buildings. An example of how an earthquake can do damage to the earth is it can destroy the land and form it. In steven guyens blog “A rough commute” it states “the scar of the quake is plain to see a jagged line of raw earth tracing across miles of tomato fields”. Nguyen tells us of what he saw the earthquake do to the land.This is just all but one earthquake this goes to show how much they can be dangerous. Also earthquakes happen all over the place imagine how much lives and buildings are lost.

earthquakes can also affect the lives of millions and millions of people worldwide.
Olivia esposito from san fransico wrote a news article “loma Prieta earthquake”. “A span of the bay bridge collapsed, tens of thousands of buildings were damaged or destroyed and the final repair bill came to 6 million”.

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