Easy gets more involved in chatting, gossip

March 20, 2019 General Studies

Easy to focus:
When you are alone doing a job, it becomes more convenient for one to concentrate properly. Interruptions are as well, much less, when the person works alone. It becomes easy to focus. If in a group, one could get easily carried away while conversing. Work also becomes less productive as the group gets more involved in chatting, gossip sessions and so on.
Decide what to do and when:
Even if the job is given to a person, it still is the person who decides how to go about it. The person can choose what to do and at what time, so as to get the best results. One is in charge of the goal, while working individually. There would be no one else to interrupt. There will not be anyone to differ with the choices made. One can choose when to start and complete a job.
Become Independent:
Since the sole responsibility will be with one person, they would also learn to make their own choices. One will go on to be the decision maker, even as they learn to be more independent. Since, the person is not working in a group, one cannot hope to get any help or suggestions from any other person. Consequently, the person would learn to do the job on his own.
No outside pressure:
If a person is working alone, there is no pressure from anyone to do the job in a certain way or at a particular time.
They are fast:
There are no interruptions to complete the work, if one chooses to work alone. The person would also not be distracted watching others at work, so work can get done more efficiently and promptly. There will not be any further delay for the work.
No need to distribute the work:
If the person is opting to work individually, one would not need to distribute work equally among the others in the group. There will also not be any confusion like at the time when someone is given more work to do, in comparison to the other. Since, there is only person there is no one vying to get the job done. There is no competition to get the job done.


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