Easy Women

Many types of pornography exist in the world today. For example, pornography exists on television, in the movies, and even in adult stories. According to the Merrian Webster Dictionary, pornography is defined as the act or practice of engaging in promiscuous sexual relations for money. Those who engage in prostitution are called prostitutes. They are either male or female, and will indulge in sex with anyone regardless of sexual preference whether they are heterosexuals or homosexuals. All prostitutes do not look the same. Most wear nice clothes to look attractive. The more attractive a prostitute is, the more business he/she will have and therefore the more money will be made.

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So my big question is what is the difference between two porno stars engaging in sex on screen and a prostitute having sex with a customer? They both are getting paid money for having sex. They both seem to enjoy the job they do. In our society, the porno star engaging in sex on screen is accepted. However, the prostitute is penalized for having sex. He/She can be fined, put on probation, and thrown in jail. Therefore, I feel there is enough evidence to make a case of discrimination against prostitution laws. We should legalize prostitution.

I believe there are three reasons why we should legalize prostitution. First, I believe that the crime rate will be reduced if prostitution is legalized. Many people believe prostitution causes crime. I believe much of the criminal activity surrounding prostitution is the direct result of pushing it into the underworld of illegal activities, right alongside of those unsavory types who inhabit that world. Police arrest prostitutes for public nuisance, loitering violations, or by disguising themselves as customers. They will approach someone they suspect of prostitution and solicit their services until this person is deceived into agreeing to perform sex for money.



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