Ecommerce And Its Applications Information Technology Essay

We are in the age of Knowledge and accordingly in the thick of an electronic revolution. The impact of which on the economic system is much more powerful than caused by industrial revolution.

With the origin of the web, organisations and persons are more and more making usage of E-Commerce to make new concern ventures. The World Wide Web is non merely a beginning of information, but an dumbfounding concern chance every bit good. Online concern is booming and more and more corporate companies are fall ining the disturbance of electronic dealing. The epoch of ‘E-Commerce ‘ has established a important synergism between the usage of digital info and computerized concern.

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The Internet ‘s impact on people has been profound ; peculiarly with regard to consumers, who are get downing to utilize the Internet as a new medium to merchandise and buy goods and services.

It is a general construct covering any signifier of concern dealing or information exchange executed utilizing information and communicating engineerings.

Electronic commercialism is the most recent measure in the development of concern minutess. It replaces the swapping of money for goods or bartering ( the swapping of goods for goods ) with the exchange of information from computing machine to computing machine.

Electronic commercialism, or e-commerce as it is otherwise known, is a really wide nomenclature. E-commerce enables organisations of all sizes and in all market sectors to better their fight. It cuts across geographical boundaries and clip zones to salvage clip and costs, to open up new market chances and enable even the smallest of companies to vie globally. E-commerce spans established procedures such as saloon codification scanning and electronic informations interchange ( EDI ) , every bit good as newer reachings, electronic mail, the Internet, the World Wide Web and nomadic electronic commercialism.

E-commerce is attractive because it reduces the cost of making concern. Sending a few bytes of informations over a web is cheaper, faster and more convenient than directing a courier or even doing a phone call. E-commerce screens any signifier of concern or administrative minutess or information exchange that is executed utilizing any information and communications engineering ( ICT ) .

Categorization of E-Commerce by application:

Electronic Markets

Electronic Data Interchange ( EDI )

Internet Commerce

Electronic Markets

Show a scope of offerings available in a market section so that the buyer can compare the monetary values of the offerings and do a purchase determination.

Examples: Airline Booking System.

Electronic Data Interchange ( EDI )

It provides a standardised system, Communicated from one computing machine to another without the demand for printed orders and bills & A ; delays & A ; mistakes in paper handling.

Example: EDI is used in the big market ironss for minutess with their providers

Internet Commerce

It is use to publicize & A ; do gross revenues of broad scope of goods & A ; services.This application is for both concern to concern & A ; concern to consumer minutess.

Example: The purchase of goods that are so delivered by station or the engagement of tickets that can be picked up by the clients when they arrive at the event

Types of E-commerce:

A· concern to concern

A· concern to consumer

A· consumer to concern

A· consumer to consumer

Business to Business:

The truly large concern on the Internet and the World Wide Web is n’t books and Cadmiums but ball bearings, electronic constituents and other stuffs that concerns buy, sell and distribute to and from each other. Although this type of concern to concern trading may be new and pulling plentifulness of media and public attending, concern to concern has been merchandising by electronic agencies for about 25 old ages. The most celebrated method of concern to concern trading has to be the electronic informations interchange ( EDI ) established for interchanging concern information between companies that on a regular basis did concern with each other.

Business to Consumer:

Businesss selling to the general populace typically through catalogs using shopping cart package. By dollar volume, B2B takes the award, nevertheless B2C is truly what the mean Joe has in head with respects to ecommerce as a whole.

Having a difficult clip happening a book? Need to buy a usage, high-end computing machine system? How about a first category, across-the-board trip to a tropical island? With the coming ecommerce, all three things can be purchased literally in proceedingss without human interaction.

Consumer to Business:

A consumer posts his undertaking with a set budget online and within hours companies review the consumer ‘s demands and command on the undertaking. The consumer reviews the commands and selects the company that will finish the undertaking. Elance empowers consumers around the universe by supplying the meeting land and platform for such minutess.

Consumer to Consumer:

It facilitates the on-line dealing of goods or services between two people. Though there is no seeable intermediary involved but the parties can non transport out the minutess without the platform which is provided by the online market shaper such as eBay.

There are many sites offering free classifieds, auctions, and forums where persons can purchase and sell thanks to online payment systems like PayPal where people can direct and have money online with easiness. eBay ‘s auction service is a great illustration of where person-to-person minutess take topographic point every twenty-four hours since 1995.

E-commerce applications

Multimedia Content for E-Commerce Applications

Multimedia Storage Servers & A ; E-Commerce Applications

i. Client-server Architecture in Electronic Commerce

two. Internal Processes of Multimedia Servers

three. Video Servers & A ; E-Commerce

Information Delivery/Transport & A ; E-Commerce Applications

Consumer Access Devices



The Web plays an spread outing function merely as it does in a consumer e-commerce. Business to concern activity is still, and we believe will stay, the chief country of electronic commercialism activity. This covers everything from established communications between retail merchants and their providers, the electronic banking payment systems through to the new Internet based catalogue systems. In the hereafter, all of us will carry on an ever-increasing figure of concern minutess online. Companies who implement solutions to carry on concern on-line will remain competitory and antiphonal in this germinating market topographic point.



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