Economical And Environmental Concerns On Fast Food Marketing Essay


During the last decennary, there has been an addition focal point on fast nutrient in conformity to alterations in life style, where people are going highly busy get bying with the demands of life. This is due to globalisation and the increased force per unit area of eating a meal rapidly alternatively of cooking. There are societal, ethical, economical and environmental concerns on fast nutrient. But fast nutrient mercantile establishment are however on the addition. Another strong ground for this popularity is the promotional schemes undertaken by assorted companies.

As a consequence of assorted promotional schemes, trade name consciousness has become an of import construct in fast nutrient industry. Simply put, trade name consciousness fundamentally refers to how rapidly a given trade name comes to mind when a merchandise class is mentioned.

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If a merchandise has a high degree of trade name consciousness, so the trade name is normally powerful and gross revenues generate net incomes. So this survey looks into the assorted promotional tools used in increasing trade name consciousness.

The intent of this survey is to through theoretical expounding, investigate and analyse the assorted promotional and schemes and its impact and trade name consciousness. Its aimed at detecting the extend of Domino Pizza brands popularity in the heads of consumers while look intoing the assorted promotional schemes.

So this survey aims to look into “ The Effect of Promotional Strategies in Increasing the Brand Awareness of Domino Pizza ” .

The consequences of this research indicated that the effectivity of the promotional schemes used by Domino ‘s Pizza is reflected on the degree of trade name consciousness. Meaning that the different promotional tools used by Domino ‘s Pizza such as newspaper advertisement, publicizing in magazines, telecasting advertisement, wireless advertisement, on-line advertisement and gross revenues publicity are the independent variables, whereas trade name consciousness is the dependent variable.

For this, a study was conducted whereby a sum of 100 sets of questionnaires were distributed through a non-probability sampling technique in order to prove the effectivity of the promotional schemes in increasing the degree of trade name consciousness. After completion of said questionnaires, these questionnaires were so recollected, and studied utilizing the Statistical Package of Social Science ( SPSS ) computing machine package.

The determination of the research indicated that two signifiers of mass media publicizing viz. gross revenues publicity and wireless advertisement were really effectual. Television advertisement and on-line advertisement were besides found to be effectual than the remainder. The chief ground as to why these independent variables were more effectual is that the persons were from a younger coevals who has a different life style.

The paper concludes with the research workers recommendations and eventually concluded that there is importance in promotional schemes in increasing trade name consciousness of Domino Pizza.



Recognition I

Abstract ii-iii

Table of Contentss iv-vii

List of Tables nine

List of Figures ten List of Appendixs

Chapter 1: Introduction

1.0 Introduction 1

1.1 Background of the survey 2 – 4

1.2 Problem Statement 4

1.3 Purpose of the Study 4

1.4 Aims of the Study 5

1.5 Research Questions 5

1.6 Scope of the Study 5

1.7 Significance of the Study 6

1.8 Definition of Footings 6

1.8.1 Brand 6

1.8.2 Brand Awareness 6

1.8.3 Brand Equity 6

1.8.5 Brand Loyalty 7

1.8.6 Gross saless Promotion 7

1.9 Organization of the Report 7


2.0 History of Brand Research 8

2.1 Review of Key Studies 9

2.2 Brand Awareness 9

2.3 The Different Stages of Buyer 10-11

2.4 The Concept of Brand Equity and Brand Leverage 11-12

2.5 Brand Loyalty 12-13

2.6 Challenges in Branding 13

2.6.1 Branding Decision 13-14

2.6.2 Brand Sponsor Decision 14-15

2.6.3 Brand Name Decision 15

2.6.4 Brand Strategy Decision 16

2.6.5 Brand Repositioning Decision 16

2.7 Promotion Schemes 16

2.7.1 Ad 17

2.7.2 Newspaper Advertising 17

2.7.3 Magazine Adverting 18

2.7.4 Television Advertising 18

2.7.5 Radio Advertising 18

2.7.6 Online Adverting ( Internet Advertising ) 19

2.7.7 Gross saless Promotion 19-20

2.7.8 Booklets and Catalogue 20-21

2.8 Evaluation of the Key Studies 20-21

2.9 Drumhead 21


3.0 Theoretical Framework 22-23

3.1 Hypothesis Statements 23-26

3.2 Research Approach 26

3.3. Research Subjects 27

3.4 Questionnaire 27-28

3.5 Scale of Measurement 28-29

3.6 Administration of Questionnaire 29

3.7 Statistical Analysis Procedures 29

3.8 Drumhead 21


4.1 Introduction 31

4.2 Frequency Analysis ( Data Presentation ) 32-33

4.3 Reliability Analysis 34-36

4.4 Correlation Analysis ( Hypothesis Testing ) 36-38

4.4.1 Newspaper Advertisement versus Brand Awareness 38

4.4.2 Magazine Advertisement versus Brand Awareness 39

4.4.3 Television Advertisement versus Brand Awareness 39

4.4.4 Radio advertizement versus Brand Awareness 39

4.4.5 Online advertizement versus Brand Awareness 40

4.4.6 Gross saless Promotion versus Brand Awareness 40

4.4.7 Brochure/Catalogue versus Brand Awareness 40

4.5 Drumhead 41

Chapter 5: Decision AND RECOMMENDATION

5.1 Introduction 42

5.2 Recapitulation 42-43

5.3 Discussion 43-44

5.3.1 Independent Variable 44-46

5.4 Deduction of the Research 47

5.5 Recommendations 48-49

5.5.1 Adverting Strategy 50-51

5.5.2 Persuasion in Promotion and Communication 52-53

5.5.3 Modified Elaboration Likelihood Model 54-55

5.5.4 Conventional Diagram of the Habituation- Tedium Theory 55-56

5.5.5 Push and draw schemes – Two attacks for publicity 56-58

5.6 Restriction of the Study 59-60

5.7 Recommendation for future Research 60-61

5.8 Conclusion 62-63



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