Edgar Allan Poe The Romantic Poet English Literature Essay

September 25, 2017 English Literature

Edgar Allan Poe, a dark romanticism author, known for his dark plants, is n’t excessively far off from Harlem Renaissance author, Richard Wright ‘s work. In many of Poe ‘s authorship he emphasizes the battle and calamity of human being, he himself felt. While in Richard Wright ‘s Hagiographas he portrays to what he perceives as world. Due to the clip Wright was turning up in, as a black adult male in the Southern portion of the United States, Wright wrote about the battles and calamities he was subjugated with as a black adult male, being discriminated upon by the dominant white racism. Although Poe takes a different attack from Wright in footings of authorship, both authors portray their work as dark and violent, demoing the calamities brought approximately by human dealingss.

Although both Richard Wright and Edgar Allan Poe depict their narratives and work to be dark and violent, they both take wholly different attacks to such. Richard Wright ‘s “ Back Boy ” focused more on the external torture and calamity he was faced with as a immature black male child in the South caused by White racism. Many of Edgar Allan Poe ‘s, on the other manus, depicts his dark narratives through a heavier accent on the internal torture his character dealt with after a painful external struggle. Wright ‘s response to the external torment he was faced with was to cover with his struggles head on while the character in Poe ‘s “ The Raven ” is drowned in his ain heartache, taking no action to his struggle.

Although it is known that Edgar Allan Poe and Richard Wright were both deprived of a solid male parent figure the inside informations show they were both different instances. Edgar Allan Poe ‘s relationship with his male parent was cut short after his decease when Poe was 3. With no remembrance of his parents Poe was adopted by John Allan and his married woman French republics Valentine Allan. Edgar and John would invariably contend, but still kept good dealingss towards one another. Finally Poe ran off after a large difference, but one time enrolled into military school John supported him financially. Their relationship would shortly deteriorate after John ‘s letdown of the Edgar ‘s changeless demand for money due to debt. Richard Wright, on the other manus, tells us in “ Black Boy ” that his male parent was apathetic and hardly communicated with Richard, and left the household at an early age. The difference between both father figures is that Poe at least had a opportunity to hold a semi-healthy relationship with his male parent, but due to his short approachs, his male parent disowned him. While Richard ‘s male parent gave him no opportunity at all for a connexion.

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In Richard Wright ‘s essay, “ I Choose Exile ” , he explains his concluding for go forthing America to France. He tells us he feels restricted and invariably discriminated in America. Whereas in France there was less racial favoritism and he felt more free as a individual and author. Although Richard Wright ‘s self-exile to France is more utmost this is comparable to Edgar Allan Poe ‘s flight from his male parent before he enlists himself into the military. Edgar Allan Poe feels similar when he leaves his male parent, in the sense that he feels restricted and rejected as a boy.

Both Edgar Allan Poe ‘s and Richard Wright ‘s decease is still a enigma to this twenty-four hours. Edgar Allan Poe would pass his last minutes of life drowned in wretchedness. Due to Poe ‘s interior confliction he had a bad intoxicant issue, on top of his low tolerance for intoxicant ; it was inevitable for a bad stoping. Poe was found on the streets on October 3rd and was taken to the infirmary where he died 4 yearss afterwards. The cause of his decease is still unknown, but it is believed that it was an alcohol-related job or a planned self-destruction. Richard Wright ‘s decease was written off as a bosom onslaught at the age of 65. Previous to this, there had been no history of bosom problem or anything suggesting to the kind. This caused rumours to come up such as an attempted slaying. Due to McCarthyism, Wright was concerned about his life after probes from the authorities.

Throughout Richard Wright ‘s life he has had two married womans. His first married woman was in 1939, Dhima Rose Meadman, which led to a speedy divorce. In 1941, Wright married Ellen Poplar and ended up holding two kids with her. Richard ‘s 2nd relationship was more successful and he was able to decease merrily with Ellen. As opposed to Edgar Allan Poe, where he had many jobs with relationships. It began with his first relationship with Sarah Elmira Royster. Due to his state of affairs with his male parent and school they lost contact and in two old ages clip married another adult male. She came back into his life after her hubby died. They planned to marry in 1849, but subsequently that twelvemonth Poe was found dead. Another serious relationship Poe had was with Virginia Eliza Clemm Poe, his cousin. They were married when she was the age of the 13 and he was at the age of 27 in 1836. Their matrimony was cut short in January 1842 when she contracted TB and died 5 old ages subsequently. These unstable relationships have inspired Poe to go on composing his grueling dark authorship.

Both Edgar Allan Poe and Richard Wright, being esteemed authors, did non acquire a full instruction. Richard Wright was unable to have a hardy full instruction due to the changeless fiscal assistance he was in as a young person. He was invariably traveling around the South to different households and school, taking suspensions in between for work, to back up his household. He excelled in simple school and junior school, graduating as valedictory speaker of his category. Although he had much success in his surveies he did non have any farther instruction after 9th class, which already was a effort many in the South did non carry through. Compared to Wright, Poe had finished high school and moved onto college. He entered the University of Virginia with good Markss, but due to his changeless debt he was forced to drop out. After go forthing the ground forces he tried acquiring an instruction in West Point military school where he was unable to graduate from due to deficient support from his male parent and more debt. Although both authors were n’t able to acquire a full instruction, they are both heralded as great authors.

Many of Richard Wright ‘s Hagiographas have been put off as a great portraiture of the world in America and some became best Sellerss in his clip. While he received congratulations, many criticized his plants, naming them gross outing and full of unrealistic force and hatred. Many put it off as an over-exaggeration of racial tenseness in the South and wanted many of his Hagiographas to be banned. Though celebrity was able to make Wright, really small positive attending was paid towards Edgar Allan Poe. Poe was able to print some of his plants into magazines during his life-time, which was hardly able to feed him. Many criticized him as a crazed author and accused him of plagiarism many times. Although both authors were to a great extent criticized in their times, they have made a great impact on American literature.

Both Edgar Allan Poe and Richard Wright have been profoundly inspired by their feverish life. Edgar Allan Poe has been tormented by the jobs of depression, solitariness, and covering with the loss of adult females in his life. These factors have led Poe to compose grueling narratives that sometimes can be connected straight to his personal life. Some suggest that Poe ‘s “ Anabelle Lee ” was inspired by one of the adult females in his life. The verse form showed how the storyteller was in love with a adult female and even after decease kept his love, which can be correlated to his dead married woman, Virginia. While Poe mistily lets the reader know whether or non his plants can be applied to him, Wright portrays his life how it is. Richard Wright ‘s “ Black Boy ” was a direct autobiography of the adversities he experienced in the South and how it affected him as a author. Whether its Wright ‘s indirect hatred or Poe ‘s Gloom, both author ‘s life experiences have helped them greatly achieve their authorship manner and overall attitude.

Richard Wright rejected the strong Christian instructions bound to him in his young person by his aunt and grandma. It was possibly the unsmooth background he was brought up in and the overly strict regulations his household set for him due to faith ; that he disliked the faith they forced onto him. Religion even stopped him from acquiring a occupation to work on Sabbatums at one point. His grandma saw Saturdays as a holy twenty-four hours and if he were to work on those yearss, it would be really disrespectful, and would decline for him to work on those yearss. These struggles have led Wright to depress Christianity. As for Edgar Allan Poe, we can non truly presume his faith. Many believe that he was an atheist, but he was converted as a Catholic by his adoptive parents. In his Hagiographas he besides referred to scriptural literature, which can assist turn out the theory he was a possible Christian. Although he knew of Biblical texts, it is non known whether or non he embodied the faith


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