Edmee Ferrer Essay

August 5, 2017 History

Professor Anderson Listening to the Women’s Rights was really traveling and it truly touched me and I learned a batch about what adult females had to travel through and are still traveling through. I learned about Elizabeth Cady Stanton and what an astonishing and powerful adult female she was. Stanton was born in November. 12. 1815 and died in October. 26. 1902. She was an American Social Activist. emancipationist. and prima figure of the early Women’s Rights Movement. Besides concentrating on Women’s Rights she besides addressed issues refering to voting rights. women’s parental and detention rights. belongings rights. employment and income rights. divorce. the economic wellness of the household and birth control. She was besides an vocal protagonist of the nineteenth century moderation motion. In 1920 adult females gained the right to vote. right of citizens of United States to vote shall non be denied by the United States or any province on history of sex. In the 1940’s and the 1950’s work forces had to travel out to war so it left adult females to depend on themselves and started working to supply for their household. I besides learned about the first-wave feminism and the second-wave feminism. The first-wave feminism focused more on right to vote and overturning legal obstructions to gender equality. vote rights. and belongings rights.

The second-wave feminism broadened the argument to a broad scope of issues like gender. household. the work topographic point. generative rights. and official legal inequalities. The second-wave feminism besides focused on domestic force and matrimonial colza issues. constitution of colza crisis and battered women’s shelter. besides changes in detention and divorce jurisprudence. I can state that I am really proud to be a adult female. we have had to travel through many challenges. holding to be slaves of our life as wife’s and mother’s and place shapers. Bing sex slaves to our hubbies. looked down at or experience less than a adult male. Not able to work or experience independent. We adult females are powerful and strong and capable of altering the universe forever. capable of demoing how we can be every bit astonishing as any adult male can. Women now have every bit many rights as any adult male have. An illustration of these rights are: the right to vote. to keep public office. to work. to just rewards or equal wage. to ain belongings. to instruction. to function in the military. enter into legal contracts. and to hold matrimonial and parental rights.

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