Education and School Uniform Essay

August 21, 2017 Education

Students all around the universe have worn school uniform for many old ages. Many schools in Japan. France. USA and Israel. oblige pupils to come to school with a uniform. Wearing school uniform has advantages and disadvantages which I will show in my composing.

On the one manus. the school uniform is really of import. It is imporatant because it shows that a pupil belongs to a certain school. When a pupil wears a shirt with the school’s symbol. everyone knows where the pupil surveies. a thing which may assist to make a feeling of belonging and school pride. Furthermore. the school unvarying saves money. Students sometimes judge other pupils by their outward expression.

Therefore. many pupils spend much money on apparels in order to be more popular. When everyone wears the same uniform. the pupils don’t need to pass much money to purchase expensive trade name names. In add-on. school unvarying saves clip in the forenoons because you don’t have to believe much about what to have on. In add-on. schools claim that school uniform is of import for good instruction because students need to obey a certain frock codification. a thing that helps the pupils be prepared for the ground forces and any other model.

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On the other manus. some students claim that have oning a school uniform hurts their individualism and self-expression. They claim it deprives them of the right to have on whatever they want. After all. they are still kids and at this age there should be more room for self look. Equally far as salvaging money. some students claim that the school unvarying doesn’t salvage money because they need to purchase extra apparels to what they already have. Therefore. they think it is non necessary and should be cancelled.

To reason. in the visible radiation of the above. school uniform has advantages and disadvantages. I strongly believe that the school uniform is necessary and has benefits. However. I think that each school should plan its school uniform from clip to clip and allow students and instructors decide on it.


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