Education goal statement

September 28, 2018 Education

As a school administrator I want to provide effective, democratic team approach to leadership. My experience as a teacher has inspired my desire to become a good administrator, I understand that people in all positions of responsibility in the school community can contribute necessary and legitimate information to inspired learning . My goal in this program is to develop the skills to become a democratic team leader with necessary administrative skills to facilitate team progress toward a shared vision of a constructive educational environment.

My goal is to share authority with effective school leaders, empower, inspire and motivate others to work as a unified team toward our shared purpose of student achievement. I would like to work in a rural area in a community school. I feel the possibilities of team leadership and the opportunity and challenges of identifying problems, changing old patterns and coming up with creative responses to problems in rural areas will require great personal communication skills and the ability to appreciate tradition as well as inspire innovation.

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I am confident that I can be one of that kind of leader. This can best be accomplished in creating an environment of open communication, shared responsibilities, accountability and trust. Administrators and Teachers have the very important responsibility of shaping the lives of young, impressionable children. With this responsibility comes great pride and joy. I will provide leadership and build a structure of collaborative relationships in the school and community so that all students have a variety of opportunities to succeed and be productive.

I started my education for teaching late in life, but looking back I was always in a leadership or teaching role. As early at 10, I was placed in charge of other children as a tutor or as a supervisor during activities. Working with children was easy for me, at age 14; I worked as a part time caretaker and tutor for a boy with Downs Syndrome. Later as a way to earn money, I became a nanny for a family with three kids; I could see the accomplishments and confidence of those children change with the structure and direction that I provided in their lives.

I worked as a substitute teaching assistant. Pursuing a degree in early child hood education was a natural outgrowth of that success. After working in the classroom I decided to get my BA in Education. Halfway through my student teaching, I was asked to take over a first grade classroom that was having difficulties. Quickly the class settled into a more productive routine and I received the praise of the principal and the thanks from the parents.

My last teaching position was I working in a small community charter school with an experiential learning and good citizenship educational focus in a town of 15,000 in northern New Mexico. The school had two campuses, first to fourth grade at one campus and fifth to eighth grade at a second four blocks away. I started teaching the sixth grade and soon realized that the lead teacher at the fifth to eighth grade campus needed help. I took on campus safety and maintenance, planning trips, discipline issues, scheduling of events and activities for the campus.

Quickly, I became the “go to” person for the campus. I received both staff and parent recognition for my ability as a team leader. That experience inspired my I interest in becoming a principal or administrator. Between my work with children and other jobs I developed my confidence and a variety of personal skills. I worked as a coffee shop manger, river rafting guide, and assistant tour manager for a musical group. These positions gave me an opportunity to lead a staff, work with a budget, supervise and motivate in different work situations and create time schedules for each person.

I learned the importance of maintaining open and clear communication with other staff and having clear goals and accountability. High stress environments such as rafting guide and tour manager thought me to communicate quickly and efficiently with others. I am excited to begin this new part of my educational life. I am ready to work toward my goals of becoming a better communicator, better organizer and manager. Ultimately I hope to become the kind of leader that inspires students and other educators to achieve as a high functioning and mutually respectful team.


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