Effect of Imperialism on Africa from 16th – 18th Centuries Essay Sample

By August 5, 2017 Engineering

Imperialism means one state set uping an imperium by suppressing other states. enslaving the dwellers. and doing them pay testimonial to the opinion state. Assorted states competed to get the best land and command the African people. whom they viewed as inferior. Europe is widely known to hold dominated most of the full universe. chiefly Africa. and established imperiums throughout the continent. The Europeans so converted the people they were ruling to Christianity. because they thought that the Africans were barbarian and weren’t practising any faith or values. The pros and cons of imperialism affected the Africans’ societal. spiritual. and political lives from the 16th to 18th centuries.

As the Africans were vulnerable in such ways that they didn’t cognize how to contend back. other parts. chiefly Europe. dominated them and took complete control over them. Africa’s undiscovered lands offered plentifulness of natural goods for European mills and prompted enlargement into cardinal Africa’s coal and gold mines. This was another ground why imperialism spread throughout Africa. The Africans had ne’er seen white people like the Europeans earlier. so they treated them with regard. In return. the Europeans treated them harshly and enslaved them. This affected the Africans negatively because the Europeans thought that they were barbarian when the Africans in fact were really civilised and cultured.

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They had strong household bonds. which were untied as other parts took control over them and put them apart organize their households. When any of the Africans didn’t want to change over to Christianity. their Masterss would penalize them to decease. However. legion Africans did change over to Christianity in panic of decease. The force per unit area of their Masterss was so great that the Africans had to halt seting their basic harvests. doing monolithic famishment throughout the continent. Hundreds of 1000s of these Africans were traded with other states for the demand of labour. Plantations were turning big and they needed people to work on those farms.

Before Africa had been conquered by others. Africans had non been introduced to certain points that the people who conquered them were familiar with. Therefore. as people invaded Africa. they introduced new technological inventions and other trade goods to the Africans. This shows how imperialism affected Africa in a positive manner because they started merchandising more frequently with other parts as they were being acquainted with new engineering as clip passed. The Europeans besides thought that the Africans did non hold any type of authorities that they needed to be ruled under. Thus. they introduced different types of authorities to the Africans and ruled them as they pleased.

Imperialism is the cause of the major alterations that were brought to Africa between 16th and 18th centuries. As the Europeans invaded the vulnerable Africans during this clip. gestating the Africans did non hold any spiritual values and needed to be civilized. they took complete control over them. They controlled Africa’s rich natural resources. won assorted converts to Christianity. and traded them throughout the universe. Bing traded as slaves. the strong familial bonds that these Africans had were disentangled and 1000s of them suffered. At the same clip. the Europeans brought new technological inventions to Africa. and besides introduced new types of authoritiess to the Africans. Therefore. the Africans were affected both negatively and positively by imperialism and the laterality of Europe.


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