Effective children, young people and adults we

March 19, 2019 Young People

Effective communication is important, because children, young people and adults all have different levels of communication and understanding. There are different forms of communication which is verbal, non-verbal and writing depending on their abilities and needs. Drawing could also be another possible way of communication for those whom cannot express emotions, struggle to talk and write.

I feel we need to communicate to the understanding of all children, young people and adults we come across in how they understand otherwise there could be cross communication and misunderstanding.

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Depending on your understanding of English and how influent you are and if your English is your first language, you will normally know when children, young people and adults talk to you of how much they understand and talk English and we need to communicate in the same way they have communicated to you otherwise they will not understand what you have said to them and it will be confusing for them. For those whom have English as their second language we can communicate in broken English and simple words. There are also others with learning disabilities, non-verbal, visual impairment, hearing impairment, do not speak English and we can adapt different styles of communication to their ability and needs.

The key to good communication is to greet, listen, care, put them at ease for them to trust you as well as talk to you and confide in you with eye contact, this will also develop positive relationships and team work.

We also need to remain professional at all times especially during our profession when communicating with appropriate body language as this promotes good behaviour and good manners, we don’t want to come across where our behaviour and communication is confronted by others where this may result in copying and complaints.


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