Effective Communcation

December 7, 2017 Medical

According to this website called competitive solutions it provides four key elements to effective communication (Competitive Solutions, 2014): Meeting Structures, Standardized Frequency, Provide Connectivity ND Forward-looking Mindset (Competitive Solutions, 2014). The first element is creating an agenda that everyone can clarify the message and language, a second element includes establishing communication to complete tasks in a timely minor, third element of communication is receiving and passing information, and the least element is taking issues head on.

Familiar organization model Organization model relates to the structure of an organization that consists of communication and resources from other divisions. Goals within an organization are what drive the business to succeed and carry out daily functions. Organization model that best describe an organization that I am familiar with is health care unit. The unit has different departments to complete different task of the organization. Employees divided into different departments based on skills, knowledge, and responsibility of the business.

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Organization Share Knowledge My organization shares knowledge through communicating verbal and non-verbal through HCI broadcast, email, medical documentation and dropper. Five other locations involving this organization, communication to solving problems is vital for teammates to communicate about a patient order, or medical records. Solving problems are easier when a teammate can locate a patient order and read detail notes or speak with other teammates to provide the best solution to problem.

For example, when a patient medical records are incorrect form his or her physicians other teammates have the ability by clicking a button and reading those detail notes, and relying on line of communication to relay to the patient. Techniques that have been most effective Techniques that have been the most effective within this organization is keeping the lines of communication open at all times. Whether communication is verbal or on-verbal employees are certain about information that will be obtain. This organization believes in sending emails and having company meetings that allow everyone to share their thoughts and idea.

Ineffective techniques When an organization fails to communicate this cause problem and hinders goals from being accomplished. Some ineffective techniques from past experience from other organizations are the lack of communications between managers and teammates. Some Managers do not like to share valuable information that is essential to the employee to complete his or Job correctly. In health care ineffective immunization can lead to major problems including wrong diagnosis or improper medical treatment.

Techniques applied in health care work environment Communication is the key to any business but especially in healthcare. Teammates must keep the line of communication open to ensure medical care provided between the patient and the provider (HAS. GOB, 2014). In the health carefully, a person cultural or language barrier can sometimes effect communication but hospitals are trying everything possible to address the issues concerning the lack of communications (HAS. GOB, 2014) The process of technology The process of technology may affect the process of communication in a positive way.

A positive way is that health care workers can retrieve patient medical records electronic and see what notes are on a patient account, or emails regarding other issue in health care will keep the lines of communication open. Conclusion Effective communication is the key to success within an organization. Everyone must speak verbal or non-verbal when communicating. Information from managers needs to be clear so that employees can understand clearly what goals the team should be developing. This paper provides great details on the four elements of effective immunization and how each element can ensure the process of communications.


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