Effects of Dirty Environment Essay

August 10, 2017 General Studies

1 ) Garbage dumping

We throw refuse here and at that place without caring that people might step on it. It attracts flies and mosquitoes which carry harmful herms with them. When flies and mosquitoes which carry harmful sources with them. When flies and mosquitoes sit on our nutrients. they spread diseases among those who eat such nutrient.

3 ) Micturition

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Micturition in the unfastened once more makes the milieus dirty and disgusting smelling.

4 ) Spiting
Spiting here and at that place besides spoils the milieus.
Effectss of dirty environing

A ) When we live in dirty milieus. our wellness suffers. B ) When we eat nutrient infected by sources transporting flies and mosquitoes. we are likely to endure from certain awful diseases. Two such awful diseases are diarrhea and cholera. C ) Repeated onslaughts of these diseases make us weak. The kids enduring from these diseases will non turn decently. They become weak and autumn quarry to many other infection and diseases. As a consequence of this. decease many besides occur. Wayss of doing our milieus clean

a ) Defecate in a healthful latrine. After utilizing the latrine throw adequate H2O into it. Peoples can acquire together and construct a common latrine. We can besides do water-sealed cavity latrines off from the beginning of imbibing H2O. We can besides do other latrines such as `Suvidha’ the new type of latines of Gallic latrines and dry cavity latrines. Latrines should be kept orderly and clean. .

degree Celsius ) After laxation. custodies. fingers. nails. pess and legs should be washed with soap or ash. vitamin D ) The dumping of refuse should non be done in the unfastened near your house. They should be dumped in the cavities. These cavities should be on a regular basis emptied. The cavities should hold a narrow gap through which the refuse can is thrown into it. It should be covered with dirt. After a few months. the refuse decomposes and it can be used as manure. vitamin E ) Keep the imbibing H2O. nutrient points covered. the whole vicinity clean and tidy. degree Fahrenheit ) We must take attention of personal hygiene and clean all parts of our organic structure on a regular basis. g ) The houses should be constructed in such a manner that there should be adequate air and sunshine.


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