Effects Of Globalisation On National Economies Business Essay

First we must look at globalizations from a macro point of view. The definition of Globalisation is the procedure by which people of the universe are unified into a individual society

The word Globalisation can besides be used to depict the how the universe ‘s economic systems now operate. This thereby guides us towards the first are, which we need to understand which is how globalization has affected the assorted different economic systems across the Earth.

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The motion of national economic systems to planetary economic systems over the past few decennaries has occurred due to a figure of factors these being

aˆ? Trade

aˆ? Technological progresss ( e.g. Internet )

aˆ? Foreign Investment in abroad concern

aˆ? Financial Stability

aˆ? Ease of Travel – Migration

The above are underpinned by the airing of civilizations across the Earth, which in bend has allowed the airing of linguistic communication and thoughts to travel freely throughout the universe.

Globalization is closely linked to the economic systems of the universes and how these have developed over the old ages. Some economic systems have been allowed to blossom over the old ages due to assistance of assorted establishments, which will be discussed subsequently in this study.

Globalization is non a recent happening and some say has been around since antediluvian times when the trade paths opened up across Asia. This addition in engineering has increased dramatically the rate at which globalization has occurred over the last figure of decennaries.

The twentieth Century has seen unprecedented growing, the most occurring during the latter half of the century. During the war old ages although a ‘World ‘ war was being fought the idea of internationalism and besides with certain economic systems, viz. the Americans coming out of depression, Globalisation was affectively placed on the dorsum burner and protectionism became the manner commanding the economic system.

1.2 ) The Influence of International Institutions on administrations

It was the latter old ages of the war where such establishments as the IMF and World Bank were created, with a “ end to stabilise exchange rates and help the Reconstruction of the universe ‘s international payment system. ” ( Condon, 2007 )

In add-on the IMF “ sought to construct a model for economic cooperation that would avoid a repeat of the barbarous circle of competitory devaluations that had contributed to the Great Depression of the thirtiess. ” ( IMF )

Both establishments concern themselves with economic issues and concentrate their attempts on widening and beef uping the economic systems of their member states. – reword

But what is the affect of International establishments? As stated above both of the chief establishments are interested in guaranting the viability and stableness of economic systems of their member provinces. In add-on it is the intent of some of the abovementioned establishments to help those poorer states in the universe by opening up excess trade paths, increasing capital flows and besides the spreading of cognition and engineering.

The best illustration we can pull out is in hard times both IMF & A ; World Bank has given foreign assistance to Sri Lanka trough long term loans. In return both establishments request the Local governments to put effectual & A ; efficient regulations & A ; ordinances. This force per unit area is passed to the Local every bit good as foreign establishments which operate in the Island to hold good administration in topographic point within the organisation. So it is advisable that HSBC to put necessary usher lines to all of its stakeholders in progress, so that when a new regulation is brought by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, the Bank need non worry since it is already practiced in the organisation.

1.3 ) The function and duty of European Union rank on the workplace

In add-on to the establishments mentioned the United Kingdom is an built-in portion of the European Union. Bing a member of this Union has a dramatic consequence on the workplace and besides ensures the protection of the workers within its member provinces.

To guarantee commonalty across all of the member states the EU has developed an rolled out over the old ages a figure of directives which are European jurisprudence. These Torahs are agreed by all of the member provinces but it is the duty of each state to implement their ain Torahs to guarantee that the directive is implemented.

There are a big figure of directives which have been passed that have a direct affect on all concerns within the UK. It covers countries as follows.

Conditionss of employment ( Example- working clip, parttime and fixed-term work, posting of workers, favoritism, equal wage and the protection of pregnant workers )

Informing and confer withing workers ( Through plants councils and in corporate redundancy and concern transportation state of affairss )

Protection of personal informations

Even though HSBC is runing in Sri Lanka, it is bound to compel to above mentioned EU employment Torahs since its caput office is based in the UK. HSBC should take necessary stairss in uniting Torahs laid down by the Sri Lankan every bit good as EU governments when planing work topographic point occupation functions & A ; duties. This in return will assist the Bank in many ways as it will pull foreign every bit good as local clients since the Bank is governed by EU & A ; Sri Lankan Laws. This will make a good image among investors go forthing the organisation to be an ethical bank to cover with.

2 ) Effectss of environmental statute law, directives & A ; counsel on organisations

2.1 ) Economicss of following a policy of environmental consciousness in organisations

The 2nd undertaking petitions to look into the scope and affects of Environmental statute law and the economic systems of following such policies.

The EU and the Government are dedicated to driving environmental statute law with and take to cleaning up and prolonging the environment.

Due to the enormousness of the environment and its far-reaching and direct affect on human existences and besides wildlife and animate beings, environmental directives and Torahs have a batch of power placed upon them to guarantee that the Torahs are met. It is an unknown fact that the HSE although a Health and Safety organisation has small power in comparing to the UK Environmental bureau that have the power to instantly shut a installation if deemed necessary. This demonstrates the power and besides the UK governmental stance on the environment and hence the places in which UK concern find themselves.

The 2nd undertaking asks what are the scopes and effects of Environmental statute law. To understand this inquiry we foremost have to deduce what Environmental statute law or Law.

“ Environmental statute law is a complex and meshing organic structure of legislative acts, common jurisprudence, pacts, conventions, ordinances and policies which, really loosely, run to modulate the interaction of humanity and the remainder of the biophysical or natural environment, toward the intent of cut downing or minimising the impacts of human activity, both on the natural environment and on humanity itself. ”

As can be seen from the above definition, the environment issue is planetary and as such has planetary organisations set-up to pull off implement the in agreement international Torahs. Environmental jurisprudence can cover a big figure of countries such as,

Air quality

Water quality

Global clime alteration

Agribusiness, biodiversity

Speciess protection

Pesticides and risky chemicals

Waste direction

Redress of contaminated land and Brownfield ‘s

Smart growing

Sustainable development

Impact reappraisal


Stewardship and direction of public lands and natural resources

Due to the UK ‘s rank within the EU, all of the in agreement environmental directives are implemented with the UK either by UK jurisprudence or straight from EU statute law.

In order to implement the above there must be appropriate counsel given non merely by the EU but besides the authoritiess of the members provinces, this is done by manner of implementing policies which are a method of guaranting an action is taken to pull off human activity.

But what are the economic systems of following such policies. As detailed in the old undertaking there are a figure of policies, which are required by the international organisations and besides the EU that have a direct affect on concerns.

Over the last few decennaries and more so since the 1990 ‘s there has been an increased environmental consciousness, which has been highlighted in the media. This has been predominately about ‘Climate Change ‘ and how everyone has portion to play in minimising the consequence.

So what are the benefits if an environmental policy is adopted, what are the economic systems ‘ or ‘savings ‘ to the person and organisations and what counsel is and procedures are required?

It is foremost dependent in which sphere in which the concern operates which will find the environmental policies, which the company will follow. For the intent of this assignment HSBC have been chosen due to my acquaintance with this company.

“ Every concern has an impact on the environment. To guarantee that this degree of impact remains within acceptable bounds, there is a demand to follow with environmental statute law ” . But how does the Bank manage the execution of environmental policy. The company should foremost as stated, acknowledge that is has an impact on the environment and that a demand for a sustainable and healthy environment is good non merely to the concern but besides to its employees and stakeholders.

The company must besides guarantee that all of employees at all degrees will give their best attempts to guaranting environmental patterns are implemented and sustained within the concern. There besides has to be an understanding by all employees that execution of environmental employees will hold an impact on the current and future coevalss.

2.2 ) Actions that need to be taken by organisations to keep the environment

Companies thereby implement as portion of their concern a signifier of self-regulation, which can be implemented in the signifier of Corporate Social Responsibility policy. This ensures that the company manages itself to guarantee that it non merely meets the demands of the concern but besides guarantee that is maintaining within the jurisprudence and is shows good working moralss in the concern environment. This is even more of import in the current clime. HSBC should do certain that its full staff engages in these activities to experience the importance of keeping a good environment.

To guarantee that this is implemented and managed right a company is required to implement what is entitled an Environmental Management system ( EMS ) An effectual EMS will,

Define environmental duties for all staff.

Identify chances to cut down waste, including natural stuffs, public-service corporation usage and waste disposal costs.

Increase net incomes.

Reduce the hazard of mulcts for non-compliance with environmental statute law.

Ensure all operations have processs to minimise their environmental impacts.

Record environmental public presentation against set marks.

Supply a clear audit trail.

Attract stockholders and investors.

As can be seen from what an effectual EMS will accomplish there are concern benefits such as increased efficiency and productively which are economic systems, which can and should drive the Environmental policies within a concern.

2.3 ) Measures that exist to better workplace wellness and safety pattern

Within the UK this is covered by “ The Workplace ( Health, Safety and Welfare ) Regulations 1992 ” , which encompass a broad scope of wellness and safety and public assistance issues. As with all employers it is their responsibility under statute law, Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 to guarantee the Health, Safety and Welfare of employees at their work. This besides includes those who are non direct employees but may necessitate the same public assistance degrees, this included visitants and contractors.

But how is the above measured. This can be done in a figure of ways and is subdivided under three chief headings.



Social welfare

An illustration to find if the wellness, Safety and Welfare demands are being met could associate to the airing, temperature and environment of the work topographic point. To find if these are being monitored and managed expeditiously and besides bettering the wellness, Safety and Welfare of the work force these have to be assessed by the company to find if they are with acceptable runing parametric quantities to guarantee that they are non damaging to the work force. Ways to measure can be,

Introduction of Engineering steps

Restriction of Exposure

Medical Assessment of Employees

Correct Clothing for the Workforce



Correct Supervision

3 ) Socio-cultural, ethical & A ; moral issues that affect organisations in the current economic environment

3.1 ) Responsibilities of organisations to bettering work force public assistance

With all companies this is an built-in portion of the CSR of a company as elaborate antecedently in this study.

As mentioned antecedently the CSR of a concern should move as a self-acting mechanism, which ensures that the concern is working within the jurisprudence in a figure of countries. This of class should intend that a concern should welcome the duty of how their concern impacts on all stakeholders involved in the concern. Such stakeholders can be clients, consumers, providers, and the work force, their wellness and public assistance and besides the universe in which we live in ; it ‘s wildlife, the Environment.

Therefore the CSR of a concern has a direct bearing on a figure of factors viz. socio-cultural, Moral and moralss

Socio- Cultural

There are a figure of ways in which socio-cultural issues can hold an affect on how a company operates. A concern should actively promote the development of community development a growing. Such illustrations of concern engagement in the community can be sport club sponsorships. It is after all the work force, which enable to company to run and it is in a company ‘s best involvement on.

Another manner in which a concern can hold a direct affect on society is the environmental impact of a concern. This is peculiarly of import in relation to Heavy and Chemical industries due to the bi-products of the procedures.

Moral Issues

Morality should now even more than earlier be a cardinal country of concern duty. It is of import to understand that organisation or companies are merely able to do net incomes because of the society in which they operate. Corporate Social duty has grown from the interaction between the demand for net incomes and society.

Charles Handy writes: “ The intent of a concern is non to do a net income, full halt. It is to do a net income so that the concern can make something more or better. That ‘something ‘ becomes the existent justification for the concern. Owners know this. Investors need n’t care. ”


What are moralss ; these are defined as recognized rules of right and incorrect that govern the behavior of a profession. Due to the outrageousness of the cultural differences around the universe due to globalisation this is even more of import presents and can be damaging to a concern to non guarantee that it is conforming to the moralss of the state in which it operates.

Following the un-economical working of the international banking system and the Recession, which has followed, morality in concern, is now more cardinal than of all time.

In a address at the CSR Europe ‘s General Assembly in Brussels on 11 June 2009, the European Commission President Jos Manuel Barroso stated, “ The crisis resulted, in portion at least, from a failure by some concerns to understand their broader ethical duties. Now all concerns must lift to the challenge. ”

Ethical motives non merely associate to how a concern operates but besides to how they treat.

3.2 ) Approachs to the direction of diverseness in organisations

How do companies pull off diverseness within the workplace? Today ‘s workplace due to globalisation could be described as a ‘melting pot ‘ of civilizations. Particularly in a transnational organisation such as HSBC. It is hence of import to guarantee that the rights of all employees are maintained. Therefore a figure of directives have been put in topographic point by the European Union, viz. The EU ‘s Council directive ( 2000/78/EC ) which establishes a general model for the equal intervention of individual in employment.

This as elaborate before is interpreted into a policy or act by which UK companies must run. It is the duty of each company to turn over out such policies within their concern. There are a figure of ways in which people can be discriminated against, these are summarized below.





Sexual Orientation

To guarantee an effectual and productive workplace all individuals should be treated every bit. The debut of equality statute law has removed many inequalities with the workplace. A big figure of companies now actively take part in guaranting the equality of their employees ; this is to guarantee a diverse work force, which reflects the communities it serves. This is once more another illustration of the ‘socio-cultural ‘ influences on a concern.

There are great force per unit areas on concerns in today ‘s clime due to the increased consciousness, globally ; of the direct affect concern can hold on people ‘s lives public assistance and wellness within concern. This as detailed is a corporate signifier of self-regulation, which is integrated into the concern theoretical account of a concern to guarantee that it meets its duties.

I have chosen the CSR for HSBC to show how Socio-cultural factors can hold a direct consequence on how a company operates. “ Our first duty is to be a successful company. Success is the lone result that satisfies all of our stakeholders. Without success, our stockholders would non put in us, our clients would non bank with us, and good people would non come to work for us. Our success besides means that we can carry through our duties to the wider universe, to the communities in which we operate ” . We can place that HSBC understands the importance of Diversity as the bank believes that the better its staff reflects diverseness, the better it helps to expect & amp ; run into client demands. Since HSBC is a 1 of the biggest Bankss in the universe, the determinations it makes, will do a large impact to the universe. Understanding this state of affairs the bank aims to impart and put responsibly, avoiding undertakings where the potency for societal and environmental harm outweighs the economic benefits.

3.3 ) Organisational attacks to guaranting positive policies of work force


Approach that organisations use to pull off diverseness issues differs one to another. Aronson gives an first-class overview of workplace diverseness, sketching how to establish a diverseness enterprise, sum uping the rules on which it should be based, and supplying a significant figure of best patterns examples implemented by assorted companies. The GAO ‘s reappraisal included a comprehensive literature reappraisal, a elaborate analysis of the Hagiographas of five diverseness experts, and interviews with an extra 14 experts. From this procedure, they identified nine best patterns. The two plants complement each other. Aronson ‘s concern position and wealth of best patterns item is balanced by the GAO ‘s non-profit bureau illustrations and its high-ranking focal point on diverseness rules.

The GAO ‘s nine prima best patterns are:

Top leading committedness ( A vision of diverseness demonstrated and communicated throughout an organisation by top-level direction )

Diversity as portion of an organisation ‘s strategic program ( A diverseness scheme and program that are developed and aligned with the organisation ‘s strategic program )

Diverseness linked to public presentation ( The apprehension that a more diverse and inclusive work environment can give greater productiveness and aid better single and organisational public presentation )

Measurement ( A set of quantitative and qualitative steps of the impact of assorted facets of an overall diverseness plan )

Accountability ( The agency to guarantee that leaders are responsible for diverseness by associating their public presentation appraisal and compensation to the advancement of diverseness enterprises )

Sequence planning ( An ongoing, strategic procedure for placing and developing a diverse pool of endowment for an organisation ‘s possible hereafter leaders )

Recruitment ( The procedure of pulling a supply of qualified, diverse appliers for employment )

Diversity preparation ( Organizational attempts to inform and educate direction and staff about diverseness ‘s benefits to the organisation )

By following the above mentioned best patterns, HSBC will hold a competitory advantage for the remainder.

Increasing organisational systems flexibleness

Bringing added creativeness

Increasing the market range of merchandises

Broadening the resources acquisition footing

Adding diverseness point of views to problem-solving in decision-making procedures

Decreasing the operating cost



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