Egypt Civilization And The Olmec Civilization History Essay

Egypt civilisation will be the old universe that I would be speaking about. The Egyptian civilisation had many ages which are early Bronze Age, in-between bronze age, and late Bronze Age. The Egyptian civilisation day of the months from the 4th millenary BC. It has a batch of humanistic disciplines and memorials that makes Egypt a alone topographic point to see. Many accomplishments were made by the Egyptians like the pyramids, temples, and obelisks. In the predynastic period Egyptian clime was much less dry than it is today. Most parts of Egypt were covered by savanna trees. In the early dynastic period the Egyptians had a long line of Pharaoh from Menes. It has been said that the Egyptians had two lands of upper and Lower Egypt. The first dynastic Pharaoh solidified their control over Lower United arab republic by doing a capital at Memphis. Old land and new land will be talked about besides.

The Olmec civilisation was started between 1200 and 400 b.c. The Olmec civilisation was developed at San Lorenzo and the Olmec power moved to la venta. The Olmec was Mesoamerica`s foremost complex civilization. The Olmec used the sacred 260 twenty-four hours calendar and a signifier of kingship that were subsequently Mesoamerican civilizations. The Olmec dated from 1400 BCE to about 400 BCE. The first major civilisation in Mexico is the Olmec and they were known for the graphics. Memorials were besides an of import feature of Olmec centres. The civilization of the Olmec was best known for sharing imposts, history, beliefs, and other traits.

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Egypt Old World Civilization

The Egypt civilisation is known for the beautiful pyramids. Most people who think of Egypt think of the impressive Great Pyramids, Sphinx, Temples and antediluvian sites, but Egypt offers much more. It is romantic sails down the Nile, the civilization of Cairo, a dark at the expansive opera, a trek up Mt Sinai, the ancient monastery at St. Catherine ‘s, the popular diving and aqualung diving Red Sea resorts, Alexandria and its environing beautiful beaches and Mediterranean resorts. Egypt besides offers nature and desert treks, great aqualung diving, fishing, golf, and birding expeditions. It is portion of the Holy Land, and Tourss to Christian and other spiritual memorials are popular. Egypt is a land bustling with life, sound, ocular beauty and exhilaration. For 1000s of old ages, it has been the resort area of emperors and male monarchs, and now from tradition to modernness, Egypt is a state which has succeeded in making a present that is every bit absorbing as its yesteryear. Egypt was one of the greatest civilisations that have of all time existed with memorable memorials ( Allen, 2009 ) .

Ancient Egyptian had a chiseled, profoundly conservative political orientation which was steadfastly based on philosophies of conformance, continuity, and case in point. Each Pharaoh ruled non harmonizing to written jurisprudence, but on the footing of case in points set by the Gods and by earlier swayers. Egyptian political orientation fitted the male monarchs of the yesteryear and their great memorials into a olympian, additive scene. The early Egypt civilisation developed a formalistic manner of picture and sculpture and was really religious and believed in life after decease ( Sayyid-Marsot, 2007 ) . Early Egyptians participated in war dance, acrobatic games, swimming and even wrestling. Children had playthings which were dolls, tops, basketballs, leaping knuckleboness, tegument or leather balls, marbles, and die, the balls were chiefly for ball games which were used by fliping and juggle.


The Egyptians as a race were deeply spiritual. They recognized deity in everything around them ; the whole existence breathed of God. Bird ‘s reptilians, animate beings and trees were permeated with the Godhead kernel ; they saw God as a plurality in integrity. The spirit of God was infused into everything, so the powers of Nature, the elements, were besides godly, and was personified as the Elementals of Earth, sky, air and H2O. Properties and maps were besides personified, sometimes in human, sometimes in carnal signifier, which became, for the clip being, the manifestation of a particular property of divinity, “ the residence of the God, ” the symbol of a power Godhead. Thus a multiplicity of Gods is presented, which is at first confounding ( britannica, unknown ) .To understand the topic, comparing must be made with the beliefs and faiths of other lands, non merely of the past but of the present Man of the inferior Gods are seen to be parallel to angels and archangels, to liquors that assist world in his advancement through this universe and through the following, and are by no agencies to be confused with the great Gods. Many of the divinities are merely facets, signifiers, of God. The official faith of Egypt is Islam and most of the Egyptians adhere to its Sunni subdivision ( britannica, unknown ) . Supreme beings were worshiped in temples that were brought by priests that act on the king`s behalf. Besides, Priests had a system of prophets to pass on the will of God to the people.

The Egyptians did hold a slightly currency. There was a system that was used as a currency which was weights of gold, Ag and Cu. However, around 500BC there were coins as a currency ( Sayyid-Marsot, 2007 ) . Hedj which means money was near to what is called to be a currency that was used for exchange of money. The authorship of the Egyptians was composed of many symbols which same symbols can function different intents. The Hieroglyphic authorship was a formal book used on rock memorials and in graves.

The Olmec New World Civilization

The Olmec is considered to be one of the greatest civilisations in Mesoamerica. The Olmec was traced to the country of San Lorenzo Tenochtitlan metropolis. The first metropolis for San Lorenzo was The Olmec ‘s and it was an of import civilisation for around 500 old ages ( Encyclopedia ) .Prior to the Olmec ‘s, the Indians of Mexico were huntsmans and gathers. They were mobile, passing really small clip in one location. Equally shortly as the animate beings they hunted became scarce in one country, they gathered the few properties they had and moved to a new location with the hope of more plentiful game. When the Olmec ‘s settled in southeasterly Mexico, they established agricultural basics such as maize, squash and beans. They besides constructed big metropoliss, spiritual centres, and trade paths. They developed a distinguishable civilization, characterized by extremely developed art and faith ( Rosenswig, 2010 ) .

The Olmec had a great tally in history between 1200 B.C. and 400 B.C. Back in those yearss, they were the record setters in this portion of the universe. For illustration, they were the first in the Americas to develop a written linguistic communication. And they were the first in the Americas to construct pyramids. But unhappily, many of their achievements have disappeared over clip. Today, we know about nil about the Olmec and their astonishing civilization. As a affair of fact, we do non even know what they called themselves! The Aztec Indians gave the folk the name Olmec. It means “ no-good people ” . The Aztecs called them this because the Olmec supplied them with sap from gum elastic trees. Apart from being known as “ the gum elastic people, ” the Olmec were every bit celebrated for their “ prodigious caputs. ” Each colossal caput was a sculpture carved out of a individual block of rock. The rock was quarried in the Tuxtla Mountains. To day of the month, we do non cognize for certain how the Olmec transported the rock and who the colossal caputs were supposed to stand for. Many research workers believe that the Olmec used tonss to transport the rock. And they made the colossal caputs to portray their celebrated swayers. Therefore far, scientists have unearthed more than a twelve colossal caputs. They all had slanted eyes and big lips. The biggest 1 is about 3.4 metres tall. It weighs over 20 dozenss.

The Olmec created several memorials which are prodigious caputs, Small Feline, Feline-Jaguar, cross legged pose, and many more. One of the similarities of the Egyptians and the Olmec is the memorials. The Olmec Center at San Lorenzo, Honduras, contains several immense carved caputs. Some of them are 9 pess high and weigh about 40 dozenss. The caputs may be portrayals of Olmec leaders or of participants in a sacred ball game. The rock used for the sculptures came from a site more than 250 stat mis off. The Olmec transported this rock over mountain scopes, rivers, and swamps. The Olmec communion table has a carved figure at the base situated at the oral cavity of a cave. This figure ‘s elaborate headgear shows that he is a swayer. The swayer holds a rope that winds around the base of the communion table and binds a carven figure at the dorsum. Scholars believe that the communion table was used as a throne ( Encyclopedia ) .

Differences between Egypt and Olmec

The belief systems of the Egyptians and Olmec civilisations besides had similarities and differences. Most of the people of Egypt practiced polytheism. Although this faith had many Gods, it recognized one supreme God or life force. Like polytheism, the Olmec faith besides had several Gods. A rain god shown as half-human and half-jaguar dominated their faith. But unlike the Egyptians, the Olmec likely did non see this rain God as a supreme God. Both the Egyptians and Olmec built great temples for worship. Egyptian builders constructed many types of temples. One type had a square form with a pillared forepart porch and a level roof. The other type besides had a square construction, but its roof had a pyramid form. The Olmec constructed full edifices that were pyramids and likely used them as temples. So two civilisations, 1000s of stat mis apart with no direct connexion, both used the pyramid form for their houses of worship ( Olmec Meso ) .



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