Electra-Quik Case Study

November 17, 2017 Business

Summary of evaluation Overall, the website is usable but it still has several obvious problems. First of all, the design of this website might be not attractive enough, especially the design of the form of character, which might make it look unprofessional. Additionally, the same basic format is not applied consistently throughout site (I. E. Mom titles use the same format as main body), which also looks unprofessional and may make users confused. Secondly, the website does not provide sufficient information. Not surprisingly, lack of pictures and specific introduction of its products or services can render the site unpersuasive because it is apparent that a consumer who want to hold a party will probably be eager to know details of foods such as quality, taste, appearance of foods, etc. ND this demand can be met by presenting information about the specific introduction of products or services and their photos. Thirdly, the website has not taken full advantage of technology or multimedia which ay contribute to interactivity, since you can find none of videos, bulletin boards, surveys, etc which actually make a website seem different from reading books or watching TV. The founder of the website should add multimedia to their websites in order to improve interactivity.

What’s more, creators should put the links of their social media on their websites to get feedback of consumers or do some promotion activity. Although we can find the links of social media (Faceable & Instating), the business owner did not take full use of it because you could not find much information. However, although this website has negative aspects listed above, its navigation and structure are clear thus you can find the information you need immediately.

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Also worth mentioning, the website use red color which might be a wise choice of food serving company because it is attractive and might stimulate consumers’ appetite. 2) Analysis of existing website structure and navigation A) Website structure diagram B) Analysis of navigation Page 1: ‘home’ Types of navigation system: Both global navigation and local navigation Global navigation is presented as: home, about, services, packages and contact us and is shown at the top of the page.

Local navigation is presented as: our services, our packages and what are you waiting for? And it is shown at the bottom of the page. Page 2: ‘about’ Global navigation and is shown at the top of the page. Page 3: ‘services’ and is shown at the top of the page. Local navigation is presented as: cooking & wait staff, mobile bar hire, bar tenders & cocktail experts, frozen cocktail machine hire and is shown at the bottom of the page. Page 4: ‘packages’ and is shown at the top of the page.

Local navigation is presented as: cocktail finger food package, NEW!! BBC party package, cocktail only package, basic bar package and ultimate bar & cocktail package and it is shown at the bottom of the page. Page: ‘contact us’ Comments All the navigation of the 5 pages is essential, clear and effective, since it contribute to the clear structure of the entire website. Moreover, the local navigation is exactly the further information that consumers want to know.


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