Electrical And Electronics Group Larsen And Toubro Information Technology Essay

Larsen and Toubro, is known for its strong selling and distribution web. Therefore during the class of this internship two undertakings are being undertaken to understand the ways the company provides the best to its clients.

The Electrical and Electronics Group ( EBG ) of Larsen & A ; Toubro provides merchandises and solutions for turnkey undertakings across India. Extensive selling & A ; gross revenues support is required at assorted phases such as lead coevals, gross revenues publicity, stamps tracking. Therefore, it is required to keep the cardinal histories of the company as the selling and gross revenues of the solutions takes topographic point on concern to concern footing which involves regular interaction with the cardinal patronage.

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To keep a strong relationship with the clients on a long term footing it is of import to understand and provide to the specific demands of the clients.

For this a study is carried out to deduce the client satisfaction degree of the clients. This would assist to document the feedback given by the clients on assorted parametric quantities which are of import in instance of merchandises and services provided by the company.

The questionnaire focuses on the merchandises, the services and the communicating which the company provides to its clients.

Designed questionnaire consists of assorted inquiries refering to the above mentioned dimensions. The questionnaire other than supplying feedback on the quality of merchandises and services of L & A ; T besides provides with a comparative analysis with the assorted rivals of L & A ; T.

After acquiring the questionnaires filled, the feedback provided by the clients would assist to turn to the issue faced by the clients. The findings formed with the aid of the questionnaire will assist to foreground the job countries perceived by the clients. The suggestions and recommendations will be provided after the analysis of the questionnaire.

The other portion of the undertaking will cover with the procedure function of a undertaking taken up by the EBG division at L & A ; T.

The certification will be divided in three stages that would consist of pre-sales stage, execution-phase and post-sales stage. Each facet of the peculiar stages will be documented get downing with the Pre-Sales Phase that would dwell of Enquiry, Bidding Process and Order uploaded on SAP, the Execution-Phase consisting of Order Placed to Vendor, Assembling of Products and Factory Acceptance Test ( FAT ) and eventually the Post-Sales Phase dwelling of Delivery, Site Acceptance Test ( SAT ) and After-Sales Services.

This procedure function of the assorted phases to supply the clients with the coveted merchandises and services will foreground the coordination and apprehension required at each phase.

The procedure will be mapped by the regular interaction with the members of the gross revenues squad involved during the undertaking. Besides, an interaction with the client whose undertaking was undertaken by the company will besides follow, to acquire a client point of position. The certification will supply us an mentality on the attempts taken by the company to supply clients with the best of merchandises and services. This certification will besides assist to foreground the weak phases which could be made stronger by the suggestions and recommendations provided to better the same.


2.1 Introduction

Larsen & A ; Toubro is a engineering driven $ 9.6 billion company which is known to incorporate technology with imaginativeness. It has maintains a planetary presence through its celebrated selling & A ; distribution web. The Control & A ; Automation ( C & A ; A ) at the Electrical & A ; Electronics group ( EBG ) at L & A ; T provides merchandises and services to the turnkey undertakings across India. The division is known for supplying comprehensive Engineering, Procurement and Construction ( EPC ) solutions since 1972. It is the market leader in presenting comprehensive EPC Automation Solutions in India and around the Earth, harmonizing to the company ‘s one-year reappraisal study.

Some of the major industry verticals that come under the kingdom of Control & A ; Automation are as follows:

Oil, Gas & A ; Water


Metallic element


Manufacturing & A ; Processing Industries

The company provides machine-controlled solutions to all these verticals under one roof which ensures greater answerability.

The assorted offerings of the company to these verticals are as follows:

Automation EPC Solutions for broad assortment of Industries

Merchandises designed for optimum public presentation and energy efficiency

Engineering Servicess incorporating diverse Automation and Information Technologies in real-time

Life Cycle Services embracing Annual Maintenance Contracts to Spare Parts Management

The assorted merchandises of Control & A ; Automation include:

LV-MV AC devices

DC Drives

Soft Starters

PLCs and DCSs

SCADA system

The assorted spouses of Control & A ; Automation are as follows:








Sprint Electric

Rockwell Automation

Therefore, in this concern knowing executives are required to understand the demands of the clients so that the specifications can be incorporated in the assorted solutions and merchandises. The selling & A ; gross revenues requires regular concern meetings with the clients as there is no jobbers involved in the concern procedure.

Management of the cardinal histories plays an of import function as the prison guard undertakings involve immense sum of gross and proficient expertness of assorted executives. The undertakings involved generate grosss in crore and requires period of 6 month to 5 old ages to implement. Therefore, if a cardinal history is non managed decently so it would take to immense losingss in footings of gross and clip.

For the intent of researching the public presentation of the company on different parametric quantities that are of importance to clients and placing the countries demanding betterments as per the demands of the client the above mentioned undertaking has been chosen for my Summer Internship Programme at Control & A ; Automation, L & A ; T.


Business to Business selling requires the seller to be in uninterrupted touch with the clients. This is required as the seller needs to germinate by understanding the altering demands of its client. Every undertaking requires different specification as it is influenced by assorted factors such as the topographic point of the undertaking, the trifles, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to understand each and every client to supply the client with the coveted consequence.

The intent of the survey is aimed at researching the interface of L & A ; T with the clients. Particular attending will be given to the satisfaction degree of clients with the merchandises and services provided to them by L & A ; T. The study focuses on analyzing the client responses collected via the questionnaire about their perceptual experience of the merchandises and services.

The study would foreground the countries where L & A ; T needs to better as per the analysis of the responses collected. In any concern to keep dealingss with old clients becomes a more important undertaking than to acquire new clients. It is really of import to develop and keep strategic ties with cardinal clients that provide concern with immense grosss. The cardinal histories are the 1s on which the company has spent immense sum of clip and money in an effort to keep ties with them. Therefore, the survey will urge and propose methods that could be adopted to better the direction of all the cardinal histories.


Whenever a research worker is non present, it is ever hard to cognize whether or non a respondent has understood a inquiry decently.

The job that some of the respondents may non reply each and every inquiry.

The job of the self-selecting sample is really evident in relation to questionnaires. Whenever the response rate is really low the responses received may merely be the sentiments of a really extremely motivated subdivision of the sample ( that is, people with strong sentiments who take the clip and problem to finish and return a questionnaire ) .

Respondents may desire to affect the research worker because of which he might manufacture the truth by make fulling untrue replies, which would do the questionnaire undependable and sometimes invalid.

The figure of respondents is limited due to the intent of questionnaire which focuses merely on the key clients.

Respondents sometimes give superficial replies normally when they are short on clip to make full the questionnaire.


For measuring of the satisfaction degree of the key clients at Larsen & A ; Toubro, a pre-structured questionnaire would be used to roll up primary informations. These respondents will be enquired about assorted inquiries refering to the merchandises and services provided by L & A ; T. The accent will be laid on the pre-sales and post-sales period to deduce whether or non clients are satisfied with the operation of L & A ; T.

The questionnaire was prepared after regular interaction with the clients and the gross revenues squad. Feedback was taken from the gross revenues head to finalise the properties and questionnaire. The questionnaire will be distributed to the identified study audience, after which the analysis will be carried out on the footing of the feedback given by these chosen respondents.


Article: Why Customer Satisfaction does n’t intend Customer Retention- and what you can make about it

By Sean Geehan

This article by Sean Geehan, who is the writer of an approaching book The B2B executive Playbook, starts with an anecdote with a leader of a Voice of the Customer ( VOC ) programme. The leader of the VOC programme of a $ 1.6 billion company proudly tells the writer that she had conducted a study on the satisfaction degree of the clients where more than 1000 respondents replied to the client study. The study concluded with more than 85 % of the respondents being satisfied or extremely satisfied with the services offered by the company.

The job highlighted by the writer is that irrespective of high client satisfaction rate being at 85 % , the client keeping rate was merely at 65 % . Therefore, in a concern to concern selling environment high client satisfaction does n’t ensue in high client keeping.

The cardinal inquiry asked by the writer is that if a company ‘s VOC programme is a holistic programme or non. As in the instance of the company mentioned, the study conducted with over 1000 respondents had zero “ determination shapers ” with merely three responses being from the influencers, the remainder of them being from the users/ buying degree.

The world of the state of affairs stated by him is that in most studies the executives do non make full the studies as the company is non able to entree those high degrees. The writer besides points out that in instance of concern to consumer ( B2C ) selling ; client satisfaction is an effectual tool for client keeping as if the individual likes the experience he will be willing to come once more. He states this with an illustration, if a individual is thirsty he buys Coke, so if he likes the drink/ the experience he will take to by another 1.

Thee writer points out that the same is non the instance in B2B selling which consists of 100s of users, few influencers and one determination shaper. The client feedback should be taken from all degrees of the client ‘s organisation to acquire an overall position of the organisation ‘s demands that increases the predictability of greater keeping.

This is highlighted by another illustration which emphasizes on Oracle, a company which manages to garner from all degrees. Oracle adopted a pyramid construction wherein it consolidated feedback groups ; this helps Oracle to standardise the inputs across each of the degrees.

Oracle engages the determination shapers in its assorted activities such as affecting the determination shapers in duologues, to do them a portion of assorted chances and affecting them in the ideation procedure. This procedure of partnering with the determination shapers of their client companies has given Oracle an border over its rivals. As Oracle has seen a 20 % more keeping rate when it engages the determination shapers, this besides helps the company to be guided by the determination shapers.

The article concludes with the impression that in B2B selling it is of import to affect the determination shapers every bit good as the influencers while carry oning consumer studies. As penetrations from determination shapers and influencers help in doing land interrupting trades with the client ‘s organisation. This will guarantee profitableness and sustainability with the clients in the long tally.

This article helped me to recognize the importance of carry oning the study with the right people at assorted degrees of the client organisation. The penetrations of this article helped me to do a questionnaire that could be addressed to clients at different degrees of an organisation. Therefore, the questionnaire is intended to be filled by people who have interacted with pre-sales, post-sales, fabrication, quality, executing and/or commissioning squads of L & A ; T.



To analyze the client satisfaction degree of cardinal clients with Larsen & A ; Toubro, with particular accent on the pre-sales and post-sales period and suggest betterments for the same.


A questionnaire has been prepared harmonizing to the interaction with the clients every bit good as the gross revenues squads.

The properties that have been taken in the questionnaire are the consequence of this interaction.

This pre-structured questionnaire would so be used to transport out client satisfaction degree study with regard to the merchandises and services provided during the pre-sales and post-sales period.

The questionnaire to be used is attached in the appendix.


Questionnaire has been designed after the interaction with the cardinal clients and the gross revenues squad.

The questionnaire is in circulation and the responses are being noted. The analysis will be carried out by the usage of SPSS, which will be presented during the Final study.

Designed questionnaire consists of questions related to the appraisal of the satisfaction degree of the cardinal clients with the merchandises and services provided by L & A ; T. Apart organize these questions, assorted variables related to questionnaires such as the country of work, company name and company sector have besides been recorded in the questionnaire.

Primary informations therefore collected will be analyzed with the usage of assorted statistical tools. There are few tools that have been studied for the analyses such as Multiple Regression or Regression to mensurate the impact of independent variable on the dependant variable that is the client satisfaction degree.

To analyse the competitory comparing between L & A ; T and its rivals, ANOVA or T-test may be used. A perceptual map may besides be used for competition mapping harmonizing to the evaluations given to L & A ; T and its rivals by the respondents. Harmonizing to the feedback given by the respondents to the unfastened ended inquiries, the loophole or the spreads found during the analyses will be taken in consideration to supply suggestions and recommendations to better these countries.



Control & A ; Automation provides its clients with Engineering Procurement and Construction solutions. The company follows a thorough gross revenues procedure which starts from the trailing of the stamp and ends with supplying after gross revenues services to its clients. The division has comprehensive quality, environment and safety direction system.

Therefore, to capture the methods adopted by the gross revenues squad in the gross revenues process the certification of an full undertaking taken by the company will be carried out as a 2nd undertaking.


The gross revenues procedure plays an of import function in bring forthing grosss for the company. Any defect in the gross revenues procedure will take to loss of valuable clients. Therefore, in a competitory planetary concern it is of import for a company like Larsen & A ; Toubro to ever be a measure frontward while capturing new clients.

The certification will supply us an penetration on the interesting gross revenues procedure of Larsen & A ; Toubro. This will assist us to deduce the spread or the loopholes in the gross revenues procedure which can be filled after careful analysis of the methods followed at L & A ; T. After the certification, suggestions and recommendations will be provided to better the analyzed countries.


The certification would be based on the interaction with the gross revenues squad which could be loath to portion confidential information of the company.

As the clients involved in undertaking may or may non be traceable interaction with the clients may or may non be covered.

Amount of information gathered from members of gross revenues squad will depend on the clip the several member has spent on the undertaking.

The willingness of a member to portion information could restrict the information collected.


The current gross revenues procedure at Control & A ; Automation, L & A ; T will be mapped by inquiring assorted inquiries to the members of the gross revenues squad. The members of the gross revenues squad will be enquired about the assorted stairss in the gross revenues procedure get downing from tracking of stamp to supplying after-sales services to the clients. Along with the questions posted to the gross revenues squad, personal observation will be used to understand the finer points of the methods used to capture new undertakings and executing of the same.

Major questions made for accomplishing the 2nd aim will be as follows:

How does the gross revenues squad track the stamp

What is the measure after lead coevals

How does the certification for the command procedure takes topographic point

How are clients need assessed

And assorted other parametric quantities related to the same will be covered.



To analyze the gross revenues procedure undertaken at Control & A ; Automation, L & A ; T with accent on the attempts to fulfill the client demand by customization of their merchandises and services.


The full gross revenues procedure will be mapped harmonizing to the stairss given below:



Bidding Procedure

Order Uploaded on SAP

Execution PHASE

Order placed to Vendor

Assembling of Merchandises

Factory Acceptance Test ( FAT )



Site Acceptance Test ( SAT )

After Gross saless Servicess

After regular interaction with the gross revenues squad and clients the above mentioned stairss will be covered with the information gathered during the interaction. Basic observation and personal apprehension of the gross revenues procedure will besides assist in documenting the full undertaking.


The full procedure has been understood and a construction has been defined for the same.

Basic thought of the stairss in the three phases of the Pre-sales stage, Execution Phase and Post-sales stage has been understood.

A meeting with the gross revenues squad will take topographic point which will assist to garner information about a undertaking undertaken by them in the yesteryear. The information sing the undertaking will besides be collected by the paperss such as the stamp, the command papers, etc. provided by the gross revenues caput for the certification of the undertaking.

The analysis of the undertaking will concentrate on the spreads or the loopholes evident in the certification. After the analysis of the full procedure, the suggestions and recommendations to better or extinguish these spreads or loopholes will be given in the concluding study.


Questionnaire to be used for the study

aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦aˆ¦ .

L & A ; T

Questionnaire for Customer Satisfaction Measurement Study

Name Company Name

Telephone Number Company Sector

Email Address Location

Area of Work Questionnaire sent by

Appellation Today ‘s Date

Dear client,

Engagement in this Study is Voluntary, and the findings will merely be used for research intents.

This questionnaire is intended for completion by people who have interacted with pre-sales, post-sales, fabrication, quality, executing and/or commissioning squads of L & A ; T.

Please follow the questionnaires routings in order to merely finish the subdivisions that are relevant to your experiences. It should take merely 15 proceedingss to finish.

Please choose the top five most properties when taking a provider

Proven Track Record for similar solutions

Pricing and commercial footings

Technical Competence of people

Advanced offerings


On clip and accurate supply

Undertaking Execution

Site management/Skills

Guarantee and Life Cycle Support



After gross revenues support and service

Others ( delight specify )

2. Which of our products/solutions have you used in the yesteryear?



Relays/Soft Starters


Software ( SCADA, MES, PI, PMS, ECS, etc. )

District of columbia

EPC ( Electrical & A ; Automation )

E & A ; I Solutions

C & A ; I Solutions

EC & A ; I Solutions

How long have you used our products/services/solutions?

Not used

Less than 6 months

6 months to less than a twelvemonth

1 twelvemonth to less than 2 old ages

2 old ages or more

On a graduated table of 1-10 ( where 10 is good above norm and 1 is below norm ) , how would you rate us and our rivals on the following properties?

L & A ; T

C & A ; S




Understanding your demands

Quality of gross revenues people

Gross saless interaction

Monetary value and Footings of offer

Gross saless representative ‘s handiness and reactivity

Quality of merchandises and services

Kick off meeting-scope, quality, clip lines, etc.

Approvals/Sign off ( Scope, drawings, etc )

Factory Acceptance Test ( FAT ) / review at plants

On clip bringing

Correctness and % completion of plants

Commercial paperwork ( Lorry measures, Delivery challans, etc. )

Bills & A ; Invoicing

Competence of people deployed at site

Site mobilisation accomplishment

Site direction

Undertaking commissioning

Passing over mechanism

Quality of technical/ undertaking certification

Training quality ( class content, quality of teachers, developing stuff, etc. )

Product/ solution easiness of operation / care

Service/ Spares handiness within guarantee

Post guarantee support and service

How many times did you have to name us to describe a job



Three times

More than three times

How long did it take us to decide the job

Immediate Resolution

Less than a twenty-four hours

Between 2-3 yearss

Between 3-5 yearss

More than a hebdomad

The job is still non resolved

Make you have our newssheets on new products/ services/ solutions etc?



Have we conducted any seminar/ presentation to you and your squad in the last 6 months?



What are the three best facets of covering with us?

In which country should we better?

Any suggestions or remarks that you would wish to portion?

Were you prompted to compose to our top direction?



If yes aˆ¦aˆ¦

Would you like a combined offering of Electrical, Control and Instrumentation organize us?



If No, why notaˆ¦ .

Are you likely to urge us to others for our offerings?

Strongly hold



Strongly hold

How would you rate your over all satisfaction from the purchases you made or from the services that you received?











Highly Delighted




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