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April 2, 2019 Philosophy

Elizabeth I was one of the greatest female rulers in British history. She was educated and intelligent. The queen was particularly good at playing virginal and lute. She was one of the famous performer in the history of music. Besides, Elizabeth I loved to write poetry and composed music, she is always keen to create new works for virginal.
Elizabeth I was the daughter of Henry VIII and his second wife, Anne Boleyn, because the mother failed to breed male heirs for Britain, and the outside world has always been rumoured that Queen Anna was an atheist, so Henry VIII did not love his wife, Elizabeth I knows a little or two from peeing, but she pretending doesn’t know it. In fairness, Elizabeth’s childhood is happy. Catherine Parr, the lover of Henry VIII, brought her up. Elizabeth had a good relationship with Edward and Mary, the two children of Henry VIII’s former wife, Catherine of Aragon. Elizabeth read books in fluent French and Italian, and later learned Spanish, Ancient Greek, and Latin. She was also very interested in philosophy and history.
Elizabeth’s father, Henry VIII, promulgated the Supreme Act on the grounds that the pope did not allow him to divorce his queen, announced his decision to break with the pope, then he established an English state religion, and practiced religious reforms. After Mary took up the position, she restored the Catholic status in the UK. She brutally suppressed the Protestants. Hence she was called “Bloody Mary”. After Elizabeth took the throne in 1558, she re-established the status of Protestantism in England. However, Elizabeth I adopted a modest approach. She did not prohibit Catholic composers from composing in England.
Elizabeth I was never married and she was called her. Queen of the Virgin, of course, as an illustrious woman, she is not without a suitor, Spain Philip II once proposed to her, was rejected by Elizabeth I, she almost married Robert Earl of Earl of Leicester, and finally their The marriage ended in failure.
1588 to 1603 was the final year of Elizabeth I’s life. Britain defeated the Spanish Armada and established the position of sea supremacy. This period of time is also a golden era of strong national power and cultural prosperity in British history. Elizabeth I loves music and the court is full of rich artistic atmosphere until her
The same is true of the heirs of James I. In Shakespeare’s plays, music plays an important role. Composers are keen to write music for the plays. At the time, there were few large-scale concerts in Britain, but there were colourful soundtracks.


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