Elton Mayo Contribution to Management Thinking

October 24, 2017 Management

Elton Mayo’s Contribution to management thinking Elton mayo was a psychologist, sociologist and an organisation theorist who was known as the founder of the Human Relations Movement, which is the study of the behaviour of people in groups, particularly in workplace groups and for his research including the Hawthorne Studies which examined the effects of social relations, motivation and employee satisfaction.

Within the study a series of experiments were taken out, one in which he isolated two groups of workers and studied the effects of their productivity levels with changing factors such as lighting and other working conditions, from this study he concluded that workers are best motivated by better communication, more managerial involvement and working in teams. Good communication skills between both employees and managers in the workplace is essential, it helps to improve worker’s self-esteem and confidence, increase efficiency, productivity and healthy working relationships.

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So often when one thinks of communication the first thing that comes to mind is speaking, however being able to listen is an effective part of communication and a major part of having good communication within the workplace is the improvement of morals if an employee never or rarely receives any kind of positive feedback or ideas as to how the company is performing then it is quite difficult to stay motivated, its therefore saying when little is communicated back to the employees it may result in increase tension and conflict.

A manager has a lot of roles which requires a wide range of both technical and interpersonal skills such as trying to gain knowledge of how people think which will provide valuable insight about communication skills and organisational behaviour.

Managers should be able to let their employees know that they are being appreciated, should care enough to know how they are getting on at work and within the company, update them on developments within the company because each employee wants to feel that they are all stars in their on right and that they are part of a winning team, so by managers being more involved with what’s going on with their team or employees it provides a motivation factor in their workers to do better and therefore will increase productivity.

If not if you were to ask an employee why they come to work in the morning the answer you would most likely to get is “to get paid”. All in all a manager can make a he difference in how workers or employees operate at work. Working in groups or teams provides a great way in which employees can be motivated, since work is a group activity within itself it allows people to form strong working relationships and increase trust between workers, so thy would be able to feel more relax when working knowing that the people they are working can be relied upon also working in a group provides a diversity of ideas.

Organisation achievements or work satisfaction was largely dependent upon the informal social pattern of a work group. . In order to have high levels of productivity within any organisation one key factor that a manager should learn how to do is motivate their employees even though no two persons are motivated by the same thing. By understanding how your assumptions about employees, motivation can influence your management style a manger can adapt the approach appropriately and so be able to manage people more effectively, also one should ensure that there’s a good communication channel. You cannot build a building without a sound foundation.


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