Emami limited analysis of product diversification

October 14, 2017 Medical

The Indian FMCG ( Fast Moving Consumer Goods ) sector is the 4th largest in the economic system with the entire market size over US $ 13.1 billion. It has a strong Global presence and is characterized by a good established distribution web ; there is an intense competition between the organized and unorganised sections and low operational cost. Availability of natural stuffs, cheaper labour costs and handiness across the full value concatenation gives India a good competitory advantage.

The FMCG market is expected to treble from US $ 11.6 bn in 2003 to US $ 33.4 bn in 2015. Penetration degrees every bit good as per capita income and ingestion in most merchandise classs like jams, unwritten attention, skin attention, hair wash etc. in India is rather low bespeaking the untapped market potency. Turning Indian population, peculiarly the in-between category & A ; the rural sections, nowadayss an chance to the shapers of branded merchandises to change over consumers merchandises to branded merchandises.

Growth is besides expected to come from consumer upgrading in the full-blown merchandise classs. With 200 million people likely to switch to processed and packaged nutrient by 2010, India needs around US $ 28 billion of investing in the food-processing industry.

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India is one amongst the largest emerging markets in the universe, with a population of extra one billion. India is besides one of the largest economic systems in the universe in footings of buying power & A ; has a strong in-between category base of over 300 million. An mean Indian spends about 40 per cent of his income on food markets and 8 per cent on personal attention merchandises. The big portion of fast traveling consumer goods ( FMCG ) in the entire single outgo along with the big population base is another factor that makes India as one of the largest FMCG markets in the universe.


To accomplish growing companies adopt different schemes to distinguish and prolong growing in the of all time altering market scenario. Diversification is one of the four schemes defined in the Ansoff Matrix.

The aim of this survey is to analyze Product Diversification scheme adopted by Emami. Product variegation differs as it involves spread outing the market potency by utilizing bing merchandise which is largely done by making trade name extension or presenting new trade names in the market. To accomplish success in this scheme company needs to aim accurately and distinguish its merchandise to increase both its top line and bottom line.

Emami Limited – Company profile

Emami Ltd. ( EL ) is the flagship company of Kolkata based Emami Group, which is engaged in the concern of fabrication of the personal attention and wellness attention merchandises from past 3 decennaries and has diversified in the other SBUs like existent estate, paper, biofuel, cement etc. Some of the major trade names of the company are Fair and Handsome Fairness Cream for work forces, Boroplus Antiseptic, Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder, Navratna Oil, Mentho Plus balm, Himani Fast Relief, Sona Chandi Chyawanprash and Amritprash, amongst others. The flagship company of the eponymic group, Emami focuses on consumer merchandises in the wellness, beauty and personal attention sub sections. The Emami Group is one of the largest concern groups in eastern portion of India, with involvements in different concern verticals.

Emami as an FMCG company that offers its merchandises based on ayurvedic construct. The company operates in the sections wherein there is minimal competition & A ; hence guaranting a larger market portion. The company chiefly focuses on the merchandises offering high borders, therefore keeping a superior profitableness. Emami has trade names like Navratna Oil and Boroplus Antiseptic Cream which are unchallenged leaders in market in their several classs. Even Other trade names like Fair & A ; fine-looking Fairness Cream, Sona Chandi Chyawanprash, Himani Fast Relief, MenthoPlus Balms etc. are turning at rate better than the industry as a whole.

Emami has an international presence which includes 60 states in the GCC, CIS and SAARC parts. The company ‘s exports grew by about 60 % in 2008-09, lending 13.6 % to the top line. This part is likely to turn in future. EL has an extended distribution web of more than 2700 distributers in the state, about 1200 bomber distributers, 60 ace stockiest and 4,00,000 direct retail mercantile establishments, covering about every nook & A ; corner of the state.

Emami has besides collaborated with ITC Ltd. to administer its merchandises through the e-Choupal mercantile establishments, therefore assuring greater rural range. EL is expected to spread out both its top line and bottom line in future by virtuousness of its increased market portion & A ; improved realisations and lower involvement spending.

History and Formation of Company

The formation of Emami Group took topographic point in mid 1970ss when two childhood friends, Mr. R.S. Agarwal and Mr. R.S. Goenka quit their occupations with the Birla Groups and they set up Kemco Chemicals an Ayurvedic medical specialty & A ; cosmetics fabricating unit situated in Kolkata in 1974. It was an highly brave measure in the early 1970ss when Indian FMCG industry was dominated by MNCs. But against all the odds and with a vision of uniting the traditional cognition of Ayurveda with modern fabricating techniques for making glorious trade names company was started with a capital of Rs 20,000 merely.

The company started fabricating decorative merchandises every bit good as Ayurvedic medical specialties under the trade name name of Emami from a little mill in Kolkata. The ace quality of the merchandises shortly created a consumer demand and bit by bit few people were hired to work. A concatenation of distributers was established and the sale of Emami merchandises reached from West Bengal to PAN India.

In 1978, Himani Ltd about a 100 twelvemonth old company with good trade name equity in Eastern India holding a well set mill in Kolkata had become ill unit and was up for sale Mr. Agarwal realized the chance shortly and acquired Himani & A ; decided to bring forth in the Himani mill different types of wellness attention points based on Ayurveda.

The following flagship trade name of the company Navratna Cool Oil came in the decennary of 1890ss under the trade name Himani.

In 2005 Company created a history in selling in India by establishing Fair and Handsome, fairness pick for work forces the first clip of all time.

In 2006 the Emami introduced a Health Care Division and a figure of new trade names of Ayurvedic over the counter medical specialties.

From its get downing boulder clay today, the Emami has grown into a immense Rs.A 1000 crore Emami Ltd under the flagship company of the Rs.3000 crore Emami Group.

Emami Gross saless & A ; Distribution

Emami restructured its gross revenues & A ; distribution theoretical account, the confer withing spouse for the undertaking is Ernst & A ; Young and the undertaking is named “ Navodaya ” . Consumers were targeted in Shopping promenades and lifestyle mercantile establishments. Emami besides distributes its merchandises through rural e-Choupal through its tie up with ITC ; this has enhanced the company ‘s range to Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The company has besides appointed 11,000 persons in rural countries to move as direct distributers to consumers who will do merchandises available to rural families and will acquire some inducements based on public presentation.

Emami ‘s strong presence is due to its strong distribution webs and cardinal high spots are mentioned below.

Pan-India presence with 400,000 retail mercantile establishments, countrywide distribution devising merchandises available in 2.6 million mercantile establishments

30 warehouses and terminals across state

Rural incursion through tie ups with ITC, Emami Mobile bargainers and Emami little small town stores in seven provinces

In urban countries publicities are done shopping promenades, kirana stores and specialised distributers

Emami besides supplies to Indian Army through Defense Depots which are spread across 18 provinces across state.

Emami – Rural Selling Scheme

As a portion of Corporate Social Responsibility ( CSR ) enterprise to take rural poorness Emami started two strategies – Emami Mobile Traders, Emami Small Village Shops. These strategies enable the rural young person an chance to gain sustainable and regular income. To assist rural people Emami has partnered with several rural bureaus like Self Help Groups ( SHG ) , Farmers Club, District rural development cells, gm panchayet and Regional Rural Bankss.

These strategies will non merely enable and assist rural people but besides help the company to heighten its range in rural countries, supplying societal benefits and doing merchandises available to rural population. The strategy was ab initio launched in Cooch Behar territory of West Bengal and has now been extended to seven provinces in India.

There are 200+ Emami little small town stores and 2000+ Emami nomadic bargainers who conduct direct selling of Emami merchandises in the rural countries. These ventures enable rural people to gain guaranteed income of Rs 1000 on every Rs. 4000 of goods sold. Peoples who are portion of EMT ‘s and ESVS are provided with monsoon and winter equipment and individuality cards by the company.

Above mentioned benefits have helped Emami heighten its range throughout the state and present its merchandises to the terminal consumer in a timely mode. Its acquisitions abroad will besides assist Emami to provide to International markets.

Beginning: Company Investor PresentationEmami has different channels for its Urban and Rural markets. Their gross revenues channel is depicted below:

Emami has besides launched Project Swadesh – a rural enterprise that focuses on rural markets that have high rural potency. The chief aim is to increase coverage through new wave operations, cut down dependence on indirect distribution and sweeping distributers.

SWOT Analysis



Supply Chain Management: Emami merchandises are distributed across India through the followers:

Super stockist web in Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Punjab and Rajasthan.

The Company invests to a great extent in gross revenues and distribution IT applications systems.

Affiliation with fuel retail ironss like IOC through its Kisan Seva Kendras to increase rural distribution.

Raw Material Management: Natural stuff costs maintained appropriate in its overall cost construction with following enterprises:

Hedging: Company strengthened their hedge policy to extenuate the hazard of volatile trade good monetary values.

Cost direction: EL substituted choice inputs, bettering merchandise output and quality.

Buying policy: Company procured natural stuffs from sellers from no excisable countries like Assam, Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh etc at low-cost costs.

Research & A ; Development: Emami is recognized as a company built around pioneering merchandises, characteristics and comfortss.

Quality: Emami invests in quality criterions, substructure, processes and stuffs, ensuing in a high quality from merchandise conceptualisation to efficaciousness.

Company offers FMCG merchandises based on Ayurveda merely and therefore limits its range of merchandise mix.

Emami focuses merely on merchandises with higher border.

Company depends on ITC e-Choupal to administer its merchandise and does non hold its ain system established.



The Rs 86,000-crore Indian FMCG industry is expected to register a 15 % growing in 2010 as compared to the old twelvemonth.

The growing in FMCG industry has besides been fuelled by the decrease in the excise responsibilities, de-reservation from the small-scale sector and the conjunct attempts of the companies engaged in the concern of fabrication of personal attention and beauty attention merchandises.

Further, rural India ‘s demand for personal attention merchandises is turning faster than in urban countries.

Outsourcing the industry of choice merchandises to cut down costs and concentrate on stigmatization. This will ensue in low operational costs and higher flexibleness.

Industry menace: Indian FMCG industry may neglect to prolong the growing, which may in bend, affect the sustainability of the Company.

Counterfeit menace: Emami ‘s merchandises and packaging can be copied and counterfeited.

Invention menace: Emami may non be able to react to the turning demands and the altering aspirations of consumers.

Quality menace: Emami ‘s trade name can be impacted by inconsistent quality taking to take down profitableness.

Brand menace: Emami ‘s trade name could be affected by turning competition.

Consumer menace: An inefficient supply concatenation could ensue in merchandise inaccessibility and loss in market portion.

Menace from amalgamations: A amalgamation creates integrating challenges, which, if non aptly addressed, can take to a sub-optimal return on employed capital, contradicting the ground for which the amalgamation was conducted.

Gross saless Performance

The gross revenues public presentation viz-a-viz the PAT and publicity disbursals is as given below:

Beginning: Company Annual Report

Besides, the Net Gross saless of Emami is turning at CAGR of 27 % over the last 5 old ages as shown below:

Beginning: Company Investor Presentation

The high gross revenues of Emami are justified as a consequence of uninterrupted Advertising and publicity attempts as shown below:

Beginning: Company Investor Presentation

Emami – Merchandises Overview

Emami Limited manufactures herbal and ayurvedic merchandises in personal, decorative and wellness attention sections and sells the same under the trade name names ‘Emami ‘ ( for decorative merchandises ) and ‘Himani ‘ ( for ayurvedic merchandises ) . The company owns over 30 widely accepted merchandises, such as Boroplus Antiseptic Cream, Fair and Handsome pick, Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder, Navratna Oil, Sona Chandi Chyawanprash, Amritprash, Himani Fast Relief, Menthoplus balm, etc. , and has a important market portion in some of these merchandises.

It has six fabrication installations, all are holding ISO 9001-2000 accreditations and Good Management Practices enfranchisement from the several State Governments. The company besides outsources a considerable part of its merchandises from third-party makers, so as to hold better propinquity to assorted regional markets.

After the acquisition of Zandu, Emami now has the strength of century old Zandu Ayurveda merchandises like Zandu Balm, Zandu Chyawanprash, Kesri Jeeven, Panchristha, Nityam Churna, etc, which help the company in bolstering the trade name image.

Zandu Pharmaceutical Works Limited, a 100 old ages old company, manufactures a broad scope of merchandises, specialising in rheumatology, gynaecology and CNS ( Central nervous system ) . The company manufactures around 300 merchandises in the signifier of pills ( tablets ) , churnas, unctions, sirups and rasas.

Therefore, the merchandises overview and therefore the concern overview of Emami Limited can be shown as below:

Beginning: FirstSource Research


The sub cleavage scheme of the two major trade names owned by Emami Limited, Navratna and Boroplus can be shown as given below:

Beginning: Anand Rathi Research

In the last 18 months, the company has launched assorted new merchandises. The major 1s are “ winter ” merchandises, such as Malai Kesar cold pick, Malai Kesar humidifying soap, Pure-skin glycerol soap, Boroplus lotions, baby-care scope and assorted hair-care merchandises.

Major Trade names

The major trade names of Emami Limited along with their grosss and market portions are as given below:

Trade name


Market Share ( % )

Gross CAGR FY’07 – FY’10 ( % )

Key Features




No.1 in antiseptic picks

No MNC has introduced antiseptic pick

Introduced lotions and bristly heat pulverization

Major natural stuffs: boracic pulverization, wax




No.1 in chilling oils

Hair oil big leagues Dabur and Marico have failed to derive market portion

Introduced discrepancies: Extra Thanda and Lite. Launched Cool Talc

Major natural stuffs: teel oil, menthol

Zandu Balm



No.1 in the concern balm sub-segment

Maintained leading despite limited selling attempts and deficiency of little SKUs

Well-established in western India

Major natural stuffs: wax, assorted herbs

Fair & A ; Handsome



No.1 in work forces ‘s equity pick section

Strong investing in the trade name with ShahRukh Khan as trade name embassador since the launch

Despite entry of MNCs, maintains market leading

Well-established in southern India

Beginning: Anand Rathi Research

Other major trade names under Emami Limited are:




Fair- & A ; -Handsome











Brand properties

A comparative tabular array as shown below gives the sum-up of the popular trade names of Emami Limited:


Brand Promise

Major Rivals


Market portion

Line Extension


Navratna Oil

Relief from emphasis and its symptoms like concern, tenseness, weariness and insomnia

Himgange and Rahat Rooh

Unique ‘feel-good ‘ prickling and chilling consequence

50 % ( mkt size of over Rs. 500 chromium )

Navratna Extra Thanda Oil and Navratna Lite Oil

Amitabh Bachan & A ; ShahRukh Khan as trade name embassadors

Boroplus Antiseptic Cream

preventative, healing and mending unction with an ayurvedic base


medicinal every bit good as antiseptic benefits

73 % ( mkt size around Rs. 224 chromium )

Boroplus Prickly Heat Powder, Boroplus Winter Lotion and Boroplus Summer Lotion

Amitabh Bachchan and Kareena

Kapoor figured as trade name embassadors

Fair & A ; Handsome

fairness pick customized for work forces ‘s tegument

Nivea Whitening, Menz Active, Fair One Man and Garnier Men


five alone powers that improve equity in merely

four hebdomads

63 % ( mkt size of Rs. 1,500-cr )

ShahRukh Khan as trade name embassador

Navratna Cool Talc

counters heat and humidness

through its chilling belongings

Pond ‘s and DermiCool

Unique ‘cooling ‘ benefit

10 % ( mkt size of Rs. 240-cr )

Navratna Cool Talc – Active Deo and Navratna Cool Talc – 24hour Fresh

ShahRukh Khan as trade name embassador

Sona Chandi Chyawanprash

Builds unsusceptibility, strengthens organic structure, sharpens head

Dabur and Baidyanath

strengthened by gold and Ag

15 % ( mkt size of Rs. 210-cr )

Sona Chandi Kesar Chyawanprash, Zandu

Chyawanprash and Zandu Kesari Jivan

ShahRukh Khan as trade name embassador

Zandu Balm

Effective concern stand-in, effectual solution for cough, cold, fatigue, backache, sprain and muscular hurting

Amrutanjan balm, Tiger balm and

Monison ‘s balm

Natural ingredients like Gaultheria ka Tel and Menthol

46 %

Sachin, Harbhajan and Zaheer Khan as trade name embassadors

Himani Fast Relief

instant alleviation against muscular,

articulation, creaky and shoulder hurting

Moov, Iodex and Volini

comprises ten active ingredients, far more than viing merchandises

13 % ( mkt size Rs. 1000 chromium )

Amitabh Bachan as trade name embassador

Emami Healthy & A ; Fair

of course derived

ingredients for babes

Johnson & A ; Johnson

ayurvedic nature of

the merchandise


Emami Healthy & A ; Fair Herbal Baby Massage Oil,

Emami Healthy & A ; Fair Herbal Baby Soap and

Emami Healthy & A ; Fair Herbal Baby Powder

Madhuri Dixit as trade name embassador

Emami Malai Kesar Cold Cream

non-greasy cold pick

with the ‘5 Power Winter Formula ‘

Pond ‘s and Ayur

contains the goodness of malai



Television and regional advertisement

Beginning: Adopted from Company Annual Report

New Launches

Emami Pure Skin Glycerine Bar

The merchandise was test marketed with the support of Television advertisement and below-the-line activities. The trade name is targeted at younger consumers, offering three alien discrepancies ( Swiss apple and Prunus dulciss, olive and aloe vera, turmeric and Crocus sativus ) and anew voguish form. The ‘Do the Gliss ‘ run communicated contemporariness. Available in 75 gram bars, it is priced at par with Pears and is good received

Emami Vasocare Petroleum Jelly

The merchandise was launched with national and regional Television channels. The typical herb tea green colour of the merchandise, formulated with aloe vera, camomile and tulsi, differentiates it from other trade names. It is five times more effectual in healing, and the pleasant aroma enhances usage experience. The trade name is available in 10 gram and 25 gram SKUs.

Strategy for New Products and new markets

The concern scheme of Emami to drive gross and net net income can be explained with the diagram below:

Beginning: Company Investor PresentationEmami has invariably focused on supplying advanced merchandises which are capable of meeting desired demands. The chief scheme lies on the land of heightening quality of daily life by giving quality rich merchandises. Emami group has a Himani Ayurveda Science Foundation ( HASF ) which is dedicated to proficient research and merchandise invention and has led to the coevals best of the ayurvedic preparations. Emami ‘s quality merchandises are non merely present across pan India but besides present in the pan locations of 60 states. To do its presence into the OTC drugs Emami strategically acquired Zandu Pharmaceuticals and added merchandises into its classs such as Zandu Balm, Zandu Kesari Jeevan, etc. This strategic acquisition of Zandu has helped consolidation of FMCG concern and add-on of batteries of merchandises into its basket. Emami has set up a health care division to develop a class of merchandises under OTC class runing from laxatives to cold and cough. Emami is besides be aftering to come in into the market of ready to eat merchandises and breakfast cereals for which it has strategically roped in professionals from company such as Britannia.

Emami makes a immense investing in trade name indorsement ; it is the lone corporate which has both the prima stardom for its trade name indorsements viz. Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan for the trade name Navratna Oil. Exploitation of construct of trade name indorsement by famous persons and choice of right famous person for trade name launch has worked successfully. Besides taking male stardoms from Bollywood other subscriber ‘s of Emami include Madhuri Dixit, Kareena Kapoor, Preity Zinta, Virender Sehwag, Sachin Tendulkar, Surya, Mahesh Babu, Dinesh Karthik, Harbhajan Singh, Zaheer Khan, Govinda, MS Dhoni, Amit Mishra, Sourav Ganguly, Chiranjeevi, Surya and Upendra.

Amalgamation and Acquisitions

Emami – Zandu Deal

Zandu is a century old pharmaceutical company fabricating a scope of ayurvedic merchandises. Popular merchandises from Zandu stable are Zandu Balm, Zandu Chyawanprash, and Zandu Kesari Jivan etc.

The Ayurvedic section in India is huge and turning quickly. Emami ‘s acquisition of Zandu was strategic fit since the company ‘s merchandise had ayurvedic focal point and Zandu was market leader in ayurvedic section across western and southern India. In this trade Zandu ‘s existent estate was merged with Emami ‘s group company Emami Infrastructure Ltd and consolidation of the FMCG concern. Consolidation of the FMCG concern will guarantee operational synergisms like concern, cost & A ; borders, research & A ; development. It will besides assist in effectual use of the fabrication installations, gross revenues & A ; distribution channels of both the companies, which in bend will assist in widening the range of the organisation.

Acquisition of Zandu enhanced Emami ‘s portfolio of merchandises and created a diversified merchandise scope across different merchandise classs. Classs now Emami and Zandu serve are mentioned below.


Skin Care

Oral Care

Hair Care

OTC Merchandises

Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurvedic Merchandises


After the acquisition of Zandu, Emami has undergone a batch of restructuring. Below stated is the figure that depicts the restructuring exercising undertaken by Emami group.

Beginning: Mentality Net income, National Edition, Dated: 30/10/2009

Apart from domestic acquisitions Emami is besides eyeing for assets abroad where it can put up fabricating base and cater to international markets. States that Emami is aiming under its enlargement program are United States of America, United Kingdom, CIS ( states portion of former Soviet Union ) . Emami is presently present in around 60 states, which together contribute about 15-16 % of the grosss. Emami plans to take this figure to more than 50 per centum.

Emami acquisition of Lakshmi Bilas Hair Oil

Emami purposes to be a Rs. 5000 crore company by 2013 from Rs. 2500 crore presently. To accomplish this company has appointed experts who will assist Emami place possible companies that will assist Emami accomplish the coveted mark. To accomplish its mark company has set its focal point on tegument attention and hair attention. In line with this scheme company has acquired Lakshmi Bilas Hair oil trade name a One Hundred twelvemonth old trade name based in Calcutta from M.L. Bose. This trade has helped Emami spread out its portfolio to personal attention scope. Emami says it will be easy for the company to resuscitate the trade name since it has been in being for many old ages and it is easy to resuscitate the trade name that were already at that place alternatively of making new trade names. Emami says it plans to get smaller trade names that fit the overall scheme of the company.

Emami buys Egyptian fabrication unit

Emami is taken over manufacturing installation in Egypt and programs to fabricate most of its trade name. This fabricating unit will assist administer its merchandise in Africa and Middle East states. This trade is non a trade name return over but a company coup d’etat. Acquisition of the Egyptian company makes a batch of concern sense since Africa contributes to 33 per centum of the international grosss and gulf states contribute about 30 per centum and CIS states contribute approximately about 18-19 per centum.

Emami acquires M Bhattacharyya & A ; Co Private

Emami a FMCG company made its entry in homeopathy section by geting M Bhattacharyya one of the oldest homoeopathy companies. M Bhattacharyya is chiefly known in the metropolis and its mercantile establishment is ever packed to its capacity. Emami plans to take this trade name outside metropolis and besides internationally. They plan to give this traditional pattern a modern touch by set uping a modern mill so that effectivity, pureness and quality is maintained at highest degrees and is of international criterion. They are besides binding up with French and German homeopathy houses for proficient coaction and puting up green field undertakings. The chief thought is to be amongst top five homeopathy participants in the universe.

Summary of acquisitions by Emami and their possible benefits


Potential Benefits

Emami – Zandu Deal

Strong R & A ; D, Brand Equity, Distribution Network, Diversifying merchandise scope into Health attention

Lakshmi Bilas Hair Oil

Access to new market – Bangladesh where this trade name had presence, Small attempt to resuscitate the trade name, Increase in Personal Care ( Hair Care ) Portfolio

Egyptian acquisition

Easy entree to Africa and Middle East, New Markets

Emami – M Bhattacharya

Entry into homeopathy section

Key Success Factors of Emami

Emami Group has near to 30 trade names in its portfolio. The company has blockbuster trade name such as Fair and Handsome, Boroplus, Navratna oil, etc. which gives a turnover of over Rs 500 crore and sort them as Power Brands, others trade names such as Malai Kesar, Sona Chandi Chyawanprash etc. each contributes to Emami in a scope of Rs. 18 to 22 crores are the other trade names.

The power trade names has been turning at CAGR of 25-30 % over the last few old ages because of its advanced advertisement and selling enterprises. Emami ‘s enterprises to perforate deeper into the Indian market has adopted techniques apart from direct selling through enterprises such as in-shop publicities and door-to-door, BTL activities at cardinal locations, Out of place advertisement on train, schools and colleges. This all was supported by monolithic selling with use of regional newspapers and digital platforms.

Emami ‘s spend in the advertisement and selling attempts are comparatively higher than that of rivals. Celebrity indorsement is the cardinal selling attempt of the company and it has done admirations for the company. The advertisement spends about 17-18 % ; nevertheless EBITDA is close to 24-25 % . The stock lists are managed good and have been production is done at tax-exempt locations and therefore holding a clear control on input costs and keep EBITDA borders at sustainable degrees. The company has market portion in the class in the balms and oils as compared to other trade names or regional participants. Zandu Balm histories for a market portion of about 65-67 % and Navratna oil histories for a portion of 70-73 % .

The success of Emami is straight attributed to the promise that trade name delivers. Below the line activities such as In-film stigmatization, publicity in Television Serials and Mela ‘s are some of the techniques which trade name has adopted for creative activity of its presence. This old signifier of rural drama has made trade name to make the topographic points which no other media like via wireless or telecasting could supply. It ‘s merely few small towns who have cinemas many of them do non hold cinemas because most of the clip these small towns have a power cut. In such a state of affairs Jatra is the best beginning to market the merchandise because each Jatra warrants an audience of at least 6,000. The company realized this chance and has reached to maximum of its clients. The company is has continually delivered whatever it has promised.

Gross saless and distribution

Introduction of a super stockiest web doing it possible to make hitherto unaccessible markets, thereby widening range

Initiation of a undertaking called Navodaya with Ernst & A ; Young to revisit all gross revenues and distribution

IT applications systems to track gross revenues and distribution

Handiness of Emami goods at Indian military terminals

Engagement in mela ‘s

Sweeping trueness plan for cardinal jobbers across major metropoliss to better trade relationship

Raw stuff direction

The Company: –

Imports LLP, micro crystal wax, stearic acid, methyl salicylate and difficult paraffin ;

Hedged trade goods like sugar, menthe ( menthol ) , gold and Ag

Introduced a bio-fuel for production, a financial economy

The Company procured natural stuffs from sellers in non-excisable country

Battle in farm forestry to run into natural stuff demands

Operational excellence

Automated the procedures like filling, capping, labeling and cartooning

More than 80 % of the production was derived from tax-free zones.

Outsourcing industry of choice merchandises to cut down costs and concentrate on stigmatization.

monitored all incoming natural stuffs, which were accepted merely after trying and conformity with established specifications

Information engineering

SAP ECC 5.0 execution undertaking Udaan was rated among the top 10 advanced surveies by IBM

High-speed LAN and WAN communicating systems

Integration of SAP ECC 5.0 with saloon codifications or Radio Frequency Identification ( RFID )

Research and development

Continuous research-led invention because of its doctrine, people, intent, chances and R & A ; D Infrastructure

Corporate societal duty

Recycling of used H2O through distillment works

Installation of daze and noise absorbers to cut down noise pollution to minimum decibel degree

Self employment strategies for the unemployed rural young person

Emami Mobile Traders scheme- door-to-door merchandising of Emami merchandises in interior small towns

Sponsored subsidized intervention for the needy in infirmaries like AMRI Hospitals limited and Shree Vishudhanand Hospital and Research Institute of Kolkata

Promoting one-teacher schools with the aid of NGOs.

Failed Merchandises of Emami

Emami Born in Bengal now has a pan India presence because of its series and list of trade names. Since its origin in 1974, the group has concern involvements in FMCG, existent estate, existent estate, paper and intelligence print, cement, coal, power and cultivation, retail and modern-day art. Emami ‘s strength lies in its rich value system, dedicated 20,000 passionate towards trade name invention and cognition sharing.

Emami has seen the success but it has seen failures during its growing stage. Emami has launched a glycerol soap which could non do its presence in the market because of the trade name leaders Pears and Santoor in this section.

Emami has a trade name called as ‘Beauty secrets by Madhuri ‘ comprising of cosmetics and personal attention merchandises did non make good in malice of holding a large star. The trade name got back fired as Madhuri decided to acquire married and travel overseas. Now, Emami is seeking to diversify into assorted concern of FMCG and increasing its portfolio to construct a stronger trade name.

Emami ‘s International Business

Beginning: Company Investor ReportAs per Director Agarwal, localisation of the merchandise harmonizing to the desired demand of the part is the cardinal factor for international concern. Emami has presence about in 60 states in CIS, Europe, North America ; Middle East, and Indian subcontinent offering skin care, Hair attention, personal attention and Ayurvedic health care merchandises. The International concern contributes to exceed line growing rate more than 40 % , where Africa is the major subscriber with about 33 % portion followed by Gulf states lending 33 % portion, while Indian subcontinent and CIs states contribute 18-19 % each. Emami Internationally market its merchandise under four trade names namely- Emami, Himani, Ayurcare and Emita catering to the categorical demands such as skin care, personal attention, hair care and wellness attention. The merchandises under trade name Emita is targeted towards multitudes in developing states and merchandises in Ayurcare scope are targeted at premium niche and extremely evolved markets.

Beginning: Company Investor Report

Growth from international concern for fiscal twelvemonth 2010 is given below:

Emami has a scope of over 40 merchandises made from herbs, natural infusions and indispensable oils. Emami is has started subordinate operations in Bangladesh. Its holistic scheme comprises advanced branding clubbed with aggressive gross revenues publicity ( ATL and BTL activities ) . This attack has helped to turn market portion in northern and eastern parts of Africa. Emami besides plans to present line extensions for some of its major trade names – Fair & A ; Handsome, Boroplus, Navratna, Naturally Fair and Himani Fast Relief to perforate markets and drive international growing.


The Indian domestic markets have become really competitory with many international trade names and merchandises doing inroads into the market. In such a competitory scenario, Emami Ltd has the advantage of functioning a diverse state like India, with their diverse merchandise scope, wherein consumers belonging to different parts exhibit different purchasing behaviours. This experience should assist Emami to provide to emerging states like Africa, south-east Asia, Latin America. Emami has recognized the demand to spread out to international markets and is doing inroads and acquisitions that will a strategic tantrum to the organisation and can assist the company to accomplish their hereafter ends.


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