Embracing Change Essay

October 9, 2017 Cultural

If Barack Obama were reelected as the United States President. would alter transpire? Located in Charlotte. North Carolina. Eva Longoria took the dais at the Democratic National Convention merely earlier 8:20p. m on September 6. 2012. Eva Longoria was asked by the Democratic Party to talk on behalf of Barack Obama. with the primary purpose to aim the Latino population. particularly adult females. On the surface. it appeared that Eva Longoria’s intent was to talk publicly in support of the Democratic Party. but the existent ground Longoria was asked to talk was because of her star-quality. Many party protagonists believe her popularity will pull the attending of Latinos and adult females electors in favour of Obama’s re-election to the United States Presidency. Through the usage of poignancy and ethos. Eva Longoria’s well-known position within our society helped her to effortlessly capture the audience’s attending. chiefly Latino adult females. and directing them to the significance of instruction and the importance of hiking the economic system in her address. I Don’t Necessitate a Tax Break.

The audience. of whom Eva Longoria is turn toing. has strong political positions. They value the significance of instruction. every bit good as the value of a strong. stabilised economic system. Furthermore. the audience bears specific demographics in gender. societal position. category. and business. The primary audience that Eva Longoria targeted within her address. Latinos and adult females. suffer from the loads of high revenue enhancements. unemployment. unequal wage. every bit good as a deficit in capital for a quality college instruction. The audience is cognizant that these jobs exist within our state ; nevertheless they do non cognize how alteration can be made. They are looking for leading and experience hopeful when promised support by a “star” sharing the same cultural background. They are speedy to overlook the fact that Eva Longoria does non portion their fiscal battles. The audience believes life can be better. but are naive as to how these alteration can be made. The charmed audience becomes misguided. which in bend affects their hearing.

They merely wanted to hear Eva Longoria speak on behalf of the current President Barack Obama. about hope and a promising hereafter. In order for the audience to hold grounds for measuring the address. I Don’t Necessitate a Tax Break. Longoria stuck to Obama’s ends by showing the Democratic entreaties and following Obama’s presidential program point-by-point. The relationship between the audience and the talker is strong because as Longoria indicated in her address. “Just like our president and first lady. I took out loans to pay for school. I changed oil in a mechanic store. I flipped Burgers at Wendy’s. I taught aerobic exercises. and I worked on campus to pay them back” ( Katz ) . This quotation mark denoted the adversities that Longoria has faced first-hand throughout the first chapters of her life. This helped her connect to the audience and look sympathetic to the battles they are sing. Furthermore. Longoria encouraged them to back up the Obama run so widespread economic battles can be conquered.

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The audience expects a batch from Longoria because. unlike any other mean citizen. Longoria exerts star-quality. which makes her voice and sentiment more valuable. On the other manus. Longoria expects the audience to understand and believe that alteration is possible with their ballot for the re-election of President Barack Obama. The audience has the outlooks that Eva Longoria will guarantee that the alterations she has promoted will be followed through during the presidents 2nd term in office. If Obama is re-elected as the President of the United States. the audience should get down to witness alteration within our society. In order to efficaciously rock the public ballot into Obama’s favour. it is justified through the combined usage of electronic. spoken. and print media. All signifiers of media have both advantages and disadvantages even when used suitably. It is of import to understand the audience to be most successful.

In the instance of the. I don’t Necessitate a Tax Break address. unwritten communicating was used to convey its message most efficaciously. Oral communicating increases the credibleness of the speaker’s overall message. It can make an emotional connexion between the spectator and the talker. every bit good as. let for immediate inquiry and response following the address. Therefore any inquiries that the audience may hold can be clarified following the address. Throughout Eva Longoria’s address. she addressed the audience utilizing clear enunciation doing certain each and every word were understood and processed by the viewing audiences. The last sentence of her address she expressed the phrase. “Si . se puede” ( yes. you can ) ( Katz ) appealing to her Latino Spanish-speaking audience. Eva Longoria wanted the audience to experience that voting for Obama would bring forth accommodations within our society. Within her address. she used causes and effects of certain phenomena.

In hopes of carrying the Latinos and adult females who are presently. “some of the staying open and independent electors. ” ( Been ) she stressed the importance of instruction. Eva Longoria grew up as the youngest of four misss. with the apprehension that for her household. “education was non an option and was a central priority” ( Katz ) . Therefore. even though Eva Longoria does non hold kids. she would desire them to hold the chance to have a worthwhile instruction. Furthermore. in the YouTube picture titled. Eva Longoria DNC Speech Democratic National Convention. Eva Longoria referred to America as. “a state that rewards aspiration with chance. where difficult work can take to success no affair where you start. ” Furthermore. Eva Longoria continues her statement by explicating Barack Obama’s cardinal intent in the YouTube picture. Eva Longoria DNC Speech Democratic National Convention. “Our president understands the construct of American chance because he has lived it. and he is contending to assist others accomplish it. ”

In add-on to instruction. she emphasized Obama’s desire to take down revenue enhancements for “any on the job American. ” ( Katz ) create equal wage for adult females. and to help little concerns. This assistance would trip new occupation chances by “helping them acquire loans and cut their revenue enhancements 18 times” ( Katz ) . During her address. Longoria continuously pointed out the disparities between Obama’s Democratic entreaties and Mitt Romney’s Republican positions by this statement in the picture within John Boone’s article. “Obama is traveling us frontward with chance today for prosperity tomorrow. Mitt Romney wants to take us back to yesterday. ” Longoria besides supported Obama’s beliefs that the in-between category is assisting drive our economic system. and bashed Romney’s “outsourced pioneers” in the YouTube picture. Eva Longoria DNC Speech Democratic National Convention. of whom are making nil beneficial. Besides. another defect that Longoria mentioned was how Romney would instead take down his ain revenue enhancements. while raising those of other American citizens.

These are powerful accusals that create tenseness amongst the viewing audiences who may differ with these declarations. Clint Eastwood spoke in support of Mitt Romney. Clint Eastwood and Eva Longoria’s addresss. stand foring Romney at the Republican National Convention and Obama at the Democratic National Convention. are being compared and criticized because they are both talkers in the amusement field. Clint Eastwood used a cinematic technique by speaking to an “empty chair. ” while Eva Longoria did non. They frequently try and ignore the impression sing famous persons who partake in political relations. “celebrities should merely maintain their oral cavity shut when it comes to politics” ( Boone ) .

Eva Longoria made an devouring point that she is an “American first” ( “Eva Longoria: There’ll be ‘no empty chairs’ in my DNC speech” ) and was an active participant in political relations before she became an actress. She expressed. “There are things more of import than moving and film turnout. and that’s being civically engaged” ( Boone ) . Eva Longoria came to the Democratic National Convention with one nonsubjective – to procure the ballots of the Latino population and adult females electors for the re-election of Barack Obama on Tuesday. November 6. 2012. Within John Boone’s article. there is a picture where Eva Longoria declared. “I represent two communities ; the female community and the Hispanic community. ”

In her address. for case. Eva demonstrated a sufficient use of “cause and effect” by showing that helping little concerns will make more businesss for American citizens. In order to successfully back up that statement. Eva Longoria claimed in the YouTube picture. Eva Longoria DNC Speech Democratic National Convention. “this is of import because little concerns create two out of every three new occupations in America. ” Having the ability to vote and do a difference in the political scene is a privilege for one to hold. As seen by the picture in John Boone’s article Eva Longoria stated. “By projecting your ballot. you are make up one’s minding the hereafter of America. ”

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