”Emma” by Jane Austen Essay Sample

September 6, 2017 General Studies

Emma. authored by Jane Austen. tells a narrative of a affluent immature woman’s strategies to fit up her new. and much more hapless. friend with the town’s unsuspicious unmarried mans. What is revealed. nevertheless. is non Emma’s accomplishments in match-making. but her inability to see the true feelings of those around her. every bit good as her ain bosom. Emma took topographic point in a little town called Highbury. in eighteenth century England. During the clip period. there was a definite societal rank. Almost all of the scenes in the book take topographic point in or around the estates of the characters. Their belongings largely determined their societal position. This scene has significance to the plot line because of the societal rank. Emma. who is invariably seeking to play matcher. attempts to convert her friend Harriet to get married person of a higher category than her current love. a husbandman. The characters are really cognizant of their position. and can be know aparting towards people of a lower category. The book was most likely set in this topographic point and clip in order to include the struggles of a hierarchical society.

Emma is the chief character of the novel. She is a beautiful. smart. and affluent 21-year-old adult female. Because of her admired qualities. Emma is a small egotistic. and feels as though she knows more than others. Therefore. her dominant characteristic is wilful imaginativeness. She is the girl of Henry Woodhouse. Since her female parent has died. Emma has taken the function of taking attention of her male parent. who is old and frequently ill. Because she feels she is obligated to remain by his side. Emma decides non to get married. She has an unbelievable strong will and mind. therefore. her actions are hence full of intent and unsafe to others. Though she may be moving out of good purposes. she is to the full cognizant of the ways in which she manipulates.

Emma deems herself a good matcher. and tries to set together several twosomes throughout the novel. She believes that societal categories are really of import and refuses to see anyone marry person in a lower rank. She finds out that she doesn’t know every bit much as she thinks she does. while she besides discovers she misread many her familiarities. She discovers that she didn’t even cognize herself every bit good as she thought. As the novel progresses. Emma becomes more mature. and realizes how foolish she had been in the yesteryear. In the terminal. she eventually stops matchmaking others and marries Mr. Knightley. who was perfect for her all along.

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It can be said that the chief struggle of Emma is Emma. herself. She is proud and believes she knows far more than she does when. in fact. she neither genuinely understands the characters of those around her. nor her ain bosom. Because she thinks more extremely of her apprehension than is necessary. she thinks she knows what is best for certain people and meddles in their lives. This can be seen when she befriends Harriet. who is an illicit girl. but is otherwise respectable. Emma assumes that Harriet’s male parent at least is a gentleman. and decides to utilize her matchmaking accomplishments in her favour. She feels Mr. Elton would be a suited hubby for her. but Harriet. at the minute. prefers immature Mr. Martin. a local husbandman.

Emma doesn’t think Mr. Martin would be suited at all. and says so. Mr. Martin writes to Harriet and asks her to get married him. Harriet is inclined to accept. but Emma talks her out of it and persuades her to decline him. stating her that he is non good plenty for her. Mr. Knightley discovers what Emma has done and battles with her about it. stating she is promoting Harriet to hold thoughts above her place in life. The struggle comes in the battle to turn up and mature. Emma must larn to understand herself and her bosom. which she does non grok at first. Part of the struggle centres around the fact that she has to larn that she has no right to seek to set up people’s lives for them. recognize her judgements have been incorrect and admit she has done injury with her tampering.

The declaration begins when she attends a party at the Weston’s place. Mr. Elton is present. and on the manner place. appalled Emma by suggesting to her. She discovers he has ne’er had any involvement in Harriet as a prospective married woman. She refuses him and resolutenesss to give up matchmaking. since her effort to acquire Harriet and Mr. Elton together had been so black. Unfortunately. Emma finds out that Harriet is in love with Mr. Knightley. dismaying Emma because at this accusal. she realizes that she is in love with him every bit good. As a consequence. Emma comes to the realisation that she is to fault. for if she hadn’t bucked up Harriet to believe herself better than she was. she would hold married Mr. Martin in the first topographic point. However. Mr. Knightley proposes to Emma and she accepts.

Robert Martin proposes one time once more to Harriet and this clip she accepts him. It becomes known that Harriet’s male parent was. in fact. a rich shopkeeper. so there was no shame in her get marrieding a husbandman after all. Harriet and Robert Martin marry foremost. Emma and Mr. Knightley still have to set Mr. Woodhouse to the thought of them get marrieding. Emma can non go forth her male parent. so they plan to populate at Hartfield instead than Donwell Abbey. Mr. Knightley’s place. But Mr. Woodhouse sees no haste. inquiring why they can’t wait a few old ages. Fortunately the defeat ends when some local robberies convince Mr. Woodhouse that he would be safer if Mr. Knightley lived at Hartfield. So Emma and Mr. Knightley marry rapidly. before Mr. Woodhouse has a opportunity to alter his head. Therefore. Emma recognized her manipulative ways were incorrect. and she find her true feelings because she found her ain bosom.

For adult females in Austen’s clip. matrimony was one of the lone ways of altering your life style. It’s no admiration that so much of the novel is devoted to conceive ofing different possible lucifers. Marriage here isn’t merely about love. nevertheless. but sometimes seen as a concern understanding between two people of the same societal category. Barely of all time did one marry below or above their category for love. Love in this clip was complicated by money. household. land and societal position. all of which come into drama whenever Emma attempts to set up matrimonies. Society and category are besides an of import subject in the novel. because the whole secret plan is centered around societal ranking and hierarchy. Class constructions are the most obvious differences between characters in Emma. The rich control societal state of affairss. the societal climbers attempt to look rich and of import. and the hapless are at the clemency of the rich. Mannerss mean everything. and those who weren’t born with good courtesy merely can’t step up to those who are.


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