Employee-Employer Relationship

September 25, 2017 Religion

The relationship between an employer and its employees is an important factor in the company’s success. Employers will treat their employees with respect and visa versa if they all want to succeed and achieve goals. Some companies forget to focus on employee retention and appreciation, and then they lose productivity. Human dynamics and relationships in the workplace directly impact the way a business runs. Managers rely on employee performance for organizational success, and the way managers interact with employees affects employee performance.

Positive and harmonious relationships contribute to successful business operations, while negative or hostile relationships can be detrimental. Successful companies employ people and have policies to help build productive relationships between managers and employees. Manager as a Friend •A manager must get along with his direct reports. There needs to be professional distance, though, between the manager and his employees. The manager is meant to be a role model and not a peer. The manager needs to be seen by the employee as a mentor.

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When a manager becomes too friendly with an employee, acceptable behavorial boundaries become blurred. A manager can be friendly toward an employee without becoming a personal friend. Managing Conflict •The way two people manage their behavior determines the course of a conflict. Some conflicts are quietly and easily managed, while others lead to shouting matches and open hostility. Personal opinions related to politics and religion should be left out of the workplace environment, especially among managers and their employees. Effective managers know how to handle conflict.

Managers need to recognize when a situation is leading to conflict so they can redirect the parties involved. The Role of Human Resources •The human resources department is heavily involved in managing relationships in the workplace. It develops, documents and communicates policies that will enable successful relationships, and is also involved in hiring and firing people. When hiring a new employee, the hiring manager’s style needs to be evaluated. The ideal candidate must not only be qualified, but his personality and work style must be compatible with the work style and personality of the hiring manager.

When conflicts arise, it’s not uncommon for human resources to become involved. •HOW TO IMPROVE •Managers often complain about employees who have bad attitudes. While it’s true the occasional employee may not be pleasant to work with, most people do not go to work each day with the intention of creating conflict with their managers. Workers have claimed for decades that it is the manager who determines whether employee and management relationships are successful. However, it is only recently that scientific studies have found those workers to be correct. •


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