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April 23, 2019 Communication

Employees – as much as consumers – drive and influence conversations about our brand. Employees often are more trusted than executives, and they can have a tremendous impact on how Yoobi is perceived to other employees, customers, and consumers.
We will designate a select group of social-savvy employees as Social Media Ambassadors (SMAs), who will act as authentic brand ambassadors. Through the creation of social media tools and some brief training, we will help them focus their efforts to put Yoobi in a positive light as a company doing great things and as a great company to work for.
Who can be a Social Media Ambassador?
If you are passionate about learning and Yoobi’s mission, enthusiastic about engaging others in the conversation, and willing and excited to use your social media power to spread the word about Yoobi’s impact, we invite you to add your voice and talk about your #YoobiLife.

What is the role of a Social Media Ambassador?
• Follow Yoobi social media channels
• Actively promote and share what #YoobiLife means to you, and what the company does to support their employees, schools, and parents to promote learning
• Contribute positive messages to build awareness of #YoobiLife and our company mission
• Once a month, you will receive an email with sample posts to share as you like on the channels you want
What benefits are there?
As a token of our appreciation and to show off your new social standing, we’ve got some goodies for you. Be on the lookout for those to land in your mailbox shortly.

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Some of the other benefits include:
• Resume-building experience that can be shared with employers
• Opportunity to establish and/or further develop online personal brand
• Opportunity to be entered into a raffle to win TBD

How do I become an official Social Media Ambassador?
• Sign up using the form on this page
• Look for our monthly Social Media Ambassador enewsletter
• We’ll curate “social-sized” snippets about Yoobi and send them to you in a monthly email
• You are invited (but not obligated) to copy and share these snippets on your social channels
• We won’t fill up your inbox – we’ll only email you once a month with sample posts and helpful tips to help you make a big impact in your social feeds
Get started with a tweet! (hyperlink to come)
What type of topics will I be sharing?
• Company news and milestones
• Trends, stats
• Industry news
• Professional milestones
• Shout-outs

Resource Toolkit
• Welcome kit with social media goodies and a letter that describes the program’s overall goals and objectives, defines their role and responsibilities, and how their participation contributes to meeting those goals
• A repository of resources on the Intranet (housed by month)
• Evergreen content
• Current initiatives, news, announcements
• Company overview, strategy, mission, key messages and supporting proof points
• Shareable images
• Current brand campaigns (may hyperlink to special mini-toolkit)
• Giving/community outreach

• Attributes
• Already actively participating in social media activities, e.g., tweeting, blogging, commenting, etc.
• Passionate about learning and Yoobi’s mission
• Sense of humor, creative
• Responsibilities
• Uses brand messages on social networking sites to ensure consistent communication with customers, partners, and industry peers
• Leads by example when representing Yoobi in social media networks, follows rules of engagement
• Expectations
• Review and abide by Intellectual Property, Code of Ethics, compliance training
• Complete training
• Willing and able to participate as a social media ambassador / representative of the company without risk to core duties and responsibilities
Project Goals
• Enable employees who are active on and passionate about social media to be an extension of our brand, advocate on behalf of our brand
• Enable a social culture and put some of our best advocates in a position to tell our brand’s story as they’ve experienced it
• Amplify our voice, increase our reach, and tell our stories to the world using a true employee voice
• Showcase our culture, make personal connections with future employees
• Promote our mission, products, and services to positively differentiate ourselves from competition
• Move employees gradually from a state of social awareness to a state of social excellence

Next Steps
• Develop administrative resources
• Editorial calendar
• Content to be shared
• Monthly email template
• Build enthusiasm
• Send toolkit, welcome letter, and goodies (incentivize/reward)
• Recognize the work they’re already doing
• Develop and deliver training (60 minutes, via Skype)
• How to leverage personal social network profile to act as an extension of the corporate brand
• Establish a baseline of what they should and shouldn’t be doing
• Compliance, e.g., social media guidelines, standards of business conduct, disclosure, and intellectual property policies
• Develop and share personal brand and etiquette guidelines
• Importance of finishing any conversation that is initiated
• Be genuine and authentic
• Be a purveyor of excellent content
• Be accountable
• Promote and drive conversation around topics that are personally meaningful to you, and that YOU believe in while also wrapping it within the goals and objectives of Yoobi
• Protecting privacy, handling off-hours contact
• Create a Group Forum
• Share successes, trials and tribulations…what works and what doesn’t
• Share knowledge so that everyone operates from the same brand templates and voice
• Announce program to all Yoobi employees
• Track social media participation and measure influence through a standardized tool


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