November 28, 2017 Physical Education

Help Did you know that only 24 percent of all part time workers in America had medical care benefits that were accessible at all times? This situation is very thought provoking considering how much work is provided by every daily American in our society trying to provide for their own. That leaves 76% part time working Americans that didn’t receive the benefits, not because they weren’t as worthy as the other 24%, but because of their selfish employers.

Not only do these employers not provide benefits, but they come up short on wages and hours. If put together correctly, those here important pieces provide the financial stability in a growing family needed for survival in an imminent financial society. On average, the process to a fully rehabilitated sprained ankle is $500 to $650 without insurance through a hospital. That is the potential problem for an uninsured worker in America that could receive a phone call while at work, that their child sprained has their ankle while playing in physical education.

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No one should ever have to face that fear while at work, health benefits provide reassurance that they are in good hands if anything heartbreaking were to occur. Based off the income of a multi-million company acquires over a standard year there should be enough revenue to provide each and every worker with decent health benefits. While working at Dunking [email protected], there were minimal benefits if not any. We worked in very hazardous situations when it came to the slippery, oily floors and the burning hot stove ovens. If injured on the Job, you were subject to file a workers com form.

The form was for a company outside of Dunking Donuts that provided health benefits if only hurt at work so Dunking Donuts didn’t get in any legal issues. The fact they only revived health benefits only if you were hurt on the Job was very disappointing. To provide Just a few hundreds in the case of an emergency outside of work would be very substantial to every employee, and it would Just scratch the surface of a multi- million company’s revenue. Money, which powers the world is an essential, but in the world we live in today most employers do not provide enough wages to keep a workers family financially stable.

The average minimum wage is $7. 79 in Florida. Bearing in mind the cost of living, there is no legitimate way for someone to live comfortably in America while Ewing paid minimum wage. When the light bills, water bills or groceries come in which can total up to $800. 00 on average at the end of a month. Those bills can’t all be paid with that measly $300. 00 check for one week, every week and considering when credit card bills are due or car payments in the rotation for bills. Living paycheck to paycheck, is an adversity to too many working Americans.

Using every last penny in your check one week after another without even saving a mere dollar between each one is a berserk thought to one’s min. While working at Dunking Donuts 8, the average paycheck for a worker a week was $200. 0-$330. 00 based off hours. Where you didn’t get any. If the company were to spend less on worthless purchases, for example new construction in foreign, deserted areas where no one usually stops to eat, there would be extra revenue to provide for their loyal, consistent bard workers.

Raising the minimum wage is essentially the main fighting point when trying to help others live a financially better situation. Raising it by $2. 00 or more can truly make a corpulent focal point to those struggling. Going from $7. 79 to $9. 79 doesn’t seem like much in numbers but it recompenses those cuts hours to cake “something out of nothing” like they would say. While working at a Job or a career by chance, everyone will recognize hours in the workplace as a necessity. Without a decent amount of hours you would bring home meager pennies.

Most working Americans find that the cutting of hours is a current trend in the work field. By observance and personal experiences, most Jobs will start you off with great hours to keep you highly interested in staying with the company. With the comings weeks, say two or three and one pulls up to the stats sheet for their upcoming work hours there will be an evident drop in hours. Considering most Coo’s get the most scrutiny with benefits and wages, but when it comes to hours the managers are highly frowned upon.

Hours will come with the liking of a manager, if despised by a manager you may in most cases possibly lose hours. Although, if you show unconditional love or kiss ass towards the manager, blessings of hours will more than likely flow your way then one who doesn’t . That is where there is a huge fault in the system, hours should be dispersed between all employees equitably no matter what the relationship may be between employee and manager. No man or Oman should ever have to go through all that work of insincerely liking someone to be given the hours they were entitled to in the beginning after signing that work contract.

With each empowered criticism towards a company about its benefits, wages, and hours is the belittled voice of a worker that can’t be heard because of the wealthy Coos blocking their ears with the thousands of dollars that could be easily handed to their hard workers that make the company what it is today. Pushing for the well- deserved Justice in the work field is a must in this advancing world. “Why let someone starve when your plate is more than full?


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