Employment and Social Events

June 28, 2018 Tourism

Preparing for employment in Travel & Tourism Scenario: You are about to start compiling a portfolio information about career opportunities and specific jobs in travel & tourism. With later assessments in this unit you will add to the portfolio, building up a very useful resource that will help you in the future. Task 3, (D2)-Analyse the factors that contribute to an effective workplace, highlighting good practice from different travel and tourism organisations.

Working Environment This is about the locations, hours, health and safety, equipment and social events. These are all to do with the workplace and they relate because they involve all employees. The location is where the workplace is and if it is in a location that makes the employees happy, due to the weather, surroundings or environment. This can relate to the hours if the destinations are too hot to work all day in, then they will do half days with someone else taking over after.

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If they are too long hours and people get exhausted or start to get to hot and dehydrated then the ricks health and safety, so the company should install air conditioning in the workplace so it does not get to hot and the employees feel cool and in a positive working mood. Also in the winter seasons heating should be available so the employees don’t get too cold or suffer from hypothermia so working conditions relate to a working environment.

Equipment and resources available at the workplace affect the working conditions, if equipment is old and does not run well due to its age it is hard for the employees to work with it. If they have state-of-the-art equipment then they will be happy, motivated and should work quicker and better on new and faster machines, also there is a chance the standard is improved due to the new equipment which would help customer satisfaction. Social events brings employees together and builds relationships, so they can all get on better and therefore will work better together.

This relates to the factors because it can affecttheir work and their attitude towards their job. Working relationships are vital in any organisation small or large, I strongly believe that the quality and quantity increase a vast amount if the workplace is a peaceful and happy place. Teamwork is one of the main factors in the workplace, it makes people unite and help one and other. Employees may have different roles inside the organisation however have to work together well in order to complete a task successfully.


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