Employment Trends Within The It Sector Economics Essay

A good documented tendency within the employment industry concentrates on alumnuss. “ Harmonizing to the study, the most common ground invoked to ( re ) enter higher instruction was to develop for a specific calling ” ( Elodie Marandet & A ; Emma Wainwright, 2010, pp 787-805 ) . There are presently over 5000 lasting occupations and over 4500 contract occupations within the I.T. sector, 24 of which are specifically aimed at alumnuss, harmonizing to IT Jobs Watch [ 2010 ] .

Analyzing a sample of 10 occupations from the 24 antecedently mentioned utilizing informations from I.T. Jobs Watch an obvious tendency appears:

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3 Calendar months to


Rank Change

on Same Period

Last Year

Average Salary

3 Calendar months to


Average Salary

% Change

on Same Period

Last Year

Matching Job Ads

( % of Permanent

IT Job Ads Sampled )

Last 3 Calendar months

Graduate Software Developer




-8.00 %

201 ( 0.18 % )

Graduate Software Engineer




-9.09 %

144 ( 0.13 % )

Graduate Web Developer




56 ( 0.05 % )

Graduate Support Analyst




17.07 %

52 ( 0.05 % )

Graduate Programmer




-4.34 %

47 ( 0.04 % )

Graduate Network Engineer




-4.76 %

15 ( 0.01 % )

Graduate iPhone Developer




8.00 %

11 ( 0.01 % )

Graduate Systems Engineer




-26.00 %

10 ( 0.01 % )

Alumnus IT Support Analyst




-7.31 %

8 ( 0.01 % )

Graduate Software Tester




-12.08 %

4 ( 0.00 % )

The survey shows that, in today ‘s market, the overall ranking is down, on norm by 132 topographic points and overall wages down by an norm of 4.65 % , compared to 12 months ago. Further probe into the sample survey shows that the bulk of occupations were paying the same if non more money at the same period in 2008 than in 2009. This indicates that employers are able to offer a lesser salary as there are more appliers viing for the functions.

This is farther corroborated by the article “ 18 appliers for each occupation vacancy ” The Express and Star ( 2010 ) which suggests that two-thirds of unemployed people have applied for over 11 occupations while 1 in 4 have non been offered an interview.

There is an implicit in form when analyzing the graphical format of the occupations over a given timeline and comparing that to the wage for the same. The bulk show that after there is a lessening in occupations for that peculiar function, the salary additions promoting more people into that function and besides that as the salary lessenings so do the figure of occupations. Concentrating on the 2 highlighted functions, this tendency and be seen rather clearly.

Graduate Systems Engineer Demand Trend

Permanent occupations for Graduate IT Systems Engineer over 3 month periods from

May 2004 to Sept 2010. ( Beginning: ITjobswatch.co.uk. )

Graduate Systems Engineer Salary Trend

Wages for lasting Graduate IT Systems Engineer roles over 3 month periods from

May 2004 to Sept 2010. ( Beginning: ITjobswatch.co.uk. )

The above figures show that between May and September 2009, the demand for occupations within the Graduate System Engineer function plummeted dramatically. To compensate this, wages were raised to their extremum in January 2010 which saw a rise in occupations, since so wages have started to fall matching to a slack in occupations.

Comparing this information to the function of Graduate IT Support Analyst shows a similar kind of tendency:

Alumnus IT Support Analyst Demand Trend

Permanent occupations for Alumnus IT Support Analyst over 3 month periods from

May 2004 to Sept 2010. ( Beginning: ITjobswatch.co.uk. )

Alumnus IT Support Analyst Salary Trend

Wages for lasting Graduate IT Support Analyst roles over 3 month periods from

May 2004 to Sept 2010. ( Beginning: ITjobswatch.co.uk. )

The tendency can be seen rather clearly from September 2008 through to May 2010 when the wage was at an all clip high, the occupations increased to the peak demand, nevertheless, as the wage decreased so did the occupations.

Both these surveies link in really strongly with an article published on the BBC News web site August 2008 which talks about “ the lowest graduate unemployment rate for 5 old ages ” foregrounding that the IT industry was amongst the highest rates of unemployment. Comparing this to the recent article “ Graduate unemployment ‘at a 17-year high ‘ ” BBC News ( 2010 ) states that 8.9 % of alumnuss from the category of 2009 were out of work and gives per centum figures for graduate unemployment by capable, the highest being the IT sector at a astonishing 16.3 % shows the monolithic contrast represented by the old graphs.

Beginning: BBC.co.uk/news

I.T. bases above the remainder in graduate unemployment ( 1.7 % higher than Media Studies ) .

A survey from the Higher Education Statistics Agency shows the unemployment percentages broken down into parts, London being the worst country for unemployed alumnuss, followed by Yorkshire and Humber.

% employed be part of HEI 2008/09





72.5 %

7.8 %

North East

71.9 %

7.3 %

North West

75.1 %

8.0 %

Yorkshire and The Humber

69.4 %

8.1 %

East Midlands

72.9 %

7.6 %

West Midlands

74.3 %

7.6 %

East of England

72.4 %

6.9 %


71.5 %

9.4 %

South East

72.9 %

6.9 %

South West

71.8 %

6.6 %


73.1 %

6.9 %


70.4 %

6.1 %

Northern Ireland

76.0 %

7.5 %

Beginning: HESA.ac.uk

Looking at the sample 10 occupations, 4 of those wages well less for the West Yorkshire part, changing from ?3000-?6500 difference from the remainder of the state. This suggests that there are more people for these types of occupations and that a company would so prefer a possible employee who has experience instead than one who is qualified with no experience, for the same monetary value, all adding to the unemployment rate for that part. Besides this would propose that employers find it easy to enroll for these places as there are so many appliers. Jobs such as the iPhone Developer where the wage has increased 8 % since last twelvemonth indicates that there is a larger demand as the device has become more popular and therefore employers are prepared to offer more money:

Demand for iPhone apps has increased.

Skills to plan these Apps are less common.

As it is recent engineering non as many people have experience in that function.

Employers find it more hard to enroll for.



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