Empty Seat – Analysis Essay

September 4, 2017 General Studies

The writer of this text is Yuan Ch’iung-ch’iung. popularly called Yuan Qiongqiong. She is a Chinese author. and she wrote during the Boudoir literature period. The features of texts written in this period. is that they focuses on women’s issues. In this analysis. I will largely concentrate on the characters. together with some literary devices such as flood tide and scene. The action takes topographic point in a crowded coach. most likely in the 80’s due the fact that the narrative was released in that clip frame. I find the narrative to don’t hold a crystal clear flood tide ; nevertheless. if I were to take one. I would take the portion where the supporter leaves his place. Empty place is a short narrative about a adult male come ining a coach. who sat down at the first empty place he spotted. Some minutes subsequently he heard a unusual sound. and he didn’t recognize where it came from because of some background noise. After a piece. he found out ; the adult female following to him was sobbing. He instantly leaned off from the adult female. because he didn’t want people to believe that he had something to make with her. Despite this. the other riders still looked at him with a unusual expression. among them a college male child.

He stared at the supporter. who is the adult male. but he looked off every bit shortly as the adult male returned the expression. The adult male tried to signal that he hadn’t done anything mean against the adult female. but it seemed like cipher realized that he was a alien to the adult female. He couldn’t manage the state of affairs. so he left his place next to the sobbing adult female. and stood beside the college male child alternatively. They smiled to each other. and so the adult male realized that the montage male child sat there before him. He and the college male child so watched a new rider take the place. We don’t acquire to cognize a batch about the characters in the narrative. but it’s possible to state a reasonably accurate description of them by reading the text. The adult male who entered the coach. and so sat down following to the sobbing adult female. is without a uncertainty the supporter.

The whole narrative is centered around his experience on the coach. and the storyteller tells about the man’s motions. The narrative doesn’t tell us anything about the characters other than their genders. or where the action takes topographic point. This makes it impossible to give a description based on facts. Despite this. I will still seek to give a description of it based on my ideas. I think that the adult male. who entered the coach. and the adult female who were sobbing. is reasonably the same age. The ground behind this is because the supporter thought that the other riders on the coach thought that he was the 1 that had hurt her. If an obvious age difference was involved. I don’t believe that he would hold cared.

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I think that the narrative takes topographic point in Taiwan. since the writer of this narrative is a Chinese author. It is besides non a bad thought to believe that the writer may has experienced something similar on a coach. which led her to composing this narrative. The three characters in this narrative. which are the montage male child. the sobbing adult female and the adult male. don’t seem to cognize each other. If either the adult male or the male child knew the adult female. they would most probably be sitting following to her and tried to soothe her. The adult male besides tried to forestall that people would believe that he knew her. I personally enjoyed this narrative a batch. and I would urge it to a friend. It was both interesting to read. and it tells about parts of today’s society in a absorbing manner.


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