Encountering conflict

October 31, 2018 General Studies

?In a conflicted situation the individual finds opportunities to grow as a human being. The hardship of privations that conflict brings can in some individuals result in a growing capacity to stay strong, to discover an inner resilience that the person may not have known about before the conflict started. Conflict can also bring about a growth in moral strength in the suffering that conflict creates the individual may come to a deeper understanding of right and wrong and grow in wisdom as a result. Conflict is a fight or battle, which happens among humans, causing an abrupt reaction by these people, instigating a dispute of some sort.

When one faces a challenge it becomes harder for them to “see the light” and overcome the hardship, but, when one finds the strength to carry on, it gives them the opportunity to become a tougher and stronger person. Conflict can provide opportunities for the individual to increase his resilience and ability to cope with hardships and challenges. When one faces a hardship it can become easy for them to give up and lose hope in living a happy life, although, when they change their outlook on the conflict they are facing, they can use this situation to strengthen themselves and their ability to quickly recover from the difficulty they face.

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A situation, which demonstrates this outlook on conflict, is the Acid Attacks which took place in Bangladesh in 1992. These attacks happened in order to “get even” with a women who has done wrong to a man. Causing major conflict among the women in Bangladesh, the victims where forced to live with the damage done to there bodies, and move on in life without falling apart as a result. When one faces a tough situation, they have the choice to let the conflict ruin them internally, or grow as a person attempting to gain their life back to the way it was.

Conflict can provide opportunity for the individual to grow in moral terms. In situations when one has to observe conflict they come to realize the detrimental affects which conflict can have on humanity. The perpetrators whom initiate conflict strip people of there humanity – Kevin rudd saying sorry to indigenous Australians It would be wrong to suggest that conflict will always provide opportunity for growth. For the victim’s of conflict in most cases there is little chance of surviving, let alone growing as a human being. – Holocaust conclusion


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