Encounters at the End of the World Essay

By July 18, 2017 History

“Encounters at the End of the World” is a film docudrama about the life in Antarctica. The film negotiations about the life of people in Antarctica and how they strive to populate in the desolate land. Antarctica is located in the southern most part of the universe. It experiences six months of uninterrupted daylight and another six month of dark.

This phenomenon is due to the atilt axis of the Earth where in when the Earth rotates. Antarctica faces the Sun for six months. The coldest point in the planet has been recorded in Antarctica. It was measured to be -89. 2 grades C. because of this Antarctica is covered 98 % of Antarctic Ice sheets. There is no recorded human life in Antarctica merely until the adventurers came. The lone dweller of Antarctica were penguins. seals and other micro-organism are found in Antarctica. The dirt quality in Antarctica is so dry that it can merely let lichen. nonvascular plants. algae and Fungi to turn on it.

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There are several people in Antarctica largely research workers who are assigned to analyze the history of the planet by looking into ice nucleuss. There volcanologist in Antarctica who surveies the Mount Erebus. an active vent located on Ross Island. It is one of three unfastened oral cavity vents on Earth. The other two are located in Congo and Ethiopia and because of the political struggles in those countries ; it is much easier to analyze this sort of vent in Antarctica.

Scientist survey ice nucleuss by analyzing the trapped gas in the ice. The constituent of the gas in the ice nucleuss determine the possible type of ambiance in the clip the gas was trapped. The ice nucleuss is studied bed by bed and every bed is tells a narrative of a different clip. Analyzing ice nucleuss is besides unsafe because scientist may meet trapped toxic gases. If they were exposed in big sums. it might strike hard them out unwittingly and may take to their decease. The researches on the history of the Earth’s atmosphere lead to the find of nursery gases.

Greenhouse gases are gas that absorbs and releases heat which comes from the Sun. Greenhouse gases are responsible for the ascent in the overall temperature of the planet. Carbon dioxide is one of the nursery gases. Research workers found out that the concentration of C dioxide back so was manner lower than the concentration now. These findings were excessively important to ignore. The concentration of C dioxide was lucifer with the history of human civilisation. They found out that during the clip of industrialisation. the concentration of C dioxide peaked the charts.

Scientists considered that human activity over the past old ages is responsible for the drastic clime alteration. Burning of fossil fuels and the usage of CFCs. normally known as Chlorofluorocarbons. are the chief beginnings that caused temperature addition. Fossil fuels are C based fuels which comes from the remains of asleep being which undergone the procedure of catagenesis. Catagenesis is the procedure of change overing asleep beings to fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are considered non-renewable beginnings of energy because it takes a million old ages for it to organize.

Burning fossil fuels released C into the air in the signifier of C dioxide molecules. Carbon dioxide molecules have the ability to keep heat coming from the Sun. hence increasing the planetary temperature which thaws the ice in the Arctic and Antarctic parts. Scientists discovered that there has been a important addition in the C dioxide in the ambiance compared to the old decennaries. This has been believed as the cause of planetary heating.

The largest hole in the ozone bed is found in the South-polar part chiefly due to the highly low temperature which makes the air thin ; nevertheless the hole in the ozone has been turning since it was ab initio studied. Research workers have found out that the usage of Chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs is responsible for the turning hole in the ozone. The ozone bed is made up of O3molecules which prevent UV beams from go throughing it ; nevertheless CFCs interruptions and binds with the O3molecules. hence leting more UV rays to go through the ambiance. The UV rays lend heat to our planet.

Chlorofluorocarbons. besides known as Chlorofluorocarbons are responsible for destructing the Ozone bed. which acts as an unseeable cover that shield the Earth from the harmful UV beams of the Sun. The devastation of the ozone bed translates to an increased in the harmful beams come ining the planet. This besides increases the planetary temperature which leads to the melt procedure.

Scientist believed that dissolving procedure is merely a portion of a large rhythm which the Earth experiences from clip to clip ; nevertheless the melt which the ice are in now is really alarming. Scientists discovered that glaciers and ice beds are really touchy. They learned that the ice thaws faster when after it ab initio melted. When ice thaws. they reveal the dark rocks underneath the sheets of ice. These dark stones can absorb heat from the Sun and speeds the melt of the sheets of ice covering it. therefore darker stones are unraveled which melts more ice. This behaviour increased the rate of diminution in the volume of ice. If the ice shelf in Antarctica thaws. it would increase the sea degree at around 60 metres around the universe.

The docudrama is great and is a good oculus opener for those who are non cognizant of the impact of industrialisation to our planet. Life in Antarctica was successfully revealed from largest to the smallest item. The lone drawback of the film is the humdrum narrative. they might desire to alter the storyteller. but overall the film was outstanding.


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