April 9, 2018 Marketing

Philippines [edit] Carbonated Soft Drinks • Sarsi – a Sarsaparilla rootbeer originally made by Cosmos Bottling, now part of Coca-Cola • Jaz Cola – a low-cost cola flavored beverage made by Coca-Cola • Pop Cola – a low-cost cola flavored beverage from Cosmos • Cheers – a low-cost citrus flavored soda from Cosmos • Royal – the first CSD in the country, made in 1922 by San Miguel Corporation, now a Coca-Cola brand • Lift – a citrus flavored soda by Coca-Cola Zest-O Corporation – produces various drinks including a Fruit soda, Cola, Root beer, a calamansi-flavored soda and a dalandan-flavored soda. • Teem – low cost citrus flavored soda popular in the 1970’s • Lemo-Lime – low cost citrus flavored soda popular in the 1970’s • RC cola – the cheapest softdrink in the Philippines but very appetizing.. [edit] Energy Drinks • Extra Joss – a powdered energy drink • I-On by Revicon – a canned citron-flavored energy drink • Lipovitan – a foreign energy drink Lipovitan Ira – a sub-brand of Lipovitan created for women • Vault • Blue Men [edit] Aseptic Juice Drinks (including Powdered Juice Beverage) • Zest-O – the biggest-selling juice drink in doy packs • Funchum – the second biggest-selling aseptic juice drink in doy packs • Magnolia Fruit Drinks – the first aseptic juice drink in Tetra packs • Refresh – the first aseptic juice drink in cups • Sunkist – available in tetrahedral packs, Tetra packs, doy packs and powdered juice forms. Sunglo – the only powdered juice brand that offers strawberry. It also has doy pack juice. • Plus! – made by Zest-O • BIG 250 – the only aseptic juice drink in 250 mL soy packs • Fres-C – offered by Ajinomoto Co. • Sundays – made by snack foods giant Liwayway Marketing Corp. • Eight O’Clock – the former champ in the powdered juice beverage, only beaten by Tang • Ponkana – a ponkan-flavored powdered juice drink • Mix Frutz – a multi-flavored mix fruit juice drink made by Innobev, Inc. Red Bull [pic][pic][pic]5 26. 2% Lipovitan [pic][pic][pic]5 26. 32% Extra Joss [pic][pic][pic]4 21. 05% Bacchus [pic][pic][pic]1 5. 26% Revicon I-on [pic][pic][pic]0 0% Pepsi X [pic][pic][pic]1 5. 26% Others [pic][pic][pic]2 10. 53% Extra Joss http://www. alibaba. com/countrysearch/PH-suppliers/Energy_Drink. html http://www. euromonitor. com/Soft_Drinks_in_the_Philippines http://www. bacchusph. com/ ENERGY DRINK gatorade slim n’ fit virgin coconut oil snow glutathione functional drink banaba plus extra joss revicon i-on lipovitan lipovitan ira pepsi – x redbull bacchus


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