English as a global language

By July 31, 2017 Cultural

Chapter I


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1.1 Background of the Study

Human being is a societal animal who builds the relationship to each other from societal interaction. One of the ways to make the societal interaction is by keeping a communicating. Communication can be defined as the procedure of conveying information and common apprehension from one individual to another ( Lunenburg, 2006:222 ) . To make this procedure, people need a tool which known as linguistic communication.

Harmonizing to doctrine expressed in the myths and faiths of many people, linguistic communication is the beginning of human life and power ( Fromkin et al, 2014:1 ) . Besides, linguistic communication means an look of ideas, beliefs and aspirations. Peoples use linguistic communication to pass on their ain ideas, every bit good as the cultural beliefs and patterns of the communities of which they are a portion of households, societal groups, and other associations. A linguistic communication does non accomplish a truly planetary position until it develops a particular function that is recognized in every state ( Crystal in Gardt et Al, 2004:28 ) . In effect, the linguistic communication which has achieved a truly planetary position is English.

English may non be the best pick, but it is the obvious pick, for it is an international linguistic communication. It is spoken by people throughout the universe as their first linguistic communication, 2nd linguistic communication and foreign linguistic communication. Besides, English is now a universe linguistic communication. It is a linguistic communication which is approved and understood by people everyplace. The impression of international linguistic communication can be understood as a linguistic communication which is used in any international communicating which involves people from two or more states.

Furthermore, English is the pick of planetary advertizers and sellers ( Kachru et al, 2009:603 ) . In other words, English has been good documented to be the linguistic communication which is the most often used in advertisement. For many journalists today, English is the chief linguistic communication used for newspaper, e-paper, magazine, wireless, telecasting and the Internet. So, most of advertizers prefer to utilize English to do their advertizement more interesting instead than other linguistic communications. For case, in Indonesia, many advertizers want to advance their merchandise non merely for Indonesian citizens but besides for aliens. In brief, the advertizers are ready to present their merchandise non merely in domestic but besides overseas.

Basically, linguistic communication has its ain manner such as English. As a portion of linguistic communication, manner has important intending on written linguistic communication, which is known as linguistic communication manner. Language manner is really a manner of composing that is what the words that means. It expresses a man’s personality and besides reflects his background. Language manner has an exclusively map in advertizement. It is used to advance a certain merchandise or service in order to carry or act upon the consumer to make something.

Related to the old research which discusses the linguistic communication manners in advertizements, Fitriyah ( 2008 ) investigated about Language Style in Newsweek Magazine Advertisement on February 11st, 18th, 25th 2008. She found that there were six sorts of linguistic communication manner. Those were ( 1 )soft sell manner, ( 2 ) hard sell manner, ( 3 ) straightforward manner, ( 4 ) job solution manner, ( 5 ) comparing manner, and ( 6 ) newsy manner.In add-on, the most dominant of linguistic communication manner found in Newsweek magazine advertizement was difficult sell manner. In decision, the advertizements of Newsweek magazine prefer rational information instead than emotional information, although in some instance both of them come together.

Additionally, advertizement is an of import tool of communicating and publicity ( Trehan et al, 2010:3-4 ) . They added that it has an of import function in advancing sale of goods by carrying the mark audience. The intent of the advertizements is to carry the readers to purchase the merchandises or services offered by the advertizers. In the modern universe, most of advertizers are willing to pass large money to advance their products.Many advertizements are designed non to advance new merchandises, but to sell bing 1s. However, advertizement is a strong portion of our civilizations, establishments and concerns. Hence, most media could barely be without advertizement.

Every twenty-four hours linguistic communication is transeunt but media linguistic communication is everlastingly ( Talbot et al, 2003:11 ) . Media is the channels of communicating that conveying the message for the advertizer to the audience. Ad happens in many different media. It appears on telecasting, wireless, magazine, newspaper, e-paper and the Internet. One of the media which promote the advertizements is Electronic Paper ( E-paper ) . E-paper is an electronic show that resembles a really thick piece of paper and can be programmed to expose any type of content, from text and artworks to full-motion picture ( Grant et Al, 2006:350 ) .

Electronic papercan have a much better declaration than used bymost computing machine proctors ( Banerji et al, 2010:114 ) . It besides has more readers compared with the readers in newspaper. In add-on, e-paper can make the readers around the universe by accessing the Internet while newspapers are limited to certain countries and cleavage. As a concluding point, the author tried to analyze the linguistic communication manner of the advertizement in e-paper. In this survey, the author used “Kompas” e-paper. There are so many e-papers in Indonesia, but “Kompas” e-paper is the first e-paper in Indonesia which has the largest readers. “Kompas” e-paper was published on June 1st, 2008.

Since it was foremost introduced, “Kompas” e-paper became really popular both the readers in Indonesia, every bit good as the readers are domiciled in abroad. On the norm, the readers come from the upper in-between category with the Strata of Economic and Social of degrees AB, chiefly seen from the fiscal status and net incomes. Similarly, it besides can be seen from the educational background, there are more than 60 per centum have higher instruction grade, or at least had studied in the universities. Therefore, the mass media have a clear mark readers and a big sum of lint that are surely really of import for concern people every bit good as the company to do their merchandises are closer to general populace. In this respect, “Kompas” e-paper is an effectual media to advance merchandises or services. Although it is written in Bahasa, it besides has some of the advertizements in English.

Furthermore, the advantages are given by “Kompas” e-paper to the advertizers are so utile due to be able to make out the readers in the full of the universe and their advertizement will be long permanent to be seen by many people. It besides can be accessed by anyone without paying. Additionally, by taking the interesting linguistic communication manner, it will take the consumers’ attending. In decision, the linguistic communication styles in the advertizements are needed. Therefore, the author is interested in analyzing the linguistic communication manner of advertizement in English found in “Kompas” e-paper on June and July 2014.

  1. Statement of Problems
  1. What kinds of linguistic communication manner are used in advertizements in English found in Kompas e-paper?
  2. What is the most dominant linguistic communication manner used in advertizements in English found in Kompas e-paper?
  3. How are the linguistic communication manners used in advertizements in English found in Kompas e-paper?
  1. Purposes of the Study
  1. to cognize the sorts of linguistic communication manner are used in advertizements in English used found in Kompas e-paper.
  2. to cognize the most dominant linguistic communication manner in advertizements in English found in Kompas e-paper.
  3. to cognize the ways of the linguistic communication manners used in advertizements in English found in Kompas e-paper.
  1. Significance of Study

By carry oning this survey, the author expects that the findings will be utile to enlarge our cognition about many sorts of linguistic communication manner in advertisement and do the readers become an open-minded in seeing its thing in linguistic communication in society.

Practically, the consequences of the survey are expected to supply utile information for the following the readers:

  1. The English section pupils can increase their cognition about the sorts of linguistic communication manner used in advertizement in English. Besides, they will be more originative to utilize linguistic communication. Hopefully, their English will better.
  2. For other research workers, it can be used as mentions for the undermentioned related analyses.
  1. Scope and Restrictions

This survey is focused on the sorts of linguistic communication manner used in advertizements in English. There are two basic sorts of advertisement which consist of institutional advertisement and merchandise advertisement. In this survey, the author bounds on both of them which are used in advertizements in English in “Kompas” e-paper.

The advertizements in English are taken from “Kompas” e-paper published on June and July 2014 particularly for “Kompas Pagi.”

  1. Definition of Key Footings

In order to avoid misinterpretation and misunderstanding about the basic constructs used in this research, the research worker would wish to give some definitions of the cardinal footings as follows:

  • Language Manneris the manner to show ideas through linguistic communication specifically demoing the psyche and the personality of the writer or talkers ( Keraf, 2000:113 ) .
  • Adis paid non-personal communicating from an identified patron utilizing mass media to carry or act upon an audience ( Wells et Al, 2000:6 ) .
  • Kompas e-paperis a digital version of the celebrated Kompas newspaper editions ( epaper.kompas.com ) .
  • Institutional Ad,on the other manus, conveys information about the concern itself ( Longenecker et Al, 2012:506 ) .
  • Merchandise Adis designed to do possible clients cognizant of a peculiar merchandise or service and make a desire for it ( Longenecker et Al, 2012:506 ) .



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