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October 23, 2017 English Language

IntroductionEnglish linguistic communication is said to hold a long history with Mauritius.It begins with the British colonisation in 1810 after holding defeated the Gallic colonists and follows with the assorted alterations in the island’s construction which took topographic point throughout those years.English became the official linguistic communication used by decision makers and instructors shortly afterthe Britishcolonization. Although English is the official linguistic communication of Mauritius, it is undeniable that the criterions of English are falling. This paper aims to turn to the issue of how the criterions of English have fallen in Mauritius and the grounds why. The female parent lingua of the bulk of Mauritians is Creole, the former linguistic communication of African slaves who came to Mauritius in the 17Thursdaycentury. Bhojpuri is besides a spoken linguistic communication in Mauritius. It is the place linguistic communication of 12 % of the people ( Population Census of Mauritius, 2000 ) . This linguistic communication found its manner to Mauritius via Indian migratory workers. Gallic is the female parent lingua of approximately 3 % of the Mauritians. Many of these ‘Franco-Mauritians’ are the posterities of Gallic colonists who came to Mauritius after 1721 and of the former sugar cane Fieldss proprietors. They still have economic power and they now besides have investings in other economic sectors such as touristry. English is the linguistic communication of authorities, the civil service, instruction, and of all formal and official minutess. The linguistic communication was brought to the island in 1814 when the British took over the disposal although there were barely any English colonists. Following to these four linguistic communications, there are about 10 eastern or ‘ancestral’ linguistic communications which presents have chiefly spiritual and cultural importance ( Mahadeo, 2006 )English linguistic communication in the Education system

English linguistic communication though being the medium of direction for schools has been subjected to a important lessening in the academic degree. English is non merely the official linguistic communication but besides the medium of direction for the greater portion of school life ( Mahadeo, 2006 ) . Equally shortly as a kid starts traveling to school he is subjected to the usage of English linguistic communication by his instructors and the books which are written in English. Even after seven long old ages holding been accustomed to the English linguistic communication, CPE consequences still show a lower consequence when compared to French, Oriental languages ( Telegu ) and Modern Chinese. English is the linguistic communication of earnestness ( Auleear Owodally, 2013 ) whereas the other linguistic communications ( Gallic and Creole ) are much more playful. A kid therefore, feels more relaxed when utilizing those alternatively of English. Consequently explicating in one manner how English language’s degree is seen to be lower than the other linguistic communications.Table 1: Certificate of PRIMARY EDUCATION EXAMINATION 2013


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Modern Chinese
















In the field of literature, the bulk of Mauritanian authors have chosen to show themselves in French, which is more esteemed. Indeed apart from pacts or official paperss written by the British themselves, Mauritanian authorship in English comes from politicians and bookmans who have acceded to of import places in the post-independence disposal.

English linguistic communication used in audio media and everyday’s life

English is used less in the audio media as Gallic and Oriental linguistic communications have increased these last few old ages. Private and public local wireless programmes use small English compared to French or Oriental languages ; English is used chiefly in Hindi-English code-switchers. For illustration, Radio Plus which is a Mauritanian private wireless uses a mixture of English, French, Creole and Hindi. The findings indicate that English is being used less and less and these code-switchers are diminishing the degree of English in Mauritius. Furthermore, it was found that Best Fm which is a public Mauritian wireless shows‘bad English’ as there is bad pronunciation from the individual making the show. This, here, once more shows the gradual prostration of the criterions of English as it used to be in the yesteryear. Today, English remains the linguistic communication of province scrutiny and official administrative texts, but it is non much used in mundane life: in 1972, merely 3 per centum of Mauritians normally expressed themselves in English in mundane life, versus 4.75 per centum in French, 53.85 per centum in Creole and 31.7 per centum in Hindi ( Michel Fabre, 2008 ) . English is still the official linguistic communication of Mauritius, but a big proportion of the population does non talk it at all or has at best a really limited cognition of it ( Stein, 1997 ) . It was found that the per centum of persons talking English at place has non changed throughout the old ages. The 2000 nose count showed how English is diminishing and how the usage of Asiatic linguistic communications is increasing ( Rajah-Carrim, 2008 )

Technology’s consequence on English linguistic communication

Technology has been a benefit for most persons but technological contraptions such as the nomadic phone has turned out to be ground behind the falling criterions of English. The world’s advancement has been marked by engineering as it has brought along a batch of benefits to individual’s day-to-day life. Mobile phones are a must for everyone these yearss but it was found that harmonizing to Powell, the recent addition in short messaging system ( SMS ) text messaging, frequently utilizing abbreviated, non-conventional ‘textisms’ ( e.g. ‘2nite’ ) , in school aged kids has raised frights of negative effects of such engineering for literacy ( Powell and Dixon, 2011 ) These brought misspelling issues and brought down the degree set for English in school ; pupils utilizing abbreviations such as ‘wat’ which they use as ‘what’ in essays really much affected their overall public presentation when asked to compose specific words as they had forgotten the proper spelling.


The point I am doing is that even though the criterions of English are falling, there are amendments which can still be incorporated in the instruction system to assist pupils and besides grownups to keep a good degree of English linguistic communication which would greatly assist to this job.

I wish to stop with a citation from John W. Gardner which suggests that no affair how much we learn today it’s still non plenty. Mentors are giving everything to their pupils on a silver home base alternatively of doing them independent and capable of making their ain work.

“Much instruction today is monumentally uneffective. All excessively frequently we are giving immature people cut flowers when we should be learning them to turn their ain plants’ .


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