English: Literacy and Century Learners Essay Sample

August 15, 2017 Engineering

English is a widely-used linguistic communication that is originally used by the states United States. Great Britain. England and many more. English is the cosmopolitan linguistic communication because it is widely used by many people like Asians. Europeans. Africans and many more. However. how can we utilize English in determining twenty-first century scholars?

English has many intents that can assist determine twenty-first century scholars. One is we can utilize English in showing our ideas. thoughts. feelings and many more. Because English is of import. we need to utilize English exactly because if we don’t utilize our linguistic communication decently it will ensue to different readings that will take to chaos. Furthermore. we need to get the hang our accomplishments in English in order for us to show what we know because in the hereafter I believe that most of our professions need English as a medium for pass oning. Another ground why we need to get the hang English is today. many people are engaged into new engineerings that requires new and different accomplishments and that involves our literacy. Literacy demands presents. have changed along with the alterations that happen in our universe. Literacy is really of import to a individual because a literate individual possesses a broad scope of abilities and competences compared to a individual who is nonreader.

Another ground why we need to get the hang English is if we are pass oning to a alien we use English as our medium of direction in order for us non to misinterpret each other. Another intent of English is to convey a new universe. We can achieve the universe we wanted by utilizing English in unifying all the people in the universe because all of us wanted the same thing which is a new universe. Another intent is we can authorise the voice of the young person with the usage of English because I believe in the expression of Dr. Jose Rizal “ang kabataan ay ang pag-asa ng bayan” . Furthermore. we need to authorise the voice of the young person because if we don’t authorise them there will be no hope for our universe and no great alteration will go on in this universe we live in right now.

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English is the key to success. English can do us successful by doing a great alteration through English because I believe linguistic communication has a great influence and that influence is based on our determination if we want to do our universe a better or a worse topographic point. Another is we can be besides successful in our lives through English because we use English as a medium of direction at school and when we become successful in school there is a great opportunity that in the existent life we become successful excessively. Another is if English did non existed we will non detect the engineering we have now that helps in determining up twenty-first century scholars. Another is if English did non existed there would be no merriment at all because there would be no lingua tornado. verse form. narratives and many more. English plays an built-in function in our day-to-day lives so let’s give it up to the fullest


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