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February 25, 2019 General Studies

English for Professional and Academics Purposes
Eunice kaye S. Estrera November 27, 2017
12-ChampacaMr. Angelo Bien
Comprehension Question:
How would you describe the narrator in the story?
The narrator in the story is boastful
How was Petey Bellows describe in the story? How about Polly? Do you think that they are as dumb as they were described?
Petey Bellows describe in the story is dumb. While Polly is beautiful, gracious, intelligent. I think in the story only Petey Bellows because, he got a deal with the narrator only just to have a raccoon coat by exchanging Polly over the raccoon coat, While Polly is not dumb because she had a reason why she agreed with the deal, just because to get a raccoon coat for Petey, because Petey really want to have a raccoon coat that’s why she helped Petey to get a raccoon coat
What is the narrator’s reason for wanting Polly?
Is (in the line 20) he emphasized his desire why he want Polly to be with him.

From whose point of view is the story told? Is telling of the story is logical? Why or why not?
Yes, it is logically because as you can see in the text it is deep to important understand. You need to read it reputedly just to understand it and it is clearly delivered in logically way.

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In which parts of the story did the narrator commit the fallacies? Can you identify the other instances that he committed fallacies other than those that Polly has mentioned? For example, In the first part of the story, what fallacies are committed?
When the narrator asks Polly to talk about the logic. Polly get amazed about fallacies so that she asked more fallacies about she got an interest with fallacies. Example of committed fallacies are: (Contradict premises, Dicto simpliciter, Ad Mesericordiam, False analogy, Hypothesis contrary to fact, Poisoning the well, Hasty generalization, Post hoc)
Using your annotation and summary, Identify the following:
Purpose/Intension of the author:
The intension of the author is to inform to us that love is also like a logic
Assumptions of the author:
I think the assumptions of the author is many readers will get interested with his writings because of his LOVE IS A FALLCY. And many people get confused with the story so that he wrote this.

Claims of the author:
The claims that the statement in terms of logic it is hard to understand but if you understand the message of the story you will know that the happenings in the story is ironic in happenings in true to life
The story is satirical and ironic at the same time. Can you show how irony was used in the story?
(in the line 146) he did a scandal that Petey is “a liar, a cheat, a rat” but it is not true. it is some ironic happening in the story.

Is the author successful in accomplishing his purpose? Why or why not?
Yes, he perfectly delivered what his want to happen in the story of love is a fallacy.

If you were Polly, would you fall for narrator? Or with Petey?
I would fall with the narrator because the narrator is so very intelligent, and he is so cool for me.

Do you agree what love is a fallacy?

Chapter Quiz:
What does it mean and take to be critical reader?
Reading for entertainment, you read for plot, allowing yourself to be captivated by the action and imagery. Reading for a class, you absorb information, underlining and highlighting facts and ideas.

Why is a critical reading considered an active process of discovery?
Because critical reading is one of the most useful process even you’re not take down notes the important details you must store it on your mind, so that it is an active process discovery
Why is critical reading important? In what is critical reading related in critical writing?
if you don’t have a critical reading you didn’t understand what is the message of the story or text that you read. Critical writing is related in critical reading in terms of, when you read a text and you understand the text you need to take down notes the important details of the text.

What are the different ways to become a critical reader? D you agree with them? Why or why not?
Are examine the entire document, consider the goal and format the document, review the tittle, consider the writer’s style and choice off words, analyze the whole text, review the writers. Yes, because it is very important and useful the students like me/us.

What is logical fallacy?
An error reasoning when someone adopts a position, or tries to persuade someone else to adopt a position, based on a bad piece of reasoning they commit a fallacy.
Give at least five logical fallacies and give an example for each:
Non-Sequitur- “it does not follow”
Example: We should stop using hairspray because it is showing in New York.

Rationalization- Giving incorrect reason to justify your position.

Example: I don’t believe in global warming because I like using hairspray
Evasion- Ignoring or evading the question
Example: Reporter: “Senator, what is your view about global warming?
Senator: “Global warming is definitely something we need to consider
Oversimplification- Making a complicated issue.

Example: Global warming is caused by using hair spray and other beautiful products.

Equivocation- Juvenile trick of language.

Example: If there really is global warming, How come it is consider in Fullerton this year?


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