April 6, 2019 Media

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Is the internet news more reliable than tv news?
Advance in technology give advantage to get news about everything in or out of country as fast as possible. Start from get news from television, now people start to get news from internet anytime and anywhere there are from internet. Television and internet both give the latest news to people, but appropriate choice depends on user’s lifestyle, specific topic, and sources of news. This is their choice to smart in knowing about the true news.
Internet are more easiest to get news and on-the-go. People nowadays have a different lifestyle from before. The internet always easy to explore from mobile phone that suits every need of every people. That’s why people more prefer to get any latest news from internet rather from television. For example, one that of such workaholic hard to spend times to watch television and prefer to read news from their phone which is they search in internet. Here is where the gadget comes to rescue in serving internet to get news. In this globalization era nowadays, people would be concerned more on the topic which is give an information for them. People have a huge benefit the ability to choose specific topics that they want to know. On the internet many different news websites are available. That means people can choose what news they want to read and they also have a chance to compare many journalist opinions. Other than that, Internet is also estimated as more reliable news source, because most of the news website are independent and run by journalists or professionals in field of media or public relationship. However, there are some disadvantages of internet news. For example, in internet everyone can make their own website and write their own news. People cannot simply trust the information, because it cannot be sure who writes it and how he gets the information. These might be the reason why internet is the one to choose though there I difficulty to proves the reliability the news. However, some might prefer to choose television than internet.

Although television has been around more longer than the internet, the advancement of technology has created a new design of television. The television in a new invention which is suggested to act as a sources of entertainment and it is for everyone, and it has its strong points in terms of how it suits people lifestyle nowadays, financially and how it features win people’s heart. Television is suitable for a family gathering together. It’s give a benefit to people change a better life time with family. Other than that, the big screen from television gives more attention and attraction for people to knows about news. After that, in television people could not get to watch the specific news topic that they like to know. This is because, television there is specific topics covered in each broadcast and audience must watch the whole broadcast, even if they are interested only in one specific topic. Other than that, television show the audience the latest and reliable news. They also make correction in their news if there any mistake in the news. However, television is run by corporate media. Their main aim is to gain profit, so they are feeding the news that are convenient to them.

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As to choose what the most reliable news is, I would say news from internet. In my opinion, internet is more better and suitable for the on-the-go lifestyle nowadays in which requires one to be fast and agile. The news could get anytime without specific time to watch. Some might prefer television to get a reliable news but I more prefer internet so that I could know a lot of news topic at one time.
In conclusion, I would say internet is the one to choose that give reliable news as it fit lifestyle nowadays. It is does not have limited to get any news from internet. Television might have its own benefit especially in strengthening family ties but it is all depends on personal preferences.


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